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The battery is a thing that can make most of the devices, appliances, and gadgets work. But, it becomes very frustrating when in an emergency situation, the battery gets down. In this situation, a generator can help you by charging the batteries. You can follow this guide to know how to charge a battery with a generator.

A battery can provide the best service if it is fully charged up. With a generator, you can charge the car’s battery, RV batteries, cycle battery, and many more. A higher voltage generator can charge each battery in a much faster way. Stay with us to know how to maintain a generator’s battery to make the best use of it.

What to Do to Keep the Generator Battery in Good Condition?

You must take good care of your generator to get more safe and effective results from it. It requires proper maintenance and frequent checkups. You can see the propane generator for home; it requires minimal maintenance and can last longer.

What to Do to Keep the Generator Battery in Good Condition

Most of the generator’s issues are related to the batteries. Lack of maintenance, improper functioning, and misuse of components make the battery incapable. Therefore, you must pay proper attention to its components and monitor it frequently. If needed, take the necessary precautions as soon as possible. Keep these below things in mind when working with the generator’s battery.

  • At the time of charging the battery, make sure the battery volts run between 12.4V to 12.6V.
  • It must be disconnected when repairing or doing maintenance of the battery.
  • Sometimes the generator stopped working for a long time while there are no mains to supply battery charge. At this moment, simply cut down the power or disconnect the battery. Because some components may still be active, and it can completely damage the battery.
  • Don’t work with a generator by keeping the temperature always in a higher range. It can lead the battery to stop working, and you may need to replace it.
  • The most simple process to keep the batteries fit for many years is taking proper maintenance. Maintaining batteries doesn’t cost much, and you can easily do this.

We will show you what to do to keep the generator battery in good condition for your convenience.

Check the Water Level:

Always pay attention to add distilled water to make the battery running correctly. Because the battery water level will decrease whether the engine runs or stops. The main reason for damaging a battery is using a generator with a low level of the liquid.

Frequently Clean and Tight the Battery Terminals:

When you use the generator, it creates a gap between the battery poles and terminals. Also, it generates oxidation between them. Therefore, you should keep the terminals tidy and also make them tight. You can use oil, vaseline, and other products that work against oxidation.

Checking the Voltage:

You can regularly test the voltage by connecting the positive and negative electrodes in the DC voltage. Make sure the result should be more than 12V. Otherwise, the battery becomes unable to supply the DC electrical part. Also, it won’t be able to give the power to start the engine and make it work.

Make Use of the Engine:

Never leave the generator unused for so many days. You can at least start the generator periodically so that it can function correctly. If you leave it down for too long a period, the battery will get damaged.

How to Charge a Battery With a Generator?

A generator is beneficial for powering the house and appliances. Follow the below process to know how to charge a battery with a generator.

How to Charge a Battery With a Generator

Check the Fluid Level:

At first, you have the fluid level to ensure the battery has enough fluid to run. Take the battery charger’s red wire and plug it into the battery’s positive terminal. Then connect the battery charger’s black negative wire to the battery’S negative terminal.

Start the Generator:

Before starting the generator, turn off the battery charger. After that, you can use the starter switch or pull the start cord to start the generator. Wait for one or two minutes after starting the generator to let the engine speed and voltage can stabilize. Stabilized engine speed and voltage protect the battery charger from voltage spikes.

Turn on the Battery Charger:

Plug the battery charger into the generator’s AC outlet. Then turn on the battery charger; thus, it starts charging the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading the article, if you still have something to know this section will help you. We will answer some questions briefly to share more information about a generator.

Can a Generator Battery Be Recharged?

Basically, a generator battery is used to run the appliances or devices. But, whenever needed, these batteries can be recharged. By plugging them with the wall socket and they will be ready to power all your appliances.

How Long Should the Generator Battery Last?

If you maintain the battery properly, a good generator battery can serve you for a minimum of 2 to 3 years. The lifespan of a battery totally depends on the usage, application, and charging setup.

How Often Should Generator Batteries Be Replaced?

It is best to replace the generator battery every 2 years. If it is still working, you should replace it. Thus, it will be ready to perform at any time in any power emergency.

Final Thought

In any power emergency, a generator can be the safety rescuer for you. Some rural areas don’t have electricity, and this thing is the best way to power their home. With proper maintenance, you can easily use them for a long time and make your appliances run.

Therefore, you should know the process of how to charge a battery with a generator. This useful guide shows all processes for charging and maintaining the batteries. By following these above methods, you can now easily keep your generator battery quality and adequately charge them.

A generator is the most suitable source of power in any inconvenience or emergency situation. You can run almost any kind of device or appliance with the help of a generator. They are the best backup power and can effectively power your house.

In the generator industry, there is a popular brand called Westinghouse. It is the oldest and most reliable brand. Do you want to know where are westinghouse generators made? Stick to this article until the end, and we will provide all the information about this brand.

About Westinghouse Generators Brand

Westinghouse is a brand that stands out for more than 130 years, also maintaining its reputation. The best westinghouse generator is trusted and definitely durable. You can use their inverter generators on camping, tailgating, remote job sites, RV, or any other power emergencies. This company designed its products with tons of advanced features.

About Westinghouse Generators Brand

They use fuel-saving technology that helps to reduce engine speed. Westinghouse generators can provide noise-free service, thus it becomes most useful for home use. Their inverter technology produces 3%THD power. That makes these generators safe for delicate microprocessors and electronics.

These generators are Very lightweight and ultra-portable. Westinghouse generators come with parallel capabilities, which are used for pairing 2 identical units for double power. They design their generators with a key fob, recoil, and electric help. So the users don’t feel hassle while starting this machine. For longer running time, they include a large fuel tank with a fuel gauge. To prevent potentiality, they use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

These generators have one L14-30R 120/240V twist lock receptacle and 5-20R 120V household duplex receptacle with rubber covers. These things protect and save outlets from other elements. With their plug and play feature, they require minimal assembly to start. Also, the unit ship is made with specific kits and parts that make the generator started right away.

Their 4-stroke OHV engine is designed with a digital hour meter that safeguards the engine. Also, a long-lasting cast iron sleeve with an automatic low shutdown. Westinghouse generators can run on both gasoline and propane with their dual fuel capabilities. Most of the generators have EPA, CSA, and CARB compliant.

They offer a 3-year warranty and are supported by a nationwide support network and customer service. Each westinghouse generator uses different features to provide variety. In this way, you can choose the best-suited product as per your preference. With all these features, this brand is setting the benchmark and remains very affordable.

Is Westinghouse Worth It?

You can definitely trust this brand because they have quality products with advanced technology. One of the longest-running companies in the USA is Westinghouse. It provides all kinds of electrical appliances with the topmost quality.

Is Westinghouse Worth It

Their generators are very safe to use because their constructions are designed with all-steel. All the electrical connections are fully enclosed. The cast iron fan guard provides additional safety.

Westinghouse generators come with all the basic equipment like wrenches, handles, oil, funnel, wheel kit, manual, etc. So you can easily assemble it by following the manual guide.

Staring the machine is like a cakewalk because of the one-touch electric start system. You can easily monitor the usage with the LED screen. Still, if you feel confused about anything, just call their customer service center and get the service.

Where Are Westinghouse Generators Made?

Westinghouse is one of the leading brands or innovators that constantly provides its customers with high-quality products. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, which is an American manufacturing company, made this generator. It was founded in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1886 by George Westinghouse. A brand that has survived for more than 130 years with quality and extraordinary products.

Where Are Westinghouse Generators Made

They built the world’s first AC generator in 1891 in Colorado, USA. Usually, Westinghouse generators are designed in the USA. But under the Westinghouse license and supervision, they were made in China and Vietnam. Also, these generators are developed by local engineers so that they can ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Since 1886 till now they manufacture high-quality products and constantly maintain to satisfy their users. They released their first portable generators in 2011. They only produce inverter and conventional models of portable generators. These generators are manufactured in Columbus. Westinghouse generators come in different ranges of power, from 1200 watts to 9500 watts.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer some commonly asked questions. It may help you to know Westinghouse in a better way.

Are Westinghouse Generators Good?

Yes, Westinghouse is a great generator. It is the most user-friendly, long-lasting, reliable, and portable generator. They are the top leading brand that is providing continuous service for over 135 years.

What Company Makes Westinghouse Generators?

Westinghouse Electric Corporation makes Westinghouse generators.  George Westinghouse founded this company on January 8, 1886.

Are Westinghouse Generators Made in China?

Under the supervision and license of Westinghouse, these generators are designed in the USA but made in China. To ensure regulatory compliance and satisfy the customer’s needs, the local engineers develop these models.

Where to Buy Westinghouse Generators?

To buy Westinghouse generators, you can visit their website and online stores. They have a wide range of generators and electrical products. You can compare and purchase the best-suited product for you.

Last Thoughts

During a power outage, traveling, hiking, or camping, a quality generator can save your back. When it comes to choosing a quality generator, nothing is better than the Westinghouse. The rock-solid technology and ground-breaking technology make this brand most trustworthy. All types of Westinghouse generators can serve you with all facilities that you require.

