A propane generator runs well on propane because it has been build for that purpose. And, a propane generator may not run on natural gas because the engine of the machine is not designed for using natural gas on it. Also, the generator will not perform as good with natural gas too.

On the other hand, you can run your propane generator on natural gas only if you can transform the fuel section of the machine for natural gas. Also, you can find a kit for changing the fuel section of the generator with a natural gas one. Therefore, you can run your generator on natural gas.

Can a propane generator run on natural gas?

No, you cannot run your propane generator on natural gas. The generator you bought has been designed for propane gas not for natural gas. The engine of the machine cannot run on natural gas. But there is a way you can utilize to transform the fuel section of the machine for natural gas.

Can a propane generator run on natural gas

Though the performance of your converted natural gas generator may not work smoothly and well, you can run your generator on natural gas as well. All you require to do is find a kit that supports your generator to transform for natural gas. Thus, you can run your generator on natural gas.

In order to run your propane generator on natural gas, you have to convert the fuel chamber of the machine so that it can run well. In this article, I am just here to let you know the process of transforming the propane generator into a natural gas generator.

The kit you need

There are several kits out there in the market for sale. I have use the best one from US Carburetion and it works well. When you are going to purchase these kits for your generator, make sure you have got your kits including Carburetor, on demand regulator, Carburetor gasket, stud extensions, mounting bolts, yellow Teflon tape and hose for using in between on demand regulator and adapter.

Apart from them, you have also to buy other materials for the purpose. These may include low pressure regulator, threaded tank fitting, hose between low pressure regulator and the on demand regulator, fitting between hose and on demand regulator, fuel tank and so forth.

You have to remove the air filter

In order to transform the propane generator into natural gas generator, you have to remove the air filter first. This is because you are going to change the filter with another so that it can be used for natural gas because this air filter will not work for natural gas.

After removing the air filter, you have to closely follow the following steps so that you can end up transforming the generator successfully. In this point, after the process, you have to arrange these kits in your hand so that you don’t have to worry and find these useful things again.

Remove filter housing

The filter housing in your propane generator should be removed because you don’t need the housing. As you are going to use natural gas, there is no reason to keep the filter housing for it. All you need to do is remove the nuts of the air filter housing of the carburetor. And, make sure you don’t have loosen the gasket because you will need the gasket soon.

Installing the fuel adapter as well as air cleaning housing

At this point, you may have removed the air filter and housing from your propane generator, right? Now is the time to install the fuel adapter and the air cleaning housing for the generator to work on natural gas. The process is not hard though. After removing your elbow from the generator, you have to cover the housing with threads in Teflon so that it keeps secured.

Slide the carburetor connector over the stud augmentations. Reinstall the air cleaner lodging guaranteeing the gasket is between the lodging and the carburetor connector.

Install the Zero Governor

This step requires a little bit extra carefulness. Otherwise, you may mess up things and end up wasting your hard work. So, be careful and proceed on. Now you need to install all the fittings of the generator carburetor with Teflon tape before you go to attach them with the frame.

Also, make sure you have hold the demand regulator where there are the two points you have found. And, with the drill machine, drill where you need to drill and secure it with supplied bolts and Teflon tape. Never drill the tank of your natural gas.

Start and load it with natural gas

Now you have almost come to the finishing point of the whole process. In this step all you need to do is turn the generator on and let the natural gas do the work. First, you need to turn your fuel valve off so that no gas can pass to cause any danger.

When you are almost done with the process, you can now load the natural gas tank and start to use the generator. Thus you can run your propane generator on natural gas by following all the processes I have mentioned here from my real-life experience.


Benefits are many of a propane generator if you have one then you already know it. It allows you to do the duty of your generator in the absence of electricity. And, it helps you to run all your household appliances with the generator. So, propane generators have many good sides to describe.

Propane generators are always ready

Propane generators are advantageous and dependable in light of the fact that all you need is an on location stockpiling tank and access to a street for conveyance. For additional comfort, you can have a tank screen introduced, so you and your provider will consequently know when you need a top off.

Propane is a clean fuel itself

Propane is a spotless consuming fuel. Diminished outflows aren’t simply better for the earth and neighborhood air quality, yet propane generators for the most part require less upkeep, which implies greater dependability and longer-enduring execution. In any case, recall, all generators – propane or fuel-consuming – need to stay outside of houses, structures or carports to permit the break of carbon monoxide.

Enjoy limitlessness of propane

A generator is an extraordinary wellbeing net, yet not one you want to utilize all the time. Propane doesn’t have a lapse date and doesn’t require extra stabilizers for long haul stockpiling, so there’s no compelling reason to winterize your propane-controlled generator for chilly climate. You can be certain your generator will be prepared when you need it.

Frequently asked questions

You may still have some questions in your mind, right? That’s why; we are going to answer some frequently asked questions. Maybe, you have the same question in your mind and you will get the answers as well from below.

Are propane generators any good?

Yes, propane generators are good because the propane generators are always ready to use, its shelf life is limitless and you know that propane is a cleaner burning fuel among others.

Can you run a generator on propane?

Surely, you can run a generator on propane because most of the generators that have been built for using propane as their fuel can be used for the generator to use on it.

Is propane generator better than gas?

Without any doubt, propane generators are better than gas. You can run a propane generator any time because propane is always available and ready to use. Thus, propane generators are better.

Final thought

You can run a propane generator on natural gas only if you can convert the generator’s fuel section for natural gas. Otherwise, it may be a daunting task for you. But if you want to use natural gas on your generator, you have to buy the converter kits that are available out there in the market.

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