5 Best Power Inverters For Trucks Reviews – Updated 2021

You’re going on a trip with your truck and want to run your regular electric appliances while traveling or camping. But how it possible since there no constant power-up system? In that case, you may have set your mind to bring an inverter with you. That’s a good decision; only an inverter can offer you a reliable backup during the journey.

However, getting the best power inverters for trucks isn’t as simple as thinking of getting it. There are a ton of considerations while doing the selection and our expert team did just that for you. Stick to the article, we have a list of inverters from which you will find the next backup companion for your truck.

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Are Power Inverters Bad For Trucks?

No, the power inverters are not bad for trucks. They come with proper safety and protection to avoid any sort of unexpected accidents. Besides, the power inverters are easy to use with your truck and easily connectable with different appliances. But excessive temperature might cause incidents where a good inverter can avoid that. You have to choose an inverter that is capable of reducing over-heat.

Note: Talking about heat management, inverters are not to be confused with generators! If you need in-depth information about them, consider reading our post on inverter generator vs. regular generator. We’ve discussed some critical factors in detail there.

Comparison Chart:

You can take a look at the following comparison chart to get an overall idea about our selected products. It will help you decide the right inverter for your truck with the necessary features at a glance: 





5 Best Power Inverters For Trucks Reviews - Updated 2021 1

Giandel 5000W Heavy Duty Power Inverter

5 Best Power Inverters For Trucks Reviews - Updated 2021 2

AIMS Power Pure Sine Power Inverter

5 Best Power Inverters For Trucks Reviews - Updated 2021 3

Cobra CPI2590 Portable Power Inverter

5 Best Power Inverters For Trucks Reviews - Updated 2021 4

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter 3 AC Outlets

5 Best Power Inverters For Trucks Reviews - Updated 2021 5

VOLTWORKS 300W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Top 5 Best Power Inverters For Trucks in 2021

We’ve researched the market for you and picked the 5 best power inverters for trucks. Follow the reviews bellow to understand the features make them good bargains and select the one that meets your needs: 

1. Giandel 5000W Heavy Duty Power Inverter

Giandel 5000W Heavy Duty Power Inverter

If you’re after the best power inverters for trucks, the Giandel 5000W Heavy Duty Power Inverter has the best bet. No doubt, it’s a high-quality inverter with up to 5000W continuous power and 10000W peak power. There are four AC outlets, USB ports to make your truck journey more comfortable and within control. You can power up almost all types of outdoor appliances in your truck with this inverter.

The remote controller makes it a convenient option for handling the inverter wirelessly. For its solar charging feature, you can charge up devices while the truck is running along. It’s designed with durable aluminum alloy housing that provides you more standard protection from drops all along. Besides, its cooling fan will reduce heat and extraordinarily prevent any accidental damages. 

Furthermore, you will get safety features like overload protection, low-voltage, short circuit, reverse protection, and auto-restart function. You just need to connect exquisitely; the rest of the work will be done automatically with this superb inverter. Above all, it can be the best accompany during your truck journey; you should pack it up right now.

Giandel 5000W Features:

  • It’s a high-quality, heavy-duty inverter with 5000W backup capacity.
  • You can easily control it with its remote controller while driving.
  • There is an advanced protection with its durable aluminum alloy housing.
  • It offers a cooling fan to reduce heat and prevent internal damages.
  • You can run multiple appliances with its AC outlets and USB ports.

2. AIMS Power PWRI200012120S Pure Sine Power Inverter

AIMS Power PWRI200012120S Pure Sine Power Inverter

It’s an inverter full of power and perfection. You never need to be concerned about your stored appliance in the truck; this pure sine power inverter can handle everything. You will get a maximum of 2000W regular power along with 4000W surge power through this inverter. As it comes with soft start technology and compact design, you won’t have any issues with its backup effectiveness.

You will get protection for overload, internal fuse, isolated ground neutral, voltage fluctuation, short circuit, and so on with it. Besides, it features a cooling fan to keep the circumstance cool all the time. The low and high voltage alarm is very beneficial to get updates about the voltage range. Furthermore, its LED indicators aid you immensely to monitor the whole procedure in detail.