They come up with high-quality, innovative, and reliable generators. Westinghouse provides excellent customer service; that’s why users find it more useful. We have discussed where are westinghouse generators made and everything about this brand. Now you can understand this brand and its products in a better way.

A solar generator is like a solar panel, battery compact, charger controller, and inverter. So, instead of buying these things separately, you can simply purchase a solar generator. This single product can provide you all the benefits of all those single components. In any emergency situation, this solar generator can be your savior by providing power.

A larger solar generator can easily run several appliances in your house. But, most people wonder about can a solar generator power a house. Well, concerning your doubts we will provide some useful information in this article. So, you will be able to clear doubts and understand solar generators in a better way.

Can a Solar Generator Power a House?

Before starting to look for solar generators, people think about Can a solar generator power a house? Yes, it definitely can. But, you have to consider some facts to make the generator power the whole house. First, you have to measure the total power that your house will require. It will vary depending on house size. After that, you should figure out the appliances you are going to power also for how long. Then, find out the amount of energy the appliances are going to consume.

Can a Solar Generator Power a House

This information will help you to get a solar generator that can supply your home with enough energy. Small solar generators are great for charging up small devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. For more electricity lookout for a generator that has more watts and it will last for a longer time. Last but not the list, larger solar generators are ideal for powering the house with several appliances.

Remember one thing, you will need more than one solar generator for powering larger appliances. Heater, air-condition, fridge, etc., consume more energy thus, the generator should have enough power.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Solar Generators?

It is pretty natural that each product has some advantages along with some disadvantages. For your convenience, this guide will provide both pros and cons of a solar generator.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Solar Generators

Pros of a Solar Generator:

You will find huge advantages that come with the solar generator for the home. These advantages are given below.

Advanced Technology:

It is the most amazing invention that we all should be glad about. With the emerging popularity, manufacturers come up with more technologies and features. They come up with higher battery capacity, multiple charging options, display, warranty, power inverter, etc. These things provide users with the best user experience.

Free Fuel from the Sun:

A traditional gas-powered generator requires fuel constantly, which is very costly. Using a solar generator means you are harnessing the sun’s energy. It will allow you not to spend money on costly fossil fuels. You can get this free energy lifetime from the sun with a good solar generator.

Save Money:

Since solar panels are totally relying on sunlight for energy, so, you don’t require other sources for energy. It will let you save money because you don’t have to pay for electricity with a solar generator.

Cons of a Solar Generator:

Unfortunately, with the huge benefits, a solar generator comes with some disadvantages also. These are.

Depends on Weather:

On rainy days or when the storm arrives, you may face some difficulties with your solar generator. During these seasons, it becomes unable to get proper sunlight, thus, it can’t charge properly. As a result, the solar generator cannot generate power for the house or devices.

Slow Recharging:

Solar generators only get charged up when the sun is out. Also, it takes time to charge the battery. For example, a 10-watt solar panel will take 9 hours to charge a mid-sized solar generator battery.

Slow Recharging

Limited Power Supply:

A solar generator can’t power your whole house for a long time. It can charge your devices and run small appliances for a shorter period. You will need more solar panels to properly run your full house for a longer period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more deeply about solar generators you can see this section.

Are Solar-Powered Generators Any Good?

Solar-powered generators are best for running devices and charging devices. They are a great source of power backup for traveling because of their portability. Also, they don’t require lots of fuel on hand and less maintenance.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed to Power an Average House?

To know the exact amount of solar panels you should consider some things. These are- total energy used by your house, roof area, peak sunlight of the area, efficiency of the PV, and wattages.

Can a Solar Generator Power a Refrigerator?

You cannot run a refrigerator on solar panels alone. You should connect it with an inverter and a battery to run a fridge. The solar panel makes the battery ready by charging it to supply energy to the refrigerator.

What Is the Best Solar Generator for Home Use?

You can see Jackery Explorer 500, Renogy Phoenix 200, Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station, Goal Zero Yeti Solar Kit, POint Zero Energy Titan 1000, Kalisaya KP401. These are some best generators for using at home.


Technology is changing swiftly to make our life more comfortable and easy. These solar generators make peoples’ lives so easy without electricity in their area. A common question arrives in people’s minds about can a solar generator power a house? If you keep away the energy-draining appliances then a solar generator can definitely power the house.

Make sure to size up the house, watts, location, and other facts to measure the amount of load you need. Carrying them while hiking, camping, or traveling is much easier because of the portability. Hopefully, this article can assist you to select the perfect solar generator by considering all factors.

A sudden power cut in extreme weather conditions or any accidents, a generator can be a constant power source. When it comes to immense power generating machines, no one can beat All power America. They make the most reliable generators, especially if you’re looking for a safe and secure power source.

In this all power America generator reviews, we’ll present you with some of their best generators. Our expert team looked for the models capable of providing constant power for houses, construction sites, campsites, RVs, so on. If you’re planning to get a reliable generator that won’t fall short in any task, read the article on.

About This Brand:

All Power America is an international brand that manufactures a huge variety of power tools. This North America-based power tool manufacturer has six-million square-feet of space in China where they manufacture and assemble parts and engines. It’s a global brand that owns its international headquarters in Ontario, California.

They follow customer satisfaction rules and strict quality standards while manufacturing generators. Also, their generators are highly efficient and have upgraded technologies. You’ll get low fuel consumption and better mobility with each All Power America generator.

Table of Content:

This table of contents will guide you through the article and help you navigate easily. Click on the specific title that you’re interested in the most and want to know about:

Comparison Chart:

Here is a quick comparison chart to give you a clear understanding about the selected generators at a glance:





All Power America Generator Reviews of 2021 - Most Reliable Choice 1

All Power America APGG12000GLC 12000 Watt Dual Fuel

All Power America Generator Reviews of 2021 - Most Reliable Choice 2

All Power America APGG10000C 10000 Watt Portable Generator

All Power America Generator Reviews of 2021 - Most Reliable Choice 3

All Power America APG3590CN 10000 Watt Propane Portable Generator

Best 3 All Power America Generator Reviews In 2021

Our expert team researches different models of All power American generators for you. Here are the all power America generator reviews for their best models, get through them to find your next generator:

All Power America Generator Reviews

1. All Power America APGG12000GLC 12000 Watt Dual Fuel

All Power America APGG12000GLC 12000 Watt Dual Fuel

This portable propane generator from all power America is a power-monster with 12000-watt starting and 9000-watts running power. It’s a dual fuel generator featuring an 18HP 459cc OHV air-cooled engine to produce consistent power. You’ll get a quick electric ignition to start the engine without any difficulties and has recoil starts as well.

It has multiple outlet options to supply power to any household appliances including large ones like central AC. This generator has 4x AC 120V outlets, 1x 120V twist-lock outlet, 1×120/240V twist-lock outlet, 1x12V-DC for any devieces. Its control panel has an hour-meter and fuel-indicator to let you know when you should refuel or stop the generator.

You’ll get a full metal construction for this generator, which is durable and withstand any weather condition. This generator’s overall size is 31.00 x 21.00 x 26.00 inches, and the weight is 239 pounds. Further, it has a foldable handle and two transporter wheels to move it when needed. If you’re worried about running time, you’ll be happy to hear that it can run 10 hours continuously at 50% load.

What We Liked
  • Quieter than others.
  • High-output alternator.
  • Easy electric start.
  • Good backup time.
What We Didn’t Like
  • A bit heavy.

2. All Power America APGG10000C 10000 Watt Portable Generator

All Power America APGG10000C 10000 Watt Portable Generator

This is another robust and versatile generator from All Power America’s flagship lineup. The generator runs on a 15 HP 420cc OHV air-cooled engine with a large fuel tank for non-stop power backup. It can produce 10000-watt starting and 8000-watts running power to run any light to heavy equipment. On top of that, it can run for about 9 hour continuously with 8 gallons of gasoline at 50% load.

Furthermore, this generator has a dual start option; you can use either push-button or recoil start as alternative. The heavy-duty output makes this generator suitable for any large area, including campsites, tailgating, food trucks, and RVs. Its user-friendly control-panel has many output options, including 4x AC 120V outlets, 120V/240V outlets, and 120V twist-lock outlets.

You’re getting a fully metal constructed generator with a dimension of 31.69 x 25.2 x 21.26 inches that weighs 230.5 Pounds. It has two foldable handles and strong wheels for hassle-free maneuvering and portability. Safety becomes built-in with this EPA-certified generator that retains less than 76dB of noise at max pressure.

What We Liked
  • Large gas tank for 8 liters of fuel.
  • CARB compliant and EPA-certified.
  • 8,000 running and 12000 surge watts.
  • Good backup time for the size.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Comes without outlet covers.

