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Whether you want power backup at your home or you want an alternative source of power at your farm, RV, or any other place, the best remote start generator is the ultimate option you can go for. Remote start generators are easy to operate because all you need to do is to press the power button on the remote.

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Generators are the most reliable sources of power because as long as they are filled with fuel, they will keep powering your circuits. The power consumption is what determines the generator size that you should go for.

How Does a Remote Start Generator Work?

When you don’t have utility power or when the power is interupted, the automatic transfer switch sends a signal to the remote start generator making it start instantly. Alternatively, one can press the ‘power on’ on the generator remote and it will turn on immediately.


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Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2020 [5 Expert Opinion] 1

Yamaha EF4500iSE Remote Start Generator

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2020 [5 Expert Opinion] 2

Champion Power Equipment 100573 Remote Start Generator

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2020 [5 Expert Opinion] 3

Honda EU2200IC Remote Start Generator

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2020 [5 Expert Opinion] 4

Firman W03083 Remote Start Generator

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews For 2020 [5 Expert Opinion] 5

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

5 Best Remote Start Generator Reviews 2020

Here are some of the top-rated generators and their key features so that you get an idea of what to look for when buying a generator. There is also a recommendation of the best remote start generator for you in case you shall not have decided even after reading the review.

1. Yamaha EF4500iSE Remote Start Generator

Yamaha EF4500iSE Remote Start Generator

This generator is capable of delivering 4000 running watts and also has a power surge of 4500 watts. This is enough to power even an RV, water irrigation system, and power whole house appliances. It complies with all the Air Resources Board Tier III exhaust emission standards of California meaning it doesn’t emit any dangerous chemicals to the environment.

You don’t need to touch the generator to start or stop it, you can start it using the remote. 66 yards or less, you can press the remote button for you to start it. In case you forget the remote, you can use the electric start. It involves ignition by pressing a button on the generator. It comes with a power meter that is easy to read. This meter enables the user to know the power consumption at that particular moment.

If the oil starts going low, there is an indicator that shows you so that you add more oil. Oil lubricates the parts of the engine thereby preventing the quick wearing out of its parts. Every time you run it, the time is recorded so that you know when it is time to service it. If the oil levels are below normal and you haven’t added any oil, the generator switches off to prevent engine knock out.

Yamaha EF4500iSE Features:

  • Low oil indicator that shows when oil level is below normal to prevent the generator parts from wearing out
  • It has an electric start that enables you to start the generator effortlessly if the remote is not near
  • It has an automatic choke system that makes it easy to start the generator even in cold environments
  • It comes with an hour meter that Displays the amount of running time accumulated so that you know when it is due for service
  • The twin bar aids in the lifting and loading of the generator

2. Champion Power Equipment 100573 Remote Start Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100573 Remote Start Generator

The starting wats amount is 4000 but the running watts amount is 3500 watts. This means it is sufficient to power most of the basic appliances like TV, fridge, lights, water pump, and water heaters. It is 50 percent quieter than the normal generators and 20 percent lighter than the normal generators.

This means you can use it even in places where noise is not recommended at all. Since it comes with its own inverter, the power produced is clean and safe so you cannot burn your appliances. When you fill the champion wireless remote start generator with a gasoline full tank, it is capable of running 17 hours non-stop.

There is a parallel kit that allows you to connect two more inverters of up to 2800 watts to maximize power supply. The remote start feature allows you to start the generator even up to 80 feet distant away. There is also a button start option that enables you to start the generator effortlessly without the use of a lot of energy. If you turn the economy mode, you are able to know the power consumption in real-time.

Champion Power Equipment Features:

  • There is an oil funnel that enables you to easily drain and change the oil
  • A USB adapter allows you to charge all the USB devices when the generator is working
  • There are battery charging cables that enable you to plug in batteries and charge them
  • It has an automatic Choke system that enables you to effortlessly start the generator even in cold conditions
  • It comes with two wheels that enable the user to easily move it from point to another

3. Honda EU2200IC Remote Start Generator

Honda EU2200IC Remote Start Generator

This generator releases 2200 watts which are sufficient to power and RV and common household appliances. There are two receptacles, one for 30Amp and another one for 20Amp. The 30Amp is suitable for providing power to RVs while the 20Amp receptacles work for common household appliances.

You can use the 30Amp receptacle to run a parallel generator and increase power output. Since it weighs less than 47lbs, it remains one of the best portable inverter generator you can have for your alternative power supply source. Even when you want to pump water to irrigate your farm, this generator is good because you can move it from one place to another.

There is a fuel shut off valve which allows the engine to run until all the fuel in the carburetor is finished. Finished fuel in the carburetor adds to the wellbeing of the generator and helps to prevent engine issues. This best remote start generator comes with a ventilation area of 2.31 square inches which maximizes air intake thereby promoting inverter cooling.

