If your area often encounters natural disasters like hurricane or cyclone that leaves you in a blackout, a generator is the first thing you need. Getting a generator can be a daunting job as there are a lot of crucial considerations you’ll have in the checklist. If you’re an RV owner or planning to go camping with the generator often, the question becomes even more eminent.

The first thing you have to look at is the type of fuel the generator consumes to run. There are two options for you here, either you can go with a propane generator or go for the diesel-powered one. Depending on what purpose you may have for the generator to serve, you must choose the right one. Stick to the article if you’re planning to get your first generator and confused between propane vs diesel generator options.

Propane VS Diesel Generator: What Are The Differences?

Both the propane vs diesel generator have their points of advantages and disadvantages to care about. Here are the things you should know about them both; how they work and where they get you benefits or may fall short:


About Propane Generator

Here is what you should know about how the propane generators work and how they can be good or bad as your backup companion:

How Does It Work?

The propane generators convert the propane into electric power, and you can use it as AC electricity. It’s a hydrocarbon gas that is flammable, and the generator burns the gas to generate the energy it provides. The propane generator contains a mixture of water and ammonia, which will get hot and raise to a burning point.

You can see the burning ammonia comes out of the exhaust of the generator. During the process, the generator exhausts the heat and ammonia and delivers the energy to the outlet you’re drawing power from. A portable propane generator usually can provide you several hours of energy; usually, it’s 2-3 gallons of propane for an hour.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Propane generators are the most popular option among the people who want more stable power and better output. Here are the advantages you will get if you use a propane generator as your next purchase:

  • Stable energy: Unlike any gasoline generators, the engine of a propane generator won’t degrade over time. You can use the generator without being worried about the “Shelf life” as long as you’re using a good quality storage tank.
  • Keeping it clean: Propane generators are mostly popular as clean-burn fuel because they don’t produce pollutants like gasoline or diesel. The amount of CO (Carbon Monoxide) with a propane generator will be half the amount of the diesel generator.
  • Spill-free: You will use the propane generator with a separate cylinder, equipping it with a safety valve. There are almost no chances of spill-out for the fuel, and unlike the gasoline or diesel generators, its safety valve will trap fumes.
  • No cold problems: It’s harder to operate gasoline generators in a cold-weather where the propane generators have no such issues. If you’re getting the generator for a cold area or emergency use, a propane generator will do the job.

However, propane generators have their disadvantages alongside the advantage which you have to know before buying one:

  • Long miles: You may have to run long miles for a refuel cylinder of propane if you have to run the generator for days. If you’re facing a disaster, it’s not a proper solution to drive around miles away and looking for propane.
  • Short life span: Propane engines usually come with shorter lifespans compared to other fuel options. The same goes for the burning cycle; propane generators tend to have a faster burn cycle for the fuel with a lower energy density. With only about 26 Megajoules per liter of propane, it falls behind the diesel engines with almost 35 MJ/L.

About diesel generator

Here are the things you need to know about diesel generators if you’re planning to get your first generator:

How Does It Work?

The working process of a diesel generator has four stages; between the intake and exhaust, it does compression to produce energy. Its energy conversion technology of the generator depends on the chemical energy the diesel has. The generator works on the global energy principle as it says that energy cannot be destroyed; it transfers from a form to another.

When the generator’s combustion chamber rotates altogether, it produces the mechanical energy and triggers the ignition. The fuel will have a spontaneous ignition after the injection into a 750° celsius compressed air charge and produce energy. 3 strokes go on during the process, The intake or the suction stroke followed by the power stroke or the energy stroke, leading to the exhaust stroke.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Diesel generators are the best option if you work rough and need a robust machine to support you:

  • Less maintenance: Diesel generators are the best when it comes to maintaining the machine, especially maintenance costs. If you have to use it in a rough area or have less access to professional service centers, go for the diesel generator.
  • Sturdy build quality: Diesel generators are sturdier than the propane generators, both in the engine and the exterior. You can expect more lifespan from a diesel generator; go for it if you have a tight budget to buy the first generator.
  • Better mobility: If you have to move a lot with the generator, don’t hesitate to take the diesel generator instead of a propane generator. The propane generator will have two separate units; the cylinder and the generator itself, while the diesel generator is only the generator itself.
  • Fuel efficient: You will get much better fuel efficiency with a diesel generator than a propane generator. You can contact over 35.7 megajoules per litter while the propane can give you only about 26 MJ/liter.

