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A good contractor always ensures the power supply, right tools, and other equipment to the crews for perfect construction work. Among all, the power supply is the most vital part for sure since you cannot run other tools without it. Unfortunately, you will not get the right power supply near the construction site all the time. You will need a generator to cover up the power.

However, for construction, you need a small, compact, and portable yet powerful generator. You will get all of those in the best portable generator for construction. It is a great investment you can make to ensure your crews that they have the power supply needed for work all the time. 

What Size Generator Do I Need For A Construction Site?

For construction work, you have to ensure the power supply for multiple pieces of equipment. Most of the site work requires powering an air compressor, circular saw, hand drill, battery charger, and others you purchase for your project. If you calculate the power supply needed, it will be around 6,000 to 9,000 watts. 

best portable generator for construction

A medium-size generator is capable of providing that power to your site project. However, if you have tools and equipment with less power, you may get your job done with a small, portable generator too. That means it completely depends on what types of equipment you are using for your construction project.

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5 Best Portable Generator for Construction Job Site (Reviews in 2021) 1

Durostar Portable Generator

5 Best Portable Generator for Construction Job Site (Reviews in 2021) 2

DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator

5 Best Portable Generator for Construction Job Site (Reviews in 2021) 3

Green-Power America Electric Start Generator

5 Best Portable Generator for Construction Job Site (Reviews in 2021) 4

Champion Portable Generator

5 Best Portable Generator for Construction Job Site (Reviews in 2021) 5

PowerSmart Portable Generator

5 Best Portable Generator For Construction Reviews 2021

There are many brands competing in the market right now. Finding the best one among those so many brands and models is a little bit daunting for sure. That is why we have outlined some amazing portable generators to reduce your hassle. Here are some good generators for you. 

1. Durostar Portable Generator

Durostar Portable Generator

Durostar Portable Generator is a great example of the best portable generator for construction. It comes with an 18 HP 440cc high powerful OHV engine that can generate high power. You will get 8,000 running watts to supply power to all your construction tools and equipment. With its surge arrest technology, it will protect all of your tools and equipment from over-voltage as well. 

It has a fuel capacity of 8.3 gallons to offer long run time to get your job done. With its automatic low oil shutoff; the machine will shut off when the fuel is low to prevent any damage to the engine. Besides, it generates only 72 dB noise that ensures a noise-free silent construction environment to work.  

It can be generated at 120v or 240v or both so that you can run multiple tools at once. You will get the highest power from every outlet with its DuroStar MX2 technology. It can be the best generator for construction with its metal body suitable for rough conditions in the construction. Also, you will have a voltmeter to check the voltage and a 12V DC charging port to charge external batteries as well. 

Durostar Portable Features:

  • The generator has an 18 HP 440cc high powerful OHV engine to generate enough power to handle high voltage appliances.
  • You have the surge arrest technology that protects all of your appliances from high voltage.
  • An 8.3 gallons fuel tank provides you a longer run time where low oil shut off ensures the longevity of your engine.
  • You will get a nice and noiseless working environment as the engine generates only 72 dB noise during the operation.
  • It features DuroStar MX2 technology that maximizes the power of each outlet to run all the appliances smoothly. 

2. DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generator

If you are after the best job site generator, then the DuroMax Portable Generator can be a handy option.  It offers 9,500 running watts with its 18HP OHV Engine to provide power to your appliances on the job site. With its dual-fuel technology, you can run the generator with either gasoline or propane that gives you the freedom to choose fuel at your convenience. 

You can operate the generator in both 120V and 240V based on the requirement you have. Its DuroMax MX2 technology offers maximum power in all the 120 Volt receptacles. This generator protects the engine by automatically turning off the machine when the oil is low and ensures longevity. 

With its low RPMs, it saves fuel when not in use. Also, it reduces noise so that you get a nice working environment. Since it features outlets with different AMPs, you can easily use different types of tools and equipment suitable for your construction work. So overall, this small and portable one can supply all the power you need in the power outage time. 

DuroMax Dual Fuel Features:

  • The generator features an 18HP OHV Engine to generate 9500 running watts to take heavy loads of high amperage power tools.
  • You have the flexibility to choose either propane or gasoline with its dual-fuel technology.
  • Its auto low oil shut-off shuts off the machine when it senses low oil to protect your engine from damage.
  • You can run the machine in 120v or 240v and you will get maximum power in each outlet with its MX2 technology. 
  • It comes with outlets with different AMPs that allows you to use power tools with different AMPs suitable for your job site.

3. Green-Power America Electric Start Generator

Green-Power America Electric Start Generator

Green-Power America portable Generator comes with a 4 Cycle 420cc / 15 HP engine to ensure maximum fuel efficiency, less emission, and durability.  It can generate up to 7,500-Running Watts to power up your appliances and power tools you have in the construction work. You have a 6.6G gasoline tank that offers a run time of 9 hours at only a 50% load. 

It’s auto low oil shut off prevents the engine from damage by turning off the machine in low oil. As a result, you can work for a long time to get your job done perfectly. There are 7 outlets with different volts to use for different power tools or equipment that make it a good commercial portable generator. All the outlets feature high voltage protectors to save your appliances and are covered with rubber to ensure safety. 

With its Manual or electric start, you can start the machine either manually or automatically as per our convenience. It features Heavy-Duty Steel Frame construction to handle the rough condition of the construction work. You have the perfect vibration isolation effect to keep your generator in place even in high power. Its 76 dB noise protects your ears and ensures a silent environment. 

