Why Is My Generator Backfiring

Why Is My Generator Backfiring? (Fixing Guide)

A generator is a super helpful machine that can be used in various situations. When there is a power outage or during emergencies, a generator can save the day by providing backup power. Since you don’t use it regularly, sometimes it may fail to start or backfire due to being in an idle state for … Read more

Can You Rent Generators

Can You Rent Generators? (Need To Know)

Generator is an innovative device that provides power when the power goes out or needs more power. This power backup device comes in different types, features, functions, and price ranges as well. However, sometimes you may need a generator as a power backup system for a limited amount of time. And for limited-time usability, it’s … Read more

How To Bypass Co Sensor On Generator

How To Bypass Co Sensor On Generator? [Essential To Learn]

Carbon monoxide(CO) poisoning has been a significant cause of death amongst generator users. Thankfully, generator manufacturers have included a CO detector in new model generators. But, how to bypass the CO sensor on generator can be a valid concern, especially when the CO sensor starts giving false alarms and turning off your generator continuously. So, … Read more

Generator Runs But No Power Produce

Why Does My Generator Runs But No Power Produce?

Providing power backup during power outages or working as a power source in a remote area is what generators do. It’s an innovative device that helps get reliable electric power when the power goes out. However, sometimes you may encounter problems with your generator, which will prevent you from getting electrical power. And one of … Read more

Where To Put A Generator During A Storm

Where To Put Generator During A Storm?

A portable power generator is a life-saving machine, especially for people who live in areas prone to extreme weather such as storms, hurricanes, snow, or earthquakes. In such times prolonged power outages are inevitable. Most people depend on generators to power up their home appliances, keep warm, and light their homes. There are adverse risks … Read more

How Much Does A Generator Weigh

How Much Does A Generator Weigh?

Generator is an innovative device that works as a backup power system during power outages. They come in various sizes, features, and power systems and help to keep electrical devices running. However, when it’s about generators, one of the questions we get asked a lot is how much does a generator weigh? Well, you will … Read more

How To Start A Generator That Has Been Sitting

How To Start A Generator That Has Been Sitting?

  Standby power generators are the only hope for most people whenever there is a power outage. These machines are cost-effective and efficient; however, they sometimes can fail when you need them most since they are operated infrequently. “My generator won’t start; what could be the problem?” This is a joint statement by many generator … Read more

Do Inverter Generators Need to Be Grounded

Do Inverter Generators Need to Be Grounded? in-Depth Guideline 2023

Inverter generators need to be grounded with a separate ground wire, whether portable or not. It is important because it allows the engine to operate at its highest efficiency and prevents possible damage from lightning strikes. So that answers your question on do inverter generators need to be grounded? You must ground your inverter generator … Read more

Can You Parallel Two Different Size Generators

Can You Parallel Two Different Size Generators? [Know All Factor]

When it’s about paralleling two different-sized generators, most people end up with a simple question: can you parallel two different size generators? The straightforward answer is BIG YES and this process will let you combine the generator’s power outputs and boost the wattage. If both of your generators are parallel capable, you can easily connect … Read more

How Long Will A Generator Run On 5 Gallons Of Gas

How Long Will A Generator Run On 5 Gallons Of Gas?

Are you wondering how long a generator will run on 5 gallons of gas? It is an important question to ask especially if you’re looking to buy one. Owning a generator is essential, especially when you suffer frequent power outages. A generator ensures your home runs as normal without any power issues. However, the biggest … Read more