3. All Power America APG3590CN 10000 Watt Propane Portable Generator

All Power America APG3590CN 10000 Watt Propane Portable GeneratorThe APG3590CN is a propane-powered generator that can produce 10000 watts running with 7500 watts continuous energy supply. Its 420cc, 15HP OHV engine is long-lasting and can produce fluctuate-less power up to 8.5 hours at 50% load. You can rely on this powerful generator for whole-house power backup or any other job site.

It has a whole metal construction with partial cover to ensure battery safety. The premium build can withstand any harsh weather and heavy load. Besides, it comes with two large and durable wheels with flexible carry handles for easy movement. You’ll get both recoil starter along with a push-button electric ignition with this generator.

You’ll find this generator a lot quieter than any other conventional ones in the market. Its low noise operation makes it suitable for camping or any high noise restricted areas. Besides, its control panel has a voltmeter and circuit breaker to protect the engine from overheating and overloading. Also, its low fuel shut off feature can prevent any potential damage of sudden stopping.

What We Liked
  • Push and recoil start option.
  • Protected with anti-corrosive coating.
  • 7,500 running watts.
  • Good backup time
What We Didn’t Like
  • Power outlets have no covers

What Features Make All Power America Different From Other Brands?

Well, there are many things that make All Power America different from any other ordinary brands. If you look carefully, you’ll find some extra features missing in others; here are some:

Powerful Engines:

You must consider a generator’s engines first while you are shopping for one. Fortunately,  All Power America uses a unique and powerful engine to produce energy without much fuel consumption. Their reliable engine and components like alternators are made with highly durable materials to provide consistent power. They usually install  OHV air-cooled Engines in their generators to ensure longevity and good performance without any complexity.

Relatively Quiet:

Noise is a thing that must look carefully before getting any generator for regular use. All Power America generators produce less noise than 76 dB which is lower than others with this much power. Due to their quiet operation, you can operate this generator in multiple environments. It can be a great choice if you need a flawless power supply without irritating your neighbors.

Outlet Options:

Outlet options are most important for generators because we have various equipment to power up using generators. There are plenty of outlets in this brand generator to connect different types of household appliances to machinery. Each All power American generator includes standard 120-volt outlets and twist-lock outlets on most of their generators. These outlets have proper locations where you can easily access without any hassle.

Durable Build Materials:

This power tool brand maintains quality-standards to please each of its customers. That’s why they use premium quality steel and metal to ensure generators are durable. You’ll never face premature rusting and breakage issues if you choose this generator’s brand. For internal connection, they use 100% copper to prevent any damages caused by the poor wire quality. Even if you frequently use their generators, you don’t have to worry about any kind of breakage.

Low Maintenance:

The All Power American generators don’t need much maintenance. They equip engine safety features and overload protection that ensure your generator’s engine is safe.  Theirs in detail owner’s manual determine what you should exactly do when facing any problems. Another thing is most of their generator comes with an hour meter to let you know when you should change the oil.

Why Choose This Brand?

You should choose All power America because their highly functional generators come with various modern features. Above, we mention what makes  All power America stand out from others. Take a look at the advantages why you should choose this generator brand.

  • All power American generators are fuel-efficient, and most of them have a dual-fuel operation mode for better experience.
  • Their standby generators can produce enough power to power up any large areas, construction sites, and RVs.
  • Auto voltage adjustment and low fuel shut off function could increase the lifespan of your generator.
  • Most of the All power America generators come with wheels to ensure their generator’s portability.
  • Their simple design and convenient fuel tank position ensure flexibility and ease of use.

Bottom Line

All power American Generators come in a huge variety and sizes according to consumers’ needs. You can choose one from the above to get reliable and high-end performance for a long time. We hope that you’ve found the best machine from this all Power America generator review.

We recommend you to go for the All Power America APGG12000GLC with 12000 Watt generator to get the maximum output. This dual fuel generator can deliver consistent energy output without producing much noise that irritates you. Besides, it has a powerful OHV engine that produces 9000-watt running power without unwanted fuel consumption. In addition, its full metal construction is very durable and withstand any heavy use.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for any power outages, the Duromax generator will be a great choice. Their generators are versatile and powerful enough to produce energy for any RVs, house, construction site, or campsite. Durumax has a wide range of generator models, making the selection process harder.

Here, our expert team has some Duromax generator reviews to help you decide which model you should go for and why. We’ve researched the most promising and most selling models from Duromax before getting them to you. Before you jump to a decision for a specific Duromax generator, consider getting through the reviews below.

About This Brand:

The DuroPower power tool industry manufactures Duromax generators. It’s a power tool manufacturer based in California that makes their own engine and design with expert engineers. Their generators are highly functional and already gained their consumers’ trust.

Another thing is that DuroPower manufactures 20 types of generators with multi-cylinder engines. So you can get small to big generators from the Duromax regardless of what purpose you’re getting it for.

Table of Content:

This table of content will let you know all the sections at a glance. You can jump to any specific section instantly that you’re interested in:

Comparison Chart:

This comparison chart will provide you a quick and clear view of the Duromax generators we selected. It’ll help you decide which one suites all your needs with the right features:





The 3 Best Duromax Generator Reviews - 2021 Top Picks 4

DuroMax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator, Green

The 3 Best Duromax Generator Reviews - 2021 Top Picks 5

DuroMax XP4400E 4400 watt 7-Hp RV Grade Gas Generator with Electric Start

The 3 Best Duromax Generator Reviews - 2021 Top Picks 6

DuroMax XP4000S 4,000W 50-State Portable Gas Engine Generator, Blue

Best 3 Duromax Generator Reviews In 2021

With a wide range of Duromax generators available in the market, it might be overwhelming to find the right one. Here are the Duromax generator reviews with 3 best models from them to help you pick your next generator:

duromax generator reviews

1. DuroMax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator, Green

DuroMax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator, Green

This Duromax hybrid generator is a dual fuel one that can run either gasoline or propane. It includes a 7HP 212cc OHV engine to provide a constant power supply without any interruption. Besides, the machine produces 4,850 starting watts and 3,850 running watts to handle heavy load.

You’re getting the latest MX2 technology to get maximum watts for each of the 120-volt receptacles. Its electric start switch makes it more convenient than other recoils start generators. Also, the generator’s control panel ensures versatility without any difficulties. The output supply, total run time, everything is under your control.

Furthermore, you can use both 120V and 240V output simultaneously and take advantage of the built-in voltmeter and charging-ports. It’s a perfectly portable generator for construction sites, RVs, and any high amperage power tools. To ensure overheat protection, it has an air cooler design and a low-oil shutoff option to protect the engine.

DuroMax XP4850EH Features:

  • The DuroMax XP4850EH offers a dual-fuel engine with freedom to choose from propane or gasoline.
  • Power delivery of this generator is efficient with 4,850 starting and 3,850 running watts.
  • The generator has a 212cc OHV engine that can run continuously for about 12 hours with a single refueling.
  • It has a full metal construction with cast iron sleeves and copper windings to prevent engine damage after long-term use.
  • You’ll get different outlets in it for various purposes, including indoor and camping equipment.

2. DuroMax XP4400E 4400 watt 7-Hp RV Grade Gas Generator with Electric Start

DuroMax XP4400E 4400 watt 7-Hp RV Grade Gas Generator with Electric Start

Our Duromax generator reviews won’t complete without this powerful generator. It provides 3,500 watts of running output and 4400 watt of starting power to run light and heavy machinery. It has an air-cooled engine to use for hours without getting excessively hot. This engine is an OHV 4-Cycle gas-powered engine that runs with gasoline. Its large fuel tanks can hold up to 4 gallons of fuel for continuous usages.

You can connect any type of appliance to this generator, thanks to its unique control panel design. This versatile panel comes with an MX2 switch, voltmeter, low oil indicator, and Ac breaker to prevent overload. It has 120-Volt regular outlets and 30-AMP rated power outlet to plug-in anything.

It comes with two starting options; traditional recoil start or key start mechanism. Plus, you’ll get an automatic voltage regulation system and low oil protection to prevent potential damages. In addition, its spark arrestor ensures low-noise operation with less than 69 dB of sound. Also, the motor of this generator is fully insulated to reduce vibration and additional noise.

DuroMax XP4400E Features:

  • This generator’s large fuel tank can keep its running for up to 12 hours continuously with a full tank.
  • It has an OHV 4-Cycle gas-powered engine that can produce enough energy for construction-site, houses, RVs, etc.
  • The generator comes with dual 15-amp circuit breakers to ensure safety and can prevent any damage from overload.
  • You’ll get a full metal construction with unique coated-finish that can withstand any heavy uses and prevent rust.
  • Its automatic voltage regulation system reduces fuel consumption, keeps the machine and appliances safe.

3. DuroMax XP4000S 4,000W 50-State Portable Gas Engine Generator, Blue

DuroMax XP4000S 4,000W 50-State Portable Gas Engine Generator, BlueThe DuroMax XP4000S is a portable gas-powered generator suitable for any light to heavy usage. It comes with a sturdy construction and an open frame design to last for years with minimal maintenance. The overall dimensions of this generator are 17.5 x 18 x 18 inches that weigh only 90 Pounds. Besides, it has two foldable handles and dual wheels to move anywhere.