Moreover, you can run all kinds of appliance regardless of voltage level and power consumption. Therefore, it’s another plus point for you to go for a long trip along with the stored devices. Since it’s ideal for a back-up power system in trucks, you won’t suffer ever with the lack of required current. However, you have to admit it as the best power inverter for truck drivers. So, you should make your choice in it as soon as possible.

AIMS Power PWRI Features:

  • It comes with soft start technology and a compact design to help you in powering up all of your stored appliances.
  • The inverter provides up to 2000W continuous power and 4000W surge power.
  • It features a cooling fan, voltage detector, and short circuit to keep your truck safe and sound.
  • You can observe everything during the power-up period with its LED indicator.
  • The machine is usable at home, boats, buses, vans, trucks because of lightweight design.

3. Cobra CPI2590 Portable Power Inverter

Cobra CPI2590 Portable Power Inverter

Perhaps you want to have such an inverter that can provide you maximum power and utmost safety to powering-up your appliances. It sounds fair, even not only you but almost all the users are also interested in having such an inverter. And it’s only the Cobra Power Inverter that can ensure you to deliver the best support with excellent safety with five levels of protection. With its 2500 watts continuous power, 5000 watts peak power, and 2.4 amp USB output, it has been the top-rated power inverter in the market.

You can use large appliances like refrigerator, micro woven, pump, and many more with this inverter. It’s three outlets make the power-up process easy to perform within a short time. As it features LED, thereby, you can overlook the power usage, required voltage, and much more necessary information. Also, you can get an alarm about the voltage level with its high-low voltage alarm.

You can keep full reliance to charge-up your appliances during the long trip with your truck. This inverter has been very renowned among truck drivers for its high efficiency and performance. It’s capable enough to convert DC to AC most perfectly. In brief, this is the best power inverter for semi-trucks, you have to stick to this one at all risks.

Cobra CPI2590 Features:

  • This machine provides up to 2500 watts continuous power and 5000 watts peak power.
  • You’ll get a 2.4 amp USB port so that you can charge your mobile device
  • It comes with five levels of protection to deliver you the utmost safety.
  • There are three AC outlets to make the power-up adventure easily.
  • You can run all sorts of the appliance through this inverter at ease.

4. Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter 3 AC Outlets

Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter 3 AC Outlets

Do you know what the most efficient power inverter is? It’s no other than the Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter. Some extra-ordinary features make it top of the user choice list and conventional in use. You will get up to 2000 watts continuous power, 4000 watts surge power, three AC outlets, and one USB charging port with this inverter. Most notably, you can keep all the stored appliances alive with this inverter as it’s capable enough to deliver extended range power.

It comes with s a mini slip fuse and automatic shutdown protection against over-voltage, overload, low voltage, overheat short circuit. Also, its insulated ring terminal cables make it safer than any other inverter. While most inverters don’t have extensive power, it can perform well by generating more power instantly.

Furthermore, you will get an extra benefit with its cooling fan to keep the circumstance always cool. Its smart digital display is very much convenient to show you the regular update of the power level. Hence, it will be the best buy for you if you take this inverter right now.

Ampeak 2000W Features:

  • This inverter is perfect for large electrical appliances including television, microwave, freezer, computer, etc.
  • It comes with insulated ring terminal cables to provide the utmost safety.
  • There is a standard converter for 12V DC to 110V AC at ease.
  • You will get three outlets and one charging port to charge up your phone.
  • It features around 2000 watts continuous power and 4000 watts surge power.

5. Voltworks 300w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

VOLTWORKS 300W Pure Sine Wave Power InverterThe 300W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter comes with versatile conveniences to power up your appliances during an outage. It offers 300 watts constant power, 600-watt surge power, two USB ports, and many more to enhance your power-up campaign. It can detect your appliances automatically and make the charge up procedure faster than any other inverters. Also, you can run all sorts of devices through low power inverter that is incredible.

It is the best portable power inverter for its travel-size, ideal for trips, camping, vacations, and outdoor programs. It has included a cooling fan that works when the temperature goes high. Besides, you can charge up our laptops, tablets, and CPAP with its two AC outlets. An LED indicator always there to show you all about the power-up procedure.