Green-Power America Features:

  • The machine is equipped with a 4 Cycle 15 HP engine that produces 7,500-Running Watts to cover the power you need.
  • You get 9 hours of run time with a half load of its 6.6G gasoline tank to get your job done perfectly.
  • It allows you to run different appliances with its outlets for different voltages and AMPs.
  • Your machine engine will remain safe due to its auto low-oil shut off that turns the machine off when the oil is low.
  • It absorbs the vibration and makes less noise of 76 dB to provide you vibration and a soundless working environment. 

4. Champion Portable Generator

Champion Portable Generator

If you are looking for the Best Dual Fuel Portable Generator, then you should consider the Champion Portable Generator. It is equipped with the 224cc Champion engine that offers you a medium 3800-watt power to back up your tools during the power outage. You can run the machine in propane and gasoline based on your convenience. 

The machine can hold 0.6-quarts of oil that ensures a good run time for your construction work. Besides, it features a low oil shut-off sensor that turns the engine off when the oil is not sufficient to prolong the engine life. With its electric Start, you can simply start the machine with a handy toggle switch. This dual fuel portable generator with electric start keeps the track of voltage and run-time so that you can easily maintain it properly. 

There are several outlets with different AMPs so that you can use it for multiple appliances and tools. Its built-in surge protector will avoid overload to keep your tools safe. You have the durable steel frame that makes it a good one for construction work. It features a folding handle along with non-flat tires that make it easy to move and carry the generator. With this generator, you can keep your ears relaxed as it makes only 68 dBA noise from 23 ft.

Champion Portable Features:

  • The machine has a 224cc Champion engine that produces a good power of 3800w to let you run your power tools and equipment.
  • It offers the flexibility of using gasoline and propane that you find convenient in the construction site.
  • You can start the machine with a simple toggle switch that removes the hassle of starting the machine manually.
  • It tracks all the voltage, run time, hertz metrics of the machine that allows you to take the machine for maintenance.
  • You have the built-in surge protector that prevents the overflow of the current to keep your other tools safe.

5. PowerSmart Portable Generator

PowerSmart Portable GeneratorPowerSmart Portable Generator is another good example of a good portable generator 1000 watt. It comes with a 2-stroke powerful 2HP 63 cc engine. A 2 stroke engine offers more torque with higher RPM. Also, it weighs less than the 4 stroke engine that makes it the best gas powered portable generator in the list. 

You will have 1000 starting watts and 900 rated watts to run a few important power tools in your construction work during the power outage. A 1.1-gallon tank is there that backs up 5 hours at half load. At the same time, it produces clean power that is convenient and safe to operate. 

This one uses oil/gas mix fuel that removes the hassle of changing the oil. There are 5 different outlets with different power output as well to work with multiple tools at the same time. This lightweight generator weighs only 30 pounds. So overall, this one is a compact yet powerful generator that you can use for small or medium construction projects. 

PowerSmart Portable Features:

  • The machine has a 2HP 2-stroke engine that generates up to 1000 watts to fulfill your power demand.
  • It features a 1.1-gallon tank so that you can run your machine up to 5 hours at a half load.
  • You do not need to change the oil as this generator can run with the mix of gas and oil.
  • It weighs only 30 pounds that allows you to move it with you on the construction site easily.
  • You can safely work with this generator as it produces clean energy during the operation. 

How Portable Generators Work for Your Construction Sites?

In the construction site, you need to run tools such as air compressors, battery chargers, hand drills, chain saws, circular saws, and others depending on the projects. Since most of the construction projects are done in the remote area where the electricity supply is inadequate, you may not be able to get the power you need. Also, you will not get a continuous power supply from electricity as well. 

Besides, since it is not a permanent project, you cannot install a permanent generator to provide you the power. A portable generator comes here to help with its portability. Also, it comes with outlets with different AMPs and voltages that let you use different power tools at once. It can either provide continuous power supply or deliver power during the power outage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Having questions about a topic will help you know more. If you have questions about the portable generator, you should see the questions below. You may find your answer there.

Do you really need to ground a portable generator?

It depends on the separately derived system of the generator. If your portable generator has this system, you will need to ground it and if there is no such system, you do not need to ground your generator at all.

Which power source is used on a construction site?

Since construction sites require a continuous supply of power, most of the time oil or gas-based generator power sources are used. Gas and oil are easy to transport in remote areas or others.

Where should I place my portable generator?

You should always place your portable generator at least 20 feet away from the working area. Also, make sure the wind is against the generator so that the hot exhaust does not come towards the workers. 

Do you need a transfer switch for a portable generator?

Yes, it is mandatory to install a transfer switch if you want to use a portable generator. It is not safe to use a portable generator without a transfer switch and also, it limits the power of the generator as well.

How much does it cost to install a transfer switch for a portable generator?

It depends on the labor cost you need to install the switch. In general, you can complete installing the transfer switch within $500 to $900 including your labor cost.

Final Thought

Most of the portable generators offer minimum noise with adequate power. However, some generators lack high run time where some have a lack of mobility. A good generator will provide you good power supply, excellent run time to complete the project, and minimum noise. At the same time, it should offer enough portability with maximum convenience. 

We have reviewed some such generators above. However, if you are still confused about choosing the best portable generator for construction, I will suggest you go for the Durostar Portable Generator. It has an 18 HP 440cc engine that is good enough to power up your construction tools. 

Also, it features long run time with a large fuel tank, produces less sound, and allows you to use multiple appliances and power tools at the same time with its multiple outlets. So overall, this one will be the most useful one for your construction project.

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