It comes with a 7Hp, air-cooled OHV 208cc engine that can produce 4000 starting watts and 3300 running watts. This generator’s control panel has a voltage meter, low oil indicator, and an AC breaker to prevent any damages. You’ll be able to set different types of connections using its built-in standard and twist-lock outlet.

Furthermore, this generator has a 3.96 Gallons fuel-tank to run 8 hours continuously at 50% load. It’s SurgeArrest Technology will keep your generator’s engine safe from any random voltage fluctuations. In addition, it has an easy start button for a hassle-free, reliable start every time. Another impressive thing is it only produces 69dB noise, which is quieter than similar others.

DuroMax XP4000S Features:

  • This generator has a gasoline-powered 7HP OHV Gas Engine for heavy output load.
  • Starting power of this generator is 4000 and the running power is 3300 watts.
  • It comes with an overheating protection and an AC breaker to protect the engine.
  • You’ll get a low oil indicator and voltage meter that lets you know when to take a break or stop it.
  • The structure of this generator has premium metal to provide reliable performance.

How Loud Is A Duromax Generator?

A generator noise level is a crucial thing to consider for everyone. Loud noise not only irritates your neighbors but also can be a cause for sound pollution. Also, while you are working or reading something, loud noise can interrupt.

However, when it comes to the Duromax generators, you’ll find it way better than others. For example, a 12000-watt Duromax generator produces a mere 72 dba noise. On the other hand, similar brand generators produce at 79 dba, which is higher than any Duromax generator.

Why Choose This Brand?

Each brand has some specialty and when you’re shopping for generators, you should consider Durostar first. The Duramax has some special offerings which make them stand out from others. Take a look:

  • Every Duromax generator has cast iron sleeves to prevent rust and corrosion to ensure longevity.
  • The Duromax generator’s build quality meets every requirement with ETL & MTL standards, making them safe and reliable.
  • Duromax uses its own designs to manufacture single, triple, and four-cylinder engines to produce flawless energy.
  • Each generator comes with high-tech features like USB outlets, dual-channel power delivery, and more.
  • Most importantly, every Duromax generator engine comes with engine safety features to ensure hassle-free and long-lasting use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we’ll provide some additional information about Durostar generators that people ask around:

Who sells DuroMax generators?

Duromax is an international brand, and many retailers sell Duromax generators. However, you can get a Duromax generator from amazon, the home depot, etc. where Amazon seems to have the best deals.

What company makes DuroMax generators?

DuroPower manufactures Duromax generators which is a California-based power tool manufacturer.

Where are DuroMax generator engines made?

Each Duromax engine is designed and made in California. They manufacture their own engine and assemble them in their factory.

Are DuroMax generators made in China?

No. Duromax generators are made in the United States of America (USA).  The Duropower manufacturer makes all of their power tools in California.

Final Advice

Picking a reliable and versatile generator is not an easy task, especially because you’ve got a ton of considerations. We mainly focused on affordable yet multifunctional ones in these Duromax generator reviews. Hope that you’ve found the best generator that fits all your needs with safety and output capacity.

If you want a recommendation, we’ll suggest you go for the DuroMax XP4400E generator. It’s a powerful generator with consistent output that can power up any light to heavy machinery and household accessories. Also, it produces less noise although it has a good 4400-watt starting and 3,500-watts of running output. Its engine and motor safety design will prevent potential damages or voltage fluctuations.

As the generator is a crucial tool for emergency situations, choosing the right one is severely important. However, there are a ton of considerations while selecting one and going for a reliable brand is your best bet. Powerhorse is by far the most promising brand when it comes to making dependable, high-tech, innovative generators.

Powerhorse has a big lineup for inverter, open-frame, and other types and models of generators. This powerhorse generator review is all about helping you choose the best among them. Our expert team has gone deep into every powerhouse generator and picked only the most promising models for you. Want to make the right decision during your next shopping for generator? Let’s explore together!

About This Brand:

The Powerhorse is a sub brand of Northern Tool which has its testing and manufacturing facility in Burnsville, Minnesota. It offers a wide range of powerful generators from anywhere between 2500 watts up to 13000 watts. You can get gas generators as well as conventional inverter ones from them for any kind of regular usage.

However, they don’t produce mobile generators and commercial standby ones. They design the generators in the US and build them in China, maintaining the highest quality standards. Besides, they use OHV engines in their generators with premium copper-wound heads to ensure durability and longevity.

Table of Content:

This table can guide you through the whole article in a short time. Also, you can read any specific section through the below hyperlink.

Comparison Chart:

Compare our selected powerhorse generator in no time. Go through this comparison chart and find out the ideal option for you.





Best 2 Powerhorse Generator Reviews In 2021 7

Powerhorse Inverter Generator – 3500 Surge Watts

Best 2 Powerhorse Generator Reviews In 2021 8

Powerhorse Open Frame Inverter Generator

Best 2 Powerhorse Generator Reviews In 2021

Go through our Powerhorse generator review to know the best generators from this amazing US brand. We’ve picked two highly functional generators that can produce clean energy with less noise than any other inverter generator. Sounds interesting? Take a look!

powerhorse generator review

1. Powerhorse Inverter Generator – 3500 Surge Watts, 3000 Rated Watts, Electric Start

Powerhorse Inverter Generator - 3500 Surge Watts, 3000 Rated Watts, Electric Start

The powerhorse LC3500i inverter generator is powerful and portable. It can power-up small houses, campsites, RVs, and has consistent output for tailgating. You’ll get a starting watt of 3500 and running watt of 3000 from this generator to fulfill all your needs.

Its power production and fuel-consumption of this generator is efficient with inverter technology. Besides, it produces clean energy with more limited than 2% total harmonic-distortion. Moreover, this technology is safe for any devices such as smartphones, computers, Tv, and other sensitive households. This generator can run continuously for 11 hours at 25% load without much fuel consumption.

You’ll get a four-stroke OHV engine with this generator which reduces total fuel consumption. Plus, it produces very little noise while operating with a full load. This generator’s variable speed control lets users adjust output according to their necessity. Also, its premium copper-wound heads can prevent overheating for added safety.

Powerhorse Inverter Generator Features:

  • This inverter generator is parallel-ready to increase generator power by connecting with another.
  • It has a consistent and low harmonic-distortion that makes it safer for any sensitive devices like phone or tv.
  • The generator has an electric start and overload protection for a reliable and safe operation.
  • You’ll get a low oil indicator that notifies you about the refueling time to prevent any engine problem.
  • It also comes with a premium build quality along with CARB and EPA compliance ratings.

2. Powerhorse Open Frame Inverter Generator – 4500 Surge Watts, 3700 Rated Watts

Powerhorse Open Frame Inverter Generator - 4500 Surge Watts, 3700 Rated WattsOur second pick of this Powerhorse generator review is an open frame inverter generator that has a 224cc OHV engine. This engine has low fuel consumption technology to reduce your fuel expenses while ensuring engine safety. It can produce 4500 watts of starting watt and 3700 watts of running watt. At this level of power output, you’ll be able to run any kind of household appliance without any risk.

Moreover, the generator has a variable throttle setting with which you can control the power according to output. This adjustable feature reduces your fuel costs while powering up less electricity consuming devices. Besides, its engine produces less noise than any other high power regular generator. Hence, it won’t be a problem for your neighbors, fellow campers, or while tailgating.

It also has a low harmonic-distortion rate of less than 2% which helps it produce clean energy for sensitive devices. The recoil-start functions need less effort to start this generator in any weather condition. Furthermore, it can run for 14 hours straight at 25% load, making it the best inverter generator at this range.

Powerhorse Open Frame Features:

  • This inverter generator has a 224cc OHV engine to produce a consistent power output.
  • It has an automatic throttle adjustment to reduce fuel consumption while using it for less powerful devices.
  • Plus, it offers an easy-voltage selector that keeps the generator safe even in adverse power conditions.
  • It’s a versatile inverter generator and parallel-ready to increase the combined output when needed.
  • You can use it for 14 hours with a single refuel at 25% load with less noise and harmonic distortion.

Why Choose This Brand?

The powerhorse generators are both efficient and powerful as they build it with OVH and inverter technology. Check the differences of inverter generator and regular generator if you don’t know already. Nonetheless, here are the key reasons why you should consider a powerhorse generator as you next power source:

  • Powerhorse generators have inverter technology to deliver clean energy along with overheating safety. They’re safe for any sensitive devices such as Tv, laptops, smartphone, game consoles, etc.
  • The powerhorse generators are CARB and CSA certified, compatible with any North American power delivery standards.
  • Their generators are quiet and meet all the requirements of National Park Service guidelines.
  • You’ll get premium build materials and engine safety to prevent any potential engine damage.
  • Powerhorse offers low fuel consuming engines that you can run for 10 to 14 hours on a single refuel.