Most interestingly, you will get the best safety assurance utilizing this inverter for a long time. Its short circuit, over-voltage, low-voltage, and overheat protection differ from other inverters. However, it comes with an isolated input-output design to draw your attraction. You can’t even think of going for any other inverters instead of this perfect one.

VOLTWORKS 300W Features:

  • This inverter converts 12V DC to 120V AX with its two AC outlets and USB ports.
  • It offers a cooling fan to reduce the extended heat around the inverter.
  • You will get a faster charging facility with this power inverter.
  • It’s promised to deliver you advance protection all along.
  • You can run all sorts of appliances with this power inverter.

What To Consider Before Buying A Power Inverter For Truck?

You must consider some factors before buying a definite inverter. These days, the collection of inverters is evolving, so it’s has been tougher to pick the right one among the bulk of products. Only the proper knowledge and guideline can assist you in approaching the best power inverters for trucks. Let’s get through the buying guide below.Best Power Inverters For Trucks and Semi Trucks

Power range:

As you’re going to purchase an inverter to power-up your appliances, so you have to calculate the required power of the device initially. Considering the range of power, you have to go for an inverter that capable of proving the necessary power. Otherwise, you can’t expect to get an easy charge-up procedure anyhow. Often, there might have different power levels if you choose an inverter without considering the range. That’s why you need to keep in mind the total power.


Only an efficient inverter can ensure you deliver the best power-up service in any situation. No matter how many appliances you’re running, make sure that your purchased inverter is efficient. You have to note that only the high powerful inverter can’t be efficient all the time. The efficiency counts on the quality of the manufactured materials of an inverter.

Battery life:

Without having long-term battery life, you will feel disgusting as well as frustrating while powering-up your appliances. You will find several obstacles during the operation and can’t keep up it for a long time at a stretch. It needs regular intermission and replacement of battery if you don’t have a perfect battery. That’s why you must consider the battery life of your preferred inverter.


Safety is the most wanted feature of an inverter. You should never compromise with the ultimate protection facility of an inverter. Otherwise, you have to cost a lot for a minor mistake. Sometimes it can cause terrible events in lack of adequate safety. So, it’s inevitable for you to check out the safety features of your chosen inverter at first.


Another important factor is durability. For sure, you want to get service from your inverter for a long time. A durable inverter can ensure a consistent service with less expenditure as you won’t buy an inverter often. Thereby, as a sensible buyer, you must always look for an inverter that can be used for a long time.

Note: These are a common factor in choosing an inverter. If you have enough time to get more about it, then you can set your mind to read how to choose a power inverter?

Why Should You Buy A Power Inverter For Trucks?

You should buy a power inverter for trucks to run machines with high performance. It gives you power for your appliance while running your vehicles. Also, you can get a spontaneous charge-up facility with less hassle with a power inverter. For converting power supply, nothing can be better than this excellent device.

An inverter has extra-ordinary features to deliver you, the best support in powering-up your appliances. It includes audible alarm, LED/LCD indicator, short circuit, and many more. It also has included a cooling fan to reduce overheat from your truck. That’s why you should buy a power inverter for your truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the answer to your most asking question, have a look to find the solution if you have the same questions.

Will power inverter drain car battery?

Yes, unless your engine is running and charging your battery, a power inverter can drain a car battery.

Can you use a power inverter while driving?

Yes, of course, you can use a power inverter during the driving.

What power inverter do I need for truck?

You need a monster and a powerful inverter for a truck.

What is the best inverter for semi-truck?

All of our mentioned inverters are best for a semi-truck.

Does the power inverter kill your battery?

Yes, the power inverters can do tiny harm for your battery.

Final Recommendation

Power inverters are widely popular among truckers and the high demand made the market saturated with self-proclaimed good inverters. Nevertheless, I hope you’ve found the one that’s actually good from our reviews for the best power inverters for trucks.

If you’re confused and need expert suggestions for the best overall,  go for the Giandel 5000W Heavy Duty Power Inverter.  It’s a powerful and high-quality inverter for powering-up your appliances with over 5000 watts. Plus, you get 5000W continuous power, and 10000W peak power out of this inverter with is plenty for most applications. 

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