Can You Rent Generators? (Need To Know)

Generator is an innovative device that provides power when the power goes out or needs more power. This power backup device comes in different types, features, functions, and price ranges as well.

However, sometimes you may need a generator as a power backup system for a limited amount of time. And for limited-time usability, it’s far better to rent a generator rather than purchase an expensive one.

In that case, if you’re wondering can you rent generators or not, the answer is BIG YES. You’ll find many generator rental services with different rent prices and benefits. Follow this article to know why to rent a generator, renting cost, with pros and cons.

Can You Rent Generators?

Generator is one of the devices that help provide electric power in any condition. And using a generator for emergency preparedness to normal power outages issues you can ensure reliable backup power.

However, if you don’t need backup frequently or only need backup power occasionally, try to rent one instead of buying a generator. You’ll find a bunch of generator rental services, and before that, you must know the benefit of renting a generator.

Can You Rent Generators

In that case, you can follow the section below. Here we’ve included some of the top benefits you’ll get by renting a generator, have a look:

1. Quick Access:

One of the core reasons to rent a generator instead of buying one is ensuring quick access. No matter where you are or what type of power back up need, you’ll get everything based on your needs. Moreover, renting takes less time than purchasing a generator as you can rent one as your requirement.

2. Cost-Efficient:

When you need a generator for a short period or even need one for a special event, then renting a generator can be a cost-effective solution. There is no need to buy an expensive power backup system for limited needs or usability.

3. Flexibility:

Flexibility is the main aspect or thing that you’ll only get when you rent a generator instead of purchasing one. This means you can rent any type and size generator based on your usability or needs. In short, you don’t have to worry about using one particular size generator as you’ll have a lot of options.

4. Less Maintenance:

When you rent a generator, you may not have to worry about maintenance issues, which are major concerns for many owners. When you rent a generator, the provider will provide you with a well-maintained and CARB-certified generator to ensure effortless service.

5. Test a Generator:

If you’re planning to purchase a generator then it’s good to test them before getting one. By renting a generator, you can easily understand how they work and provide power backup. In short, you can also determine the installation process with complete usability by renting a generator.

6. No Warranty and Insurance Issues:

One of the major benefits of renting a generator is no need to worry about the warranty and insurance issues. You have nothing to do with the warranty and insurance issues as you’re renting a generator instead of purchasing one.

7. No Installation Costs:

Proper installation is one of the main aspects that need attention if you own a generator. On the other hand, most of the generator rent service comes with portable units designed which don’t require a time-consuming installation process.

If you intend to rent a generator instead of purchasing, renting one should be a good idea. Since you’ll find a bunch of generator rent services locally, you should have nothing to worry about the renting process.

Where Can You Rent A Generator?

Using generators for power backup can be a lifesaver for both commercial and residential situations. However, sometimes you may not need to buy a generator to fill up your power needs.

In that case, you can rent a generator as a solution to the specific backup requirements. And when it’s about from where you can rent a generator, it’s simple you try Commercial Generators Rent center. Or you can also try your local Home Depot Tool Rental Center as well.

Where Can You Rent A Generator

Since we don’t know the exact location, we cannot recommend you an exact place or service center to rent a generator. Well, the fact is you can easily rent a generator from any local generator rental service.

However, there are some aspects that you must need to consider while renting a generator. Here are some of them, have a look:

  • The very first thing you have to consider is getting a more powered generator than your required backup power.
  • You have to make sure that the generator rental service comes with installation facilities.
  • Ensure that the generator is well maintained and doesn’t have any faulty issues.
  • Don’t forget to ask the provider that-can you update or increase the generator power based on your needs?
  • Also, ensure that does the generator rental provider provides emergency help service or not.
  • What other equipment and facilities come with the generator.
  • Last but not least, always ensure that the generator is safe enough to provide efficient service to fulfill your needs.

Always try to consider some of these aspects while or before renting a generator from your local generator rental service.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Generator?

When it’s about how much it costs to rent a generator from rental service, it’s tough to provide a straightforward answer. That is because the cost range can differ based on power requirement or the capacity of the generator.

However, if you want to get an estimated idea about the rent cost of different generators, have a look at the section below:

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Generator

Small Portable Generator:

If you want to rent a small size portable generator for your casual usability, then you may have to spend $65 to $185 per day.

Industrial-Sized Generator:

On the other hand, you have to spend $300 to $1100 for an industrial-sized generator.

Well, here we’ve included an estimated renting cost that can differ based on several aspects. And some of the aspects are mentioned below, have a look:

  • Size
  • Service
  • Transportation
  • Dependability
  • Setup
  • Fuel type

These are some of the things that will bring differences in the price range of different generator rental services.

Is It Better To Buy Or Rent A Generator?

If you’re wondering if it is better to buy or rent a generator, it depends on several aspects. However, if you are stuck in the confusion of renting or purchasing one, you must consider facts like usability and investment.


If you live in a city or place with low power outages or need a backup for a specific event, renting a generator is a good idea. It’s absolutely worthless to purchase a generator for short-term usability.

However, if you have a severe power outage issue or often go to a remote area that requires backup power, you should buy one. And it’ll be worth your money when you want to get a generator for frequent usability.


Another thing you have to consider when it’s about you should rent or buy a generator is the investment. If you need a generator for a limited time, it’s an excellent idea to rent one.

On the other hand, based on your needs, if you notice that the rent cost is around equal to the purchase cost, then purchasing one will be worth money. In short, you have to prioritize your needs when it’s about getting or renting a generator.


What’s the conclusion? Generator is one of the handy devices that will help get reliable electric power during power outages. They are also a useful tool to get a power supply in remote areas.

However, when you need a generator for a short period or any special event, renting one is better than buying. Well, since you know can you rent generators or not how much they can cost, we hope all your queries are clear now.

Get a generator from any rental service, and don’t forget to consider the aspects that we’ve mentioned above.

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