Wrapping It Up

A generator is a crucial investment to provide a flawless power supply in emergencies. Your entire house and device safety depend on the generator while a power interruption occurs. Therefore, we hope that you’ve selected the right generator from Powerhorse from the list above.

If you ask for an experts’ recommendation for the best overall, we’d suggest you go for the Powerhorse Open Frame Inverter Generator. Its OHV engine can produce 4700-watt peak and 3700-watt running power, enough for almost any household appliances. Besides, its inverter technology and automatic throttle adjustment can reduce your fuel consumption. You can run it for 14 hours with a single refuel at 25% load capacity as a dependable power source.

If you face frequent power outage problems, the most reliable way to counter that is to an inverter generator. Champion is a reliable brand that manufactures the best quality 2000 watt inverter generator. This Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews our expert team will guide you to get the best of the best inverter generator for regular use.  When it comes to an inverter generator champion generator provides portability and reliability. Their generators are efficient, user-friendly, and produce less operational noise.

A portable inverter generator can produce safe power for RVs, houses, campsites, and other emergencies. People choose an inverter generator because of stable sine wave electricity with low Harmonic Distortion (HD). On the other hand, they are fuel-efficient and sometimes come with a dual fuel feature for convenience. Read on our in-depth reviews to get the idea of the best inverter generator from the champion.

Are Champion Inverter Generators Any Good?

Champion is a North American-based company, and they started their journey in 2003. They already gained popularity because of reliable and affordable generators and power equipment. Day by day, they include modern features in their generator to make them more user-friendly and convenient. Champion offers its customers high-end features in an affordable range. In addition, their generators include electric start, cold Start, dual-fuel configuration, and durability.

Table of content:

Here is the list of every section of this article. You can click the hyperlink below to jump to any section in no time.

Best 2 Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews in 2021

Champion manufactures a variety of generators for regular use. In this Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews, we selected two inverter generators to review. Both of them are highly functional and fuel-efficient. Please take a look at our expert reviews to get reliable information, so that you can decide which one you should get.

Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews

1. Champion Power Equipment 100402 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100402 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

This portable inverter generator comes with an EZ Start dial and cold start technology to add more convenience for the user. It also allows the user to use either propane or gasoline to power up. You’ll be able to use this portable propane generator for camping, tailgating, or any other emergencies. Besides, the generator supports parallel kits to connect another generator to increase output.

Champion 100402 2000 Main Features:

  • This portable inverter generator produces <3% THD clean energy to keep safe vulnerable devices.
  • It’s interconnectable with other inverter generators, and its hi-tech design allows the switch fuels with a quick dial.
  • The generator has a digital power panel to monitor power output, total run time, fuel level, economy mode, and maintenance indicator.
  • When you use gasoline as fuel, it can yield 2000 starting-watts and 1600 running-watts and run up to 11 hours at 25% load.
  • The 80cc powerful engine provides quiet operation, and its durable build ensures extended engine life.
  • Cold start technology.
  • Low oil indicator sensor.
  • Digital and easy to read display.
  • Not suitable for emergency home backup.

2. Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw

In this Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews, we’ve selected this all-rounder inverter generator as one of our best picks. This ultra-lightweight generator is only 39 pounds in weight, and anyone can easily carry it without much effort. You’ll get 2000 starting-watt and 1700 running-watt and able to run up to 11.5  hours continuously. It produces low harmonic distortion for any sensitive electronics.

Champion 100692 2000 Main Features:

  • The generator starts with an efficient recoil start, and the cold-start tech ensures quick starts in cold weather.
  • It’s equipped with 120V 20A household-outlets and a 12V DC automotive-style outlet to provide more convenience.
  • This portable generator is parallel ready, and you can easily connect and increase the output power of this generator when needed.
  • The generator has a smart economy mode that can reduce unwanted electrical load and extend the engine’s lifespan.
  • It is a durable generator that is easier to set up and built-in handle to transport without any hassle.
  • Ultra-Lightweight.
  • Parallel Ready.
  • Produce clean power.
  • Small fuel tank.

What Is the Difference Between Inverter Generator and Regular Generator?

The inverter is the latest technology, and it is updated more than any other regular generator tech. That’s why the inverter generator is most popular for every range of users. There are huge factors that make inverter generators reliable and user friendly. Below we highlighted the main differences between regular and inverter generators.


A regular generator produces AC electricity, but an inverter generator can produce 3-phases of electricity. One of the inverter generators’ currents is a stable AC current known as clean energy. On the contrary, the regular generator cannot produce clean energy that is safe for sensitive electronics.

Size, Power, and Fuel Efficiency:

As regular generators are bigger and bulkier, they can produce more energy compared to an inverter generator. Because of this, regular generators are difficult to move compared to an inverter generator. On the other hand, inverter generators are compact in size, energy-efficient, and can automatically adjust the load, which regular generators can’t do.

Therefore, the Inverter generators are more lightweight, cost-effective, and designed to supply power for small areas. They can reduce fuel consumption by adjusting the actual load user needed. In comparison, a regular generator consumes much fuel to produce enough power for large areas. They don’t contain any voltage adjustment features as an inverter generator does.


Generator noise is the most irritating noise that could disturb your family as well as neighbors. When you use a regular generator to power up your house or campsite, it remains noisy. In comparison, inverter technology and upgraded engine design are much quieter and run at steady rpm to remove most noise. Most inverter generators produce 54-58dB noise, and a regular generator tends to produce 64dB or more.

Why Choose This Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator?

When it comes to a portable inverter generator, The Champion will definitely be in the top pick. They use advanced technology to provide maximum output and fuel efficiency than any other inverter generators. Here are some benefits of using this 2000-watt inverter generator from the champion.

  • The champion uses a powerful four-stroke engine in their generator to produce maximum output with impressive runtime.
  • Most champion inverter generators tend to produce less than 53.0 dBA noise, where others produce greater than this.
  • Their high-tech inverter generator delivers lower harmonic distortion to ensure clean power. You’ll be able to plug any sensitive electronics without any risks or harm.
  • Champion inverter generators are very portable and lightweight, so anyone can easily move them without much effort.
  • Their durable inverter generator comes with fuel-saving technology and low fuel auto shut off features to prevent engine problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we will provide some additional information based on the above discussion. You could go through it to learn more.

Will a 2000 watt inverter generator run a refrigerator?

Yes, you can run a mid-sized refrigerator with a 2000 watt generator. Only if your fridge is energy star rated and uses no more than 1200 of starting watt power.

What can a 2000 watt inverter generator power?

A 2000 watt generator can power up many things, including refrigerator 750 watts, freezer 600 watts, computer 150 watts, electric heater 1200 watts, ceiling fan 140 watts, etc.

How many hours will a champion generator last?

It is not easy to say, the run time of a generator depends on many factors such as output, fuel tank, load, and many more. Usually, the champion inverter generator can run at least 10-11 hours continuously with a half-load.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Generators come in a huge variety and sizes according to consumer’s needs. But when it comes to an inverter generator, it is a bit difficult to pick the suitable one. To make your generator shopping more manageable, we write this Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews for you. You can choose one from the above to get portability and high-end performance for a long time.

We recommend you to go for Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator to get the maximum output. This fuel-efficient inverter generator can deliver clean energy and without producing much noise that irritates you. Besides, it has a smart economy mode to adjust power production according to your load and reduce unwanted fuel consumption.

If you are interested in getting a portable generator for light usages, you might be thinking of 2000-watt generators. 2000 watts generators are the most popular power supply source, which comes in an affordable range. Most 2000 watt generators are highly functional, compact, and very convenient. But if you are not sure, what can a 2000 watt generator run? Our expert team will let you know in detail.

While other giant generators are designed for covering large areas, 2000 watt generators are ideal for basic power supply. Anyone can use a 2000 watt generator where needed; their compact built is highly portable and lightweight. They can produce enough power for campers or anyone interested in tailgating. This portable power source is coming in handy when you have a plan for camping or tailgating.  Let’s drive deep to know actually how powerful a 2000 watt generator could be?

What Can A 2000 Watt Generator Run?

It isn’t simple as you think; there are many things related when you’re thinking, What can a 2000 watt generator run? A regular, 2000 watt generator can provide approximately 16-amps in a 120-volts outlet and 8-amps in 240-volts. However, this much power is enough to run many appliances. To run any devices, you must know about starting and running watts.

What Can A 2000 Watt Generator Run?

Every generator has a specific amount of running and starting watt production ability. For example, a 2000 watt generator means it can handle up to 2000 watts when you connect your generator with any appliance. Whenever you switch on any electronic equipment, it needs a boost or powerful shock to get started. A 2000 watt generator can only run these appliances that require less than 2000 starting watts.

So what is running watts? Every electric equipment needs a specific amount of watts to keep them running. Running watts could vary for generators, and it depends on the expense, brands, and generator types. If you have a good quality generator, for example, the best wen generator, you will get at least 1700 watt running. At this level of running watt, you’ll be able to run any appliances that require less than your generator’s produced energy.


