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What is Generatorgeek?

Welcome to Generatorgeek! It’s the place where you’ll know all the latest power backup tools, generators, inverters, and their relevant accessories. We’re here a group of teams working continuously to provide you authentic and reliable information about these power tools. The complete Generatorgeek group is formed with experts and researchers.

All of us give our best to provide you proper information so that you can have the best power backup tools based on your budget and requirements. It doesn’t matter if you need a gasless generator, propane generator, dual-fuel generator, camping inverters, inverters for your house, etc. We will provide you every single piece of information about these power tools so that you get the right power-tools based on your needs and requirements.

How Our Products Are Rated

Every single power-tools that are rated here are a result of deep and thorough research. We’ve categorized our research and experts team into different segments to complete our product rating system in a systematic process. Before listing any model power tools of any brands. Our research team does in-depth market research and primarily selects the best-selling products of the best brands.

Once the products are primarily listed the data forwarded to our expert team, they start analyzing these power-tools. After complete analysis and features cross-check, the expert team makes a shortlist of the best power-tools. Later it forwarded to our writing team to be rechecked and verified. Once any model of any brand passed all the tests, we listed that product on our site with every single description and feature.

How We Make the Product Reviews? 

Market Research

To review any products on our site we began with market research. Our research team searches for every option that is available on the market to pick the best product among all. Until the novelties of the market are not clear to us, we continue our research process. We deeply study the popular products of the popular brand. 

Key Features Determination

Behind the popularity and the effectiveness of any product, its features are the main things that actively work. So we searched for the core features of the product and analyzed how important it’s for the consumers. 

Product Selection

Selecting the right product is the main thing for which we did all the hard work. Once our team completes the market research and identifies the core features of the product we primarily select the products that are highly appreciated by the customers. 

Review Analysis

Real users know the real condition of the products. That is the reason we study 100-1000+ real buyers reviews sometimes for a single product. For that, we also developed a system that easily identifies unnatural reviews. We follow the suggestions and warnings of the real buyer’s reviews as they have practical experience with these products. 

Ranking The Products

The products ranking system is designed to help you understand which products are better than others. Because not all the products offer the same features. So we designed our system in a manner that the best product of the best brand gets the top ranking. In the ranking process, we strictly follow the product’s features, durability, reliability, price and score the products by analyzing these facts.

Review Writing

After completing all the research and analysis by our expert and research team, we get the data that we’re looking for. Then we forwarded those data and all our research findings to our writing team to write in a detailed description of these products. 

Buying Guide

In the buying guide, we gathered all of the research  findings in one place. So  that you could make an effective decision while looking for the best power-tools for you. 

Who Are We?

James Velasco

James is a businessman and a research writer. He is the owner and the editor of this site. Professionally he is a businessman who operates a power-tools selling shop for almost 9 years. Besides his profession, he’s blogging on different tools and machinery. James created this site Generatorgeek, once he discovers that most of his customers have no proper idea about these power tools.

He analyzes most of his customer’s complaints and objections and found that they have actually zero knowledge about these tools. Then James decided to help them and create this site. He hired a team of experts to work with him and that’s how the journey of Generatorgeek begins.

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Steven J. Harper

Steven is the leader of our specialist team. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. After completing his study, he worked for a renowned power tools manufacturing company as a technical adviser. His skills, knowledge, and experience are the main facts that we have hired him to work with us. Now he guided our specialist team before conducting every research and analysis. 

Stephan A. Lusk

Stephan works as a research writer at Generatorgeek. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Linguistics. Before joining here, Stephan worked as a writer for a well-known news magazine. He is very good at researching any particular topic and describes its summary in the easiest way. That’s what actually we’re looking for from him. Everything he writes, he spends a huge time learning about that first.  

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