Honda EU2200IC Features:

  • There are a big oil filler and oil drain gutter which make oil changing to be simple and easy
  • Large ventilation surface area that allows a lot of air inside for improved inverter cooling
  • There is a 30Amp receptacle that allows you to run parallel generators for maximum power
  • A fuel shut off valve that keeps the engine running until all fuel in the carburetor is finished
  • There is an electric ignition button that allows you to start the generator even without the remote

4. Firman W03083 Remote Start Generator

Firman W03083 Remote Start Generator

It has a running watt capacity of 3000 watts. This generator is sufficient to run household appliances. It is also able to power the RV, and also offer power on major outdoor functions. It comes with a fuel tank volume of 1.8 gallons which runs for 9 hours when it is filled to the brim.

When it comes to starting the generator, you have three options, the recoil start option, remote, and the electric start option. The remote can work up to a distance of 168 feet. This feature makes it a very convenient generator to use when you have a big function.

If you turn on the fuel-efficient mode, you are able to save a lot of power. This is because the voltage lock will regulate the amount of power being emitted. The auto start portable generator comes with Phoenix FatHead Block which works to improve engine efficiency and help in the supply of more energy.

Firman W03083 Features:

  • The generator comes with tires plus its very light which makes moving it to be easy
  • It comes with an electric start button that enables you to start it if the remote is not near
  • The Phoenix FatHead Block works to improve engine efficiency and make it work effectively
  • There is a fuel efficiency economy mode that helps to save a lot of fuel
  • The 1.8-gallon fuel tank enables the generator to run for 9 hours to provide uninterrupted power

5. Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

At peak, the generator produces 9500 watts of power and when running, it produces 7500 watts of power. You have the autonomy to choose how you would like to start the generator because it comes with a remote start, electric push-button start, and recoil start.

This best portable generator brand comes with a 6.6-gallon fuel capacity tank which when it is filled, the generator can run for 6.6 hours. There are two Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters that can protect your equipment in case of a ground fault. You also get a 12V battery charger which enables you to plug in your empty batteries and charge them when the generator is running.

To ensure maximum safety, all the outlets have covers that protect the user from any form of harm. There is a digital hour meter that indicates the amount of run time so that you know when it is time for you to service the generator. There is an automatic shut down when the oil levels go below normal to protect the engine from damages.

Westinghouse WGen7500 Features:

  • All outlets have rubber covers to ensure maximum safety
  • There is a digital hour meter that indicates the amount of running time to know when the generator is due for service
  • The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter ensures power goes to protect appliances when there is a problem
  • The tank has a capacity of 6.6 gallons which enables the generator to run for six hours when full
  • The 12v Battery charger enables you to plug your battery and charge it when the generator is running

Benefits of Remote Start Generator

Remote start generators are modern generators that are designed to serve with maximum efficiency and in the simplest way possible. Compared to the old analog generators, these generators have the following benefits.

  • They come with a full stimulated control panel that allows you to several tasks like changing time, do engine test, and check the usage history
  • Status Indicators ensures that you know any faults that the generator is having. An example is when oil is running low, you get an indicator to change the oil
  • Remote start generators come with a lot of safety features like the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter to protect all the all appliances
  • They are highly portable and some of them come with tires for easy portability. You will be able to use it even in outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

There are common questions that people ask when it comes to generators. Here are some of those questions and their answers.

Can you put a remote start on a generator?

Yes, you can put a remote start kit on your generator. This means you will not need to physically start the generator because the remove is able to. Just press the start button on the remote and it will start.

Can I Make an Older Generator Work with Remote Control?

Yes, you can turn your analog generator into a remote start generator. All you need to do is buy the remote transmitter kit and install it. It is not hard to connect because the kit is designed for analog generators that need to turn to remote start generators.

Can I Run a Remote Start Generator that Hasn’t Been Used for a While?

There are chances that the battery may be dead or deleted. This means you will have to charge the battery or replace it for you to be able to start the generator. If the batteries are okay, then Yes, you can remote start your generator.

Do Honda generators have a remote start?

Yes, they do have. Honda has the best modern generators that can be used for various purposes. Most remote start Honda generators are high quality, durable, and have protective features for the appliances.


Utility power can go off any time and you may be running businesses that require a continuous supply of power. Having the best remote start generator can provide you with an excellent backup. There are also outdoor activities that require power and the only way you can get that power is through a generator. Owing to these reasons, a generator provides you with the ultimate source of alternative electricity.

If you are still not decided on the type of generator to buy, I would recommend that you go for the Honda EU2200IC. This is because it has a quiet operation, it can start in cold conditions, and has an indicator to show you when the oil levels are going down. Besides that, it is also a durable generator that has the best engine that can run for long without knocking off.

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