What Kind of Generator do I Need for my House?

When the power goes out, a generator can be a lifesaver. It can keep your lights on, your fridge running, and your home comfortable during an outage. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which type of generator is the best fit for your home. In this article, we’ll explore … Read more

champion generators

Frequently Asked Questions About Champion Generators in 2023

FAQ about champion generators What are Champion generators known for? Champion generators are known for their reliable power output and easy portability. They offer a wide range of options for both residential and commercial use, including inverter, dual fuel, and portable models. They are also well known for their easy start and affordable price. Who … Read more

inverter to car battery

Can you connect an inverter to a car battery?

  Can you connect an inverter to a car battery? Yes, it is possible to connect an inverter to a car battery. The most common method is to use a cigarette lighter adapter or a direct-to-battery connection. The cigarette lighter adapter method involves plugging the inverter into the cigarette lighter socket in the car, it … Read more

Can an Inverter Damage My Car

Can an Inverter Damage My Car?

Can an Inverter Damage My Car? An inverter can potentially damage a car if it is not used properly or if it is not designed for use in a vehicle. Inverters have become a popular way to power devices and appliances in cars, trucks, and RVs. They allow you to use household electrical devices while … Read more

car power inverter

Does A Car Power Inverter Drain The Battery? in 2023

Using a power inverter in a car, truck, or RV offers a range of possibilities for using electronics on the road, but it can also have its drawbacks. The power for the inverter comes from the car’s battery, and if it’s not used properly, it can quickly drain the battery and leave you stranded. In … Read more

How to Wire Bowfishing Lights To a Generator

How to Wire Bowfishing Lights to a Generator – Check Out These Step

Knowing how to wire bowfishing lights to generator is a technique you’ll find resourceful in times of emergency during your night fishing trips. Only a handful of things that are much more infuriating than returning home early from a fantastic bowfishing session as a result of depleted batteries. It’s difficult enough to spare some time … Read more

How to Convert Propane Generator to Natural Gas

How to Convert Propane Generator To Natural Gas

The generator is the most useful machine to generate power and used as an alternative to an electric power supply. To run the generator it needs different types of fuel such as diesel, gasoline, propane, natural gas, etc. As the generator is used when there is no power it depends on the storage of the … Read more

How To Change Oil In Generator

How To Change Oil In Generator (Step By Step In 2023)

Have you ever faced issues like your generator is breaking down or needing inopportune repairs frequently? You may go through this unexpected condition due to not changing the oil where experts recommend replacing oil after 100 hours of use. Changing or replacing oil is one of the necessary generator maintenance parts that ensures optimal engine … Read more

Is It Bad To Run A Generator Out Of Gas

Is It Bad To Run A Generator Out Of Gas?

Generators are life-saving machines that can save the day whenever there is a power outage. Most of these machines use gas and require refueling after about 4 to 8 hours of usage; of course, that depends on your generator’s fuel efficiency. Some users overlook the consequences and run their generators out of gas. Is it … Read more