2000 watt generator capable of keep running almost every household appliances including:

Device Running Watts Starting Watts
Window Air Conditioner 1200 1800
Microwave – varies 625     800
Refrigerator Freezer            800     1200
Computer 800 0
Home Security System 180 0
Television 500 0
Ceiling Fan   150 0


When camping far from home and want to keep your equipment running, a 2000 watt generator will do it very well. 2000 watt portable generator can power up camping equipment including:

Device Running Watts Starting Watts
Electric Stove 1500 0
Furnace Blower 800 1300
Box Fan 300 600
Stereo 300 0
Toaster 1200 1500


RVs contain many electronic pieces of equipment, including AC, freezers, microwaves, and many more. So if you are using a luxury RV, 2000 watt generators won’t be enough to power them up. But if you want to charge and continue running above mentioned equipment with your RVs 2000 watt generator will be enough. You can run some lights, laptops, Tv, and fridge at a time using a 2000 watt generator.

How Much Power Do I Need?

It is a complicated question, but it relies on the device type you want to run using a generator. 2000  watt generators are the real workhorse, and they can handle any situation with ease.

How Much Power Do I Need?

These portable generators are designed for medium to light devices. So it depends on up to you. You should calculate your needs before getting any generators. Here are a few examples where you can use a 2000 watt generator.

Home use: When it comes to power up a house during a power outage, a 2000-watt generator is enough for some reasons. It is possible to keep running most of the household essentials using 2000 watt generators. Refrigerators and freezers are most important because nobody wants to spoil their food during a power outage. You’ll be able to keep your refrigerator, portable air cooler/ heater ( not central), some lights, Tv running at a time. In addition, the sump pump can also run, usually, they use around 1200-watts, but you have to unplug some devices.

Don’t expect you could run everything using a 2000 watt generator; these types of generators aren’t for whole-house power backup. You can’t keep running the dishwasher, air conditioning, dryer, and heating system because they need more than a 2000 watt power supply.

Camping: If you’re planning to go camping, you need a power backup. Every camper needs to light up the campsite and power for basic cooking appliances; a 2000-watt generator is ideal for them. You might need some electric lamps or string lights, and each needs 100 watts or less. You don’t have to worry if you want to watch movies using your laptops or smartphone, they only need 200 watts of power, and they don’t need starting power.

However, kitchen appliances need much power, and every camper knows it. A portable stove draws 1500 watts, and a heater or coffee maker needs an estimated 800 watts. So you can’t keep all of them running at a time.

RVs: A 2000-watt generator is enough for regular RVs; if you own a luxurious Rv trip, you need more than these. You’ll be able to run all of your kitchen appliances at a time in your RV but not the AC. If your Rv contains small refrigerators, you could use laptops, smartphones, and lights also, since a smaller refrigerator only draws 1200-watts.

Generator Safety Tips

Portable and standby, every generator needs proper maintenance and care. By following the manufacturer’s instructions you can increase the lifespan of your generator. Below safety-tips will keep your generator and your family safe if you maintain them properly.

  • Never operate your portable generator in a compact or enclosed space because they produce deadly carbon monoxide. Try to run in an outdoor area where enough air circulation and ventilation are available.
  • Never plug your generator into the wall to prevent back feed. Always use high-quality extension cords to connect your appliances to the generator’s outlets to avoid any accident.
  • Don’t plug in your appliances before turning on your generator. Connect and turn on your appliances when the generator is running. Never use devices that are not recommended for your generator; it could lead your generator’s engine to burn or overload.
  • Ensure your generator never becomes wet; a generator could pose risks when operating in wet weather conditions. While you use a generator in stormy or moist weather conditions, make sure your generator doesn’t get wet.
  • The generator’s metal body gets hot enough that it could cause burns when you run it for a long time. That’s why makes sure children and pets stay away from the generator while running.

Final Words

Finally, a 2000 watt generator is versatile and highly functional that can produce enough power whenever you need it. From the above discussion, you now know what can a 2000 watt generator run? These types of generators are very user-friendly and efficient. They can produce clean energy and lower noise than any other bigger generators. Most people choose the 2000 watt generator because of its portability and compatibility.

Whether you don’t want to run out of power, you definitely need a  highly functional generator. A generator can supply electricity when there’s a power shortage due to bad weather conditions or any other reason. The generator can have appliances plugged into them or extension cords to power up your house. Investing in a generator is not as easy as you think; you should go for a reliable and versatile generator. However, let us introduce you to some efficient and powerful generators in this wen generator reviews article.

Do you know the fact why we’ve chosen this particular generator brand to review? We independently researched and found that Wen is a brand that manufactures quality generators, and they are very affordable. Also, their generator can produce enough power to power up the whole house without cost much.

About This Brand:

WEN is an international brand established in  1951 by Nick Anton. This US-based power tool industry manufactures and distributes high-quality, thus affordable tools for decades. Their research and development team improves many power tools that are easier to use. 


WEN sold more than 50 million units of their power tools, which were reliable and served consumers well. Their reliable power tool satisfies almost every customer, which helps the growth of their business.

Table of Content:

Go through this section if you don’t have enough time to read each section contained in this content. Click the hyperlink below to read any section instantly.

Comparison Chart:

Check out our top picks and compare them if you want a quick and clear overview in a short time.





Best 5 Wen Generator Reviews for 2021 (Most Popular Brands) 9

WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Best 5 Wen Generator Reviews for 2021 (Most Popular Brands) 10

WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Best 5 Wen Generator Reviews for 2021 (Most Popular Brands) 11

WEN 56500 5000-Watt RV-Ready 120V/240V Portable Generator

Best 5 Wen Generator Reviews for 2021 (Most Popular Brands) 12

WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start and Wheel Kit

Best 5 Wen Generator Reviews for 2021 (Most Popular Brands) 13

WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Best 5 Wen Generator Reviews 2021

There are more than hundreds of different types of WEN generators available in the market. The huge variety makes it more difficult to choose the right one when you need a cost-effective generator. That’s why we carefully select the 5 best generators that are versatile and usable for various purposes. Go through wen generator reviews to know every single detail about them.

1. WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator

WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The WEN DF1100T is a powerful generator and can run a whole-house  A/C system along with refrigerators and freezers. This versatile dual fuel generator allows users to switch between gasoline or propane as fuel. Therefore you can easily change your preferred fuel with a simple selection dial. You’ll use different types of connections with 120V to 240V outlets, which is perfect for transfer and emergency backup.

This generator has a 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine that can produce 11,000 surge-watts, 8,300 running-watt with gasoline fuel. If you use this Propane Generator For Home, you will get 9,500 surges, 7,500 running. The output is enough for powering up any household appliance such as a water heater, electric-burner, AC, and so. Its effortless electric start and convenience to start, where others need much effort with a lever.

Moreover, You’ll get a 6.6-gallon gasoline tank for an 8.5-hour half-load runtime where LPG can run 3-hours. Its durable and robust structure comes with  9.5-inch wheels for transportation. Besides, its digital LED monitor will let you know the hour of use, which is easy to read and waterproof. Also, automatic voltage regulators and overload protection keep you safe from accidents.

WEN DF1100T 11,000 Features:

  • These generators’ air-cooled OHV engine can run up to 3600 RPM and produce enough power for the whole house.
  • Its 457cc 4-stroke engine can run up to 8.5-hour continuously and consume only 6.6 gallons of gasoline.
  • This generator provides safe and clean energy, so your device will be safe from any trouble.
  • Its voltage regulator and overload protection ensure safety while using this generator for many types of equipment at a time.
  • The WEN DF1100T generator is durable enough to withstand various weather conditions, also very easy to operate.

2. WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

This WEN 56380i generator stands out from others because of its durable construction and quiet operation. This inverter generator’s overall size is 23.2 x 18 x 20.1 inches, and its weight is only 110.8 Pounds. It operates almost noiselessly so that it won’t be the cause of the disturbance of your neighbors. The generator comes with a 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine, producing 3800 surge watts and 3400 rated watts. Also, the engine is powerful enough to run up to 8.5 hours with half-load.

Moreover, This versatile generator is very portable and easily moveable. You can use these generators while hunting or camping, which ensures a comfortable outing experience. Also, it has a mirror sine wave design that can prevent harmonic distortion under 0.3 percent without load. While using it in full-load can prevent  1.2 percent harmonic distortion to make the generator safe. This feature can ensure the safety of your laptops, tablets, or other vulnerable gadgets.

In addition, It needs limited maintenance due to its durable and functional build. You’ll maximize the fuel economy by using the Eco-Mode switch; besides, it can adjust the fuel consumption. It will reduce unnecessary fuel consumption while you unplug devices from the panel.

WEN 56380i Super Quiet Features:

  • It comes with a fuel shutoff feature that prevents blockages; that’s why a powerful 4-stroke OHV engine requires minimal maintenance.
  • This generator produces clean and safe power that ensures the safety of vulnerable electronic devices.
  • The generator comes with an easy electronic start function; it starts working in a second with a simple button press.
  • It has a digital wattage meter that shows all the information you need; it can project voltage, wattage to add convenience.

