Portable Generator Theft

Portable Generator Theft and How to Prevent It? – Safety Guide

Portable generators are alternative power supply machines we use to run appliances whenever there are power outages. However, as essential they are in our homesteads, they have some challenges alike. These machines are prone to theft. So, the question is about portable generator theft and how to prevent it? How do generator owners deal with … Read more

How to Quiet a Portable Generator

How to Quiet a Portable Generator 2022

While the generators offer us plenty of benefits, portable generators generally produce noise that can annoy you. Even though manufacturers have made efforts to solve such a problem, they haven’t still gotten an amicable solution. So, what strategies should generator owners employ to curb these problems? Now, generator manufacturers have made a step to devise … Read more

How to Drain Gasoline from Generator

How to Drain Gasoline from Generator

Generators are essential machines for use in people’s residential areas and offices alike. They provide the power that runs our appliances continually. Since they are of great importance to our lives, we need to maintain them to continue providing us a service. But how are these machines maintained? Draining gasoline from these machines before storage … Read more

How to Clean Slip Rings on Generac Generator

How to Clean Slip Rings on Generac Generator?

When you want things to last and give out their best performance, be sure to keep them under maintenance. The frequency of cleaning the slip rings depends on the type of rings that are used. Your Generac generator also has slip rings. As your generator needs to be maintained, so do those slip rings. Have … Read more

How much gas does a 2000 watt generator use?

How Much Gas Does A 2000 Watt Generator Use?

Natural calamities or emergencies never come with a warning. They can occur at any time, and any season, so it is important to be prepared. Having a generator on your hand can be proven vital to support when a sudden power loss occurs. It is a necessity to keep your home running. So you must … Read more

Keep the generator clean or covered

How To Reset Generac Generator After Oil Change

Taking care of the things we use are essential. Every small item needs to be maintained properly if you require them to last for a long time. Your Generac generator is nothing different. If you own one, you must know that maintaining the generator is essential. Changing the oil is a much-needed task to do. … Read more

Generac Battery Charger Installation Guide 2021

Generac Battery Charger Installation Guide and Safety Tips 2022

Generators are our all-time life saviors in summer. Generac generators are one of the most used and recommended generators of all times. When you own a generator, you need a minimal amount of knowledge about everything, even about the Generac battery charger installation guide. To put it simply, a Battery charger is a device that … Read more

What Size Generator to Run Sump Pump

What Size Generator to Run Sump Pump?

If you have a basement and are concern about flooding, sump pumps are going to remove all of your tensions. It is not so easy to quickly get the water out from your basement while floods. But, if you are suffering from a power outage and flooding, the sump pump will solve your problem. This … Read more

How to Flash a Generator with a Battery

How to Flash a Generator With a Battery

A generator is a machine that converts Mechanical energy to Electrical energy. The electricity transmitted from the generator is distributed over power lines to the houses, big industries, and marketplaces. This generator runs through the leading electricity. But for automobiles, ships, trains, etc., you need potent batteries to run. To do so, you need to … Read more

generator runs for a few seconds then stops

Generator Runs for a Few Seconds Then Stops- Why?

One critical thing in your home would be a generator throughout the event of a power failure. There are moments, however, when this necessary machine can cause issues. Usually, one of the widespread problems with many generators is that the generator runs for a few seconds then stops. Also, apart from taking down your surveillance … Read more