Best Generator For Emergency Preparedness

11 Best Generator For Emergency Preparedness Reviews in 2022

A power outage can always ruin your good moments. Also, you should always be prepared for emergencies where power outages can happen for various reasons. When the power goes out, a generator can be a lifesaver. Especially if you live in those areas where natural disasters occur, having no electricity is pretty normal there. And, … Read more

Best Generator for Mobile Detailing

10 Best Generator for Mobile Detailing Reviews [Buyers Guide]

Are you in the mobile detailing business and confused with the best alternative power source? In that case, a good quality generator can be a great help. Mobile detailing is an excellent service that brings all kinds of auto detailing to the location of the clients. To meet all of the power requirements perfectly, you … Read more

Do Inverter Generators Need to Be Grounded

Do Inverter Generators Need to Be Grounded? in-Depth Guideline 2022

Inverter generators need to be grounded with a separate ground wire, whether portable or not. It is important because it allows the engine to operate at its highest efficiency and prevents possible damage from lightning strikes. So that answers your question on do inverter generators need to be grounded? You must ground your inverter generator … Read more

Can You Parallel Two Different Size Generators

Can You Parallel Two Different Size Generators? [Know All Factor]

When it’s about paralleling two different-sized generators, most people end up with a simple question: can you parallel two different size generators? The straightforward answer is BIG YES and this process will let you combine the generator’s power outputs and boost the wattage. If both of your generators are parallel capable, you can easily connect … Read more

How Long Will A Generator Run On 5 Gallons Of Gas

How Long Will A Generator Run On 5 Gallons Of Gas?

Are you wondering how long a generator will run on 5 gallons of gas? It is an important question to ask especially if you’re looking to buy one. Owning a generator is essential, especially when you suffer frequent power outages. A generator ensures your home runs as normal without any power issues. However, the biggest … Read more

Can You Plug A Generator Into A Wall Socket

Can You Plug a Generator into a Wall Socket? [Answered]

In the modern world, we would be lost without electricity. Imagine living without lighting, heating, entertainment, computers, etc. Life would be practically unbearable. All these are made possible because we have electricity. However, with extreme weather conditions, a power outage is inevitable; thus, you need a power backup plan. Power generators have been the most … Read more

How Long Does a Generator Need to Cool Down

How Long Does a Generator Need to Cool Down?

It can take a few minutes to hours before a generator can cool down for proper handling or refuelling. However, understand that when a generator overheats, it can take the internal components a longer time to cool effectively. Having an internal combustion engine is the reason why every generator generates a significant amount of heat, … Read more

Is It Safe To Run A Computer On A Generator

Is It Safe To Run A Computer On A Generator?

Whether you’re planning to go camping or a remote area, it’s always essential to ensure a power supply. Proper and uninterrupted power supply is crucial to run all necessary electronic devices, light, fans, computers, AC, heater, and many more. A generator is a reliable way to maintain an independent power supply according to your needs. … Read more

How To Run A Well Pump With A Portable Generator

How To Run A Well Pump With A Portable Generator?

Like many others, if you also rely on your own water supply system in your home, you probably know about well pumps. A well pump provides an uninterrupted supply of clean water as per user needs through a continuous electricity supply. Since an uninterrupted electricity supply is mandatory to run the pump, a power outage … Read more