This portable generator has two transporter wheels that ensure portability when you need to get out with this generator.

3. WEN 56500 5000-Watt RV-Ready 120V/240V Portable Generator

WEN 56500 5000-Watt RV-Ready 120V/240V Portable Generator

If you need a generator that gives maximum flexibility and output without costing much, you should consider WEN 56500. This versatile generator comes with two types of high amperage outlets(120V/ 240V). It’s able to  produce enough power for the fridge, sump pump, air conditioner, etc. In addition, an easy transfer switch allows it to use it as a backup power source when you’re camping.

Moreover, This generator can handle 5,000-watts temporarily starting loads while it provides a continuous output of  4,500-watts. It has a 3.4-gallon fuel tank that can keep running this generator for 7.5-hours at half load. This generator’s digital display can track voltage and run time, so you will be able to adjust output when needed. The overall dimension of this generator is 26.20 x 17.70 x 19.70 inches. That’s why you’ll be able to accommodate this generator in any compact space.

The wen 5000 watt generator has a 120 volt TT-30R outlet, which allows you to connect to your RV. Besides,  its  14-30R outlet can connect the generator to your household appliance for emergency power backup. It has a mode selector switch that allows changing the output plug to 120 or 240-volt power if necessary. You’ll also get 5 pairs of 20R household outlets and one  12 volt cigarette lighter outlet for convenience. This open frame generator is very quiet and produces only 68 dB of noise under half load.

WEN 56500 5000 Features:

  • This wen 5000 generator has a 4-stroke OHV 272cc engine, which ensures strength and durability for long-term service.
  • You’ll be able to use this generator for 7.5 hours of half-load, and it will consume only 3.4-gallon fuel.
  • Its 120V 30A TT-30R RV outlet makes it easier to attach up with an RV without any difficulty.
  • This generator includes wheels and a handling kit to easy transportation and storage, which adds convenience for campers.
  • Its durable structure and open frame design needs minimal maintenance and produces less noise while running.

4. WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start and Wheel Kit

WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start and Wheel Kit

This is another reliable and convenient portable generator from WEN that comes with an electric push-button start. It’s also packed with a powerful and dependable  223cc OHV engine with five different types of outlets for convenience. Thus, it can handle 4,750 surge watt while produces 3,750-watts continuous output. The portable generator is very cost-effective and able to run continuously for 10 hours at half load.

Moreover, The generator meets all the CARB and EPA III requirements; thus, it is safe and user-friendly. This generator will keep you safe, and it includes a  spark arrestor to prevent the emission of any flammable debris. You can use this generator without any risk of accidents because it has an automatic voltage regulator and overload protection.

Furthermore, This generator is extremely portable, and you can easily move this generator with foldable handles and hind wheels. Again, it comes with a sturdy build, and it produces less noise while it can withstand any weather conditions. Its 4-gallon fuel tank keeps the generator running for any emergency power failure for a long time.

WEN 56475 4750 Features

  • The WEN 56475 generator has a digital readout to manage oil change and maintenance schedule to keep well maintained.
  • Its low-oil shutdown function keeps this generator engine safe from damage or sudden stopping.
  • The generator has an automatic voltage regulator and overload protection feature to ensure your household equipment’s safety.
  • It produces clean energy; thus, its highly functional design won’t cause any of your vulnerable devices like laptops and smartphones.
  • Most people are pleased with the comfortable transportation facilities that allow it to use you when camping or hunting.

5. WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56203i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

This super quiet wen 2000 watt generator comes with a 4-stroke 79cc OHV engine. The engine is very efficient and has a long run time of 7 hours at 50% load. Which is the most reliable and provides the longest run time in this segment with minimal fuel consumption. It comes with many engine safety features, prevents stale fuel problems and clogged jets. You can switch eco mode, and the generator will automatically adjust the load to reduce fuel consumption and noise.

Moreover, the WEN 56203i has 120 volt 5-20 R AC outlets for household use and a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. Also, you can charge your smartphone and devices using USB, which is built-in with this generator. One port has a maximum output of 2.1amps for fast charging, and another has 1amp output for regular charging.

Besides, this inverter generator produces safe and clean electricity and has only 1.2% harmonic distortion. This feature makes it the safest choice for any venerable equipment like high-end audio gears. Also, the portable generator is parallel capable, and you can increase output by cord linking two identical generators. Lastly, its lightweight construction and 39 lbs weight is easy to carry; thus, anyone can take it without much effort.

WEN 56203i Super Quiet Features:

  • This quiet generator produces less noise than a normal conversation at 50% load, which is not usual at its segment.
  • Its auto fuel shutoff function can increase the generator’s longevity using the rest of the fuel in the carburetor.
  • You’ll be able to charge devices directly with this generator, and its clean energy production ensures device safety.
  • This portable generator Eco mode automatically adjusts the fuel consumption to reduce unnecessary gasoline uses.
  • Anyone can carry this lightweight generator with its built-in briefcase-style handle, making it easy to carry when going camping.

Are Wen Generators Any Good?

WEN manufactures products to satisfy every user while others only focus on professionals. Their power-tools are very reliable as well as affordable. When it comes to the WEN generator, their generator is very convenient, lightweight thus portable. That’s how they gain popularity over the globe. They have single and dual fuel generators; each of them is cost-effective.

Almost every Wen generator includes a YAMAHA engine. Usually, they use OHV engines, which are efficient and produce less noise than any others. But if you think about the quality, they are definitely powerful and can supply electricity for the whole-house with ease. Another thing is most people believe a generator means noisy things that could disturb neighbors.  Now it is time to think differently because most of the Wen generators are whisper quiet. If you compare Overall durability and functionality, they will stand out from others for sure.

Why Choose This Brand? Write 5 Reason

WEN improved their expertise for many decades; that’s how they added many features to their generator. You will get maximum output and a sustainable power supply in case of power outage when you use these generators. Let’s talk about some benefits of choosing WEN generators.

  • A generator should be portable because it’s important to plan to use it on camping or a job site. Fortunately, each WEN generator comes with either a transportation wheel or a top-mounted handle.
  • If you want a noise-free and interruption-free power supply for your home, you must go for any WEN generator. Their upgraded technology brought a revolution to make generators noise-free; thus, almost every generator is whisper quiet.
  • Less fuel consumption and longer run-time are important for a generator. Wen generators are highly functional, and they are equipped with the latest OHV engine to reduce your fuel cost. With minimum fuel consumption, they can run longer than any other ordinary generator.
  • Safety is important for equipment or household appliances when you powerup them with a generator. While other generators produce much harmonic distortion, the Wen generator only produces 1.2 harmonic distortions. This unique ability makes Wen generators safe for vulnerable devices like laptops or smartphones.
  • Other generators need frequent maintenance, but Wen manufactures generators with the self-safety feature to prevent problems automatically. Thus Wen generator needs minimal maintenance and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me clear some questions about the WEN brand and their generators. This section will help you to clarify if any further confusion grows up inside your mind.

Who makes wen generators?

An American company WEN makes these generators that are quiet, portable, and lightweight. These generators come in handy when it is to fight against any natural or man-made disasters.

Are Wen generators made in China?

Wen generators are assembled in China. They use Yamaha engines in their generators as there is a contract between them to use the machines in generators of Wen, but all parts are put together in China.

Where are wen generators made?

The famous brand Wen produces their generators with their technology but uses Yamaha engines inside them. But these Wen generators are generally assembled in China following CARB compliance.

How long do WEN generators run non-stop?

Running Wen generators continuously for seven and a half hours to eight and a half hours is recommended. Otherwise, the generator may last less and perform poorly after a few uses.


In conclusion, we believe that there is much reason for a power outage, but the most common reason is Natural disasters. Sometimes power outages occur because of manmade that’s why reserve power sources are important. A generator can supply you with continuous and low-cost power if you are a victim of a sudden power cut. In this wen generator reviews, we focused on some highly functional generators. While others may cause extra cost, they consume less fuel and provide safe and clean electricity.

While overall performance matters, we will recommend you to go for the WEN DF1100T generator. Because this generator can produce enough power to power up the whole house with ease. This dual fuel generator is very cost-effective and produces 8,300 running watts while handling 11,000 surge watts.

Whether you want power backup at your home or you want an alternative source of power at your farm, RV, or any other place, the best remote start generator is the ultimate option you can go for. Remote start generators are easy to operate because all you need to do is to press the power button on the remote.

Generators are the most reliable sources of power because as long as they are filled with fuel, they will keep powering your circuits. The power consumption is what determines the generator size that you should go for.

How Does a Remote Start Generator Work?

When you don’t have utility power or when the power is interupted, the automatic transfer switch sends a signal to the remote start generator making it start instantly. Alternatively, one can press the ‘power on’ on the generator remote and it will turn on immediately.


Table of Content:

To ensure you get the information you want instantly, you can just skip to the topic of interest. All headings are well elaborated for you to see easily the section you want.