There are some disadvantages of using a diesel generator instead of propane or gasoline generators, such as:

  • Lowder: The diesel generators are far louder than the propane generators as a counterpart, which can be a bummer.
  • Not readily available: Diesel is not a readily available fuel in hand as you won’t store diesel in a high amount because of security reasons. If you don’t have a refueling station nearby, it can become a headache to refuel your generator to drive it to the station.

Propane VS. Diesel Generator – Which One Is Better For You?

A diesel generator is an engine with a combination of a combustion chamber and a piston engine. If you need a sturdier operation from your generator and have to move around a lot, getting a diesel generator will be the best option to go with.

On the other hand, propane is a type of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is one of the most common fuel choices for powering generators. If you don’t have to move around a lot and can set the generator in a place, getting a propane generator can provide stable energy for you.

Propane Vs Diesel Generator

Final Thought

Getting a generator is the only option you have if you’re living in an area with more natural disasters. When choosing between the propane vs diesel generator, people who want to have higher output energy usually choose propane as their fuel. It is also better to go with propane if you need more stability in the machine.

However, you should go for the diesel generator if you need a more sturdy service than stability. It’s also true if you need more energy output at less cost with 35 MJ/L. Whether you go for the propane or diesel generator, keeping good maintenance is a must thing to keep in mind.

When it comes to surviving a blackout or camping with all the power you need, getting a generator is the best chance. If you’ve ever been to a store for a generator, you know how confusing it can get to choose the right one. You’ll have many considerations while choosing a power backup machine; the first and the most important consideration’s its type. There are two options you can go with: the power inverter vs generator.

Power inverters are incredibly popular today because of their size and efficiency to some extent. However, the traditional portable generators are not too behind, even better sometimes at power delivery. What should you pick as your daily driver and rely on when you need backup power? To answer that question, I’ll get you through the differences between them and help you choose the best hope for a black night.

Power Inverter Vs Generator: Main Differences

There are too many things to consider if you’re planning to get the best power backup that can serve you the most. Here are the main differences between power inverter vs generator that can help you decide which one to go with:


Size And Portability

The size defines how portable the machine will be, which might be the most important consideration, especially if you’re a camper.

Power inverter

The power inverters usually come in use most for portability; you will find inverter generators you can carry with one hand. The size of the power inverter makes it light, and the inner components make it even compact.


The main purpose of the generators is to deliver longer support and a better power supply. You’ll get 10-12 hours of continuous electric support from a generator, no matter the type of device.

Fuel Capacity & Efficiency

Fuel Capacity & Efficiency

The fuel capacity is important in a backup device because you may not get back on the grid for days after a hurricane!

Power inverter

The fuel capacity of the inverters is limited because of the compact design and smaller fuel tanks. However, you will get much better fuel efficiency in an inverter compared to a generator. Inverters can save you up to 40% of the fuel burning and give you about 10 hours of running time.


The generators are not size-centric devices; instead, they come with better fuel capacities and a little bigger. You will get much larger fuel tanks with generators because they come with a larger engine with a bigger tank on that. However, be sure that you’re okay with the generator’s weight making a good match for the application.

Power Source & Quality Output

The power source of a backup device and the quality of the output determines how good the service and the result will be from it.

Power inverter

A power inverter converts the AC into DC, and then digitally converts it back to a cleaner AC. The proper sine wave electricity in the inverter generator process makes it much efficient for better power output. However, you have a much less option in inverter generators if you need higher power because they come only between 1000 to 4000 watts of power output.


The traditional portable generator runs on a combustible fuel; it’s usually gasoline or propane. It generates current using a mechanical alternator and produces AC out of the outlet. They work with a modified sine wave and are less power efficient, especially when you’re running sensitive electronics. Despite the shortcoming, the traditional generator can produce a higher output wattage anywhere between 500 to 50000 watts.

Noise