Comparison Chart:

The product features have been highlighted for you to see the features easily. You can compare the key features for you to know the best one to go for.





Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2021 [5 Expert Opinion] 14

Yamaha EF4500iSE Remote Start Generator

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2021 [5 Expert Opinion] 15

Champion Power Equipment 100573 Remote Start Generator

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2021 [5 Expert Opinion] 16

Honda EU2200IC Remote Start Generator

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2021 [5 Expert Opinion] 17

Firman W03083 Remote Start Generator

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2021 [5 Expert Opinion] 18

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

5 Best Remote Start Generator Reviews 2021

Here are some of the top-rated generators and their key features so that you get an idea of what to look for when buying a generator. There is also a recommendation of the best remote start generator for you in case you shall not have decided even after reading the review.

1. Yamaha EF4500iSE Remote Start Generator

Yamaha EF4500iSE Remote Start Generator

This generator is capable of delivering 4000 running watts and also has a power surge of 4500 watts. This is enough to power even an RV, water irrigation system, and power whole house appliances. It complies with all the Air Resources Board Tier III exhaust emission standards of California meaning it doesn’t emit any dangerous chemicals to the environment.

You don’t need to touch the generator to start or stop it, you can start it using the remote. 66 yards or less, you can press the remote button for you to start it. In case you forget the remote, you can use the electric start. It involves ignition by pressing a button on the generator. It comes with a power meter that is easy to read. This meter enables the user to know the power consumption at that particular moment.

If the oil starts going low, there is an indicator that shows you so that you add more oil. Oil lubricates the parts of the engine thereby preventing the quick wearing out of its parts. Every time you run it, the time is recorded so that you know when it is time to service it. If the oil levels are below normal and you haven’t added any oil, the generator switches off to prevent engine knock out.

Yamaha EF4500iSE Features:

  • Low oil indicator that shows when oil level is below normal to prevent the generator parts from wearing out
  • It has an electric start that enables you to start the generator effortlessly if the remote is not near
  • It has an automatic choke system that makes it easy to start the generator even in cold environments
  • It comes with an hour meter that Displays the amount of running time accumulated so that you know when it is due for service
  • The twin bar aids in the lifting and loading of the generator

2. Champion Power Equipment 100573 Remote Start Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100573 Remote Start Generator

The starting wats amount is 4000 but the running watts amount is 3500 watts. This means it is sufficient to power most of the basic appliances like TV, fridge, lights, water pump, and water heaters. It is 50 percent quieter than the normal generators and 20 percent lighter than the normal generators.

This means you can use it even in places where noise is not recommended at all. Since it comes with its own inverter, the power produced is clean and safe so you cannot burn your appliances. When you fill the champion wireless remote start generator with a gasoline full tank, it is capable of running 17 hours non-stop.

There is a parallel kit that allows you to connect two more inverters of up to 2800 watts to maximize power supply. The remote start feature allows you to start the generator even up to 80 feet distant away. There is also a button start option that enables you to start the generator effortlessly without the use of a lot of energy. If you turn the economy mode, you are able to know the power consumption in real-time.

Champion Power Equipment Features:

  • There is an oil funnel that enables you to easily drain and change the oil
  • A USB adapter allows you to charge all the USB devices when the generator is working
  • There are battery charging cables that enable you to plug in batteries and charge them
  • It has an automatic Choke system that enables you to effortlessly start the generator even in cold conditions
  • It comes with two wheels that enable the user to easily move it from point to another

3. Honda EU2200IC Remote Start Generator

Honda EU2200IC Remote Start Generator

This generator releases 2200 watts which are sufficient to power and RV and common household appliances. There are two receptacles, one for 30Amp and another one for 20Amp. The 30Amp is suitable for providing power to RVs while the 20Amp receptacles work for common household appliances.

You can use the 30Amp receptacle to run a parallel generator and increase power output. Since it weighs less than 47lbs, it remains one of the best portable inverter generator you can have for your alternative power supply source. Even when you want to pump water to irrigate your farm, this generator is good because you can move it from one place to another.

There is a fuel shut off valve which allows the engine to run until all the fuel in the carburetor is finished. Finished fuel in the carburetor adds to the wellbeing of the generator and helps to prevent engine issues. This best remote start generator comes with a ventilation area of 2.31 square inches which maximizes air intake thereby promoting inverter cooling.

Honda EU2200IC Features:

  • There are a big oil filler and oil drain gutter which make oil changing to be simple and easy
  • Large ventilation surface area that allows a lot of air inside for improved inverter cooling
  • There is a 30Amp receptacle that allows you to run parallel generators for maximum power
  • A fuel shut off valve that keeps the engine running until all fuel in the carburetor is finished
  • There is an electric ignition button that allows you to start the generator even without the remote

4. Firman W03083 Remote Start Generator

Firman W03083 Remote Start Generator

It has a running watt capacity of 3000 watts. This generator is sufficient to run household appliances. It is also able to power the RV, and also offer power on major outdoor functions. It comes with a fuel tank volume of 1.8 gallons which runs for 9 hours when it is filled to the brim.

When it comes to starting the generator, you have three options, the recoil start option, remote, and the electric start option. The remote can work up to a distance of 168 feet. This feature makes it a very convenient generator to use when you have a big function.

If you turn on the fuel-efficient mode, you are able to save a lot of power. This is because the voltage lock will regulate the amount of power being emitted. The auto start portable generator comes with Phoenix FatHead Block which works to improve engine efficiency and help in the supply of more energy.

Firman W03083 Features:

  • The generator comes with tires plus its very light which makes moving it to be easy
  • It comes with an electric start button that enables you to start it if the remote is not near
  • The Phoenix FatHead Block works to improve engine efficiency and make it work effectively
  • There is a fuel efficiency economy mode that helps to save a lot of fuel
  • The 1.8-gallon fuel tank enables the generator to run for 9 hours to provide uninterrupted power

5. Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

At peak, the generator produces 9500 watts of power and when running, it produces 7500 watts of power. You have the autonomy to choose how you would like to start the generator because it comes with a remote start, electric push-button start, and recoil start.

This best portable generator brand comes with a 6.6-gallon fuel capacity tank which when it is filled, the generator can run for 6.6 hours. There are two Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters that can protect your equipment in case of a ground fault. You also get a 12V battery charger which enables you to plug in your empty batteries and charge them when the generator is running.

To ensure maximum safety, all the outlets have covers that protect the user from any form of harm. There is a digital hour meter that indicates the amount of run time so that you know when it is time for you to service the generator. There is an automatic shut down when the oil levels go below normal to protect the engine from damages.

Westinghouse WGen7500 Features:

  • All outlets have rubber covers to ensure maximum safety
  • There is a digital hour meter that indicates the amount of running time to know when the generator is due for service
  • The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter ensures power goes to protect appliances when there is a problem
  • The tank has a capacity of 6.6 gallons which enables the generator to run for six hours when full
  • The 12v Battery charger enables you to plug your battery and charge it when the generator is running

Benefits of Remote Start Generator

Remote start generators are modern generators that are designed to serve with maximum efficiency and in the simplest way possible. Compared to the old analog generators, these generators have the following benefits.

  • They come with a full stimulated control panel that allows you to several tasks like changing time, do engine test, and check the usage history
  • Status Indicators ensures that you know any faults that the generator is having. An example is when oil is running low, you get an indicator to change the oil
  • Remote start generators come with a lot of safety features like the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter to protect all the all appliances
  • They are highly portable and some of them come with tires for easy portability. You will be able to use it even in outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

There are common questions that people ask when it comes to generators. Here are some of those questions and their answers.

Can you put a remote start on a generator?

Yes, you can put a remote start kit on your generator. This means you will not need to physically start the generator because the remove is able to. Just press the start button on the remote and it will start.

Can I Make an Older Generator Work with Remote Control?

Yes, you can turn your analog generator into a remote start generator. All you need to do is buy the remote transmitter kit and install it. It is not hard to connect because the kit is designed for analog generators that need to turn to remote start generators.

Can I Run a Remote Start Generator that Hasn’t Been Used for a While?

There are chances that the battery may be dead or deleted. This means you will have to charge the battery or replace it for you to be able to start the generator. If the batteries are okay, then Yes, you can remote start your generator.

Do Honda generators have a remote start?

Yes, they do have. Honda has the best modern generators that can be used for various purposes. Most remote start Honda generators are high quality, durable, and have protective features for the appliances.


Utility power can go off any time and you may be running businesses that require a continuous supply of power. Having the best remote start generator can provide you with an excellent backup. There are also outdoor activities that require power and the only way you can get that power is through a generator. Owing to these reasons, a generator provides you with the ultimate source of alternative electricity.

If you are still not decided on the type of generator to buy, I would recommend that you go for the Honda EU2200IC. This is because it has a quiet operation, it can start in cold conditions, and has an indicator to show you when the oil levels are going down. Besides that, it is also a durable generator that has the best engine that can run for long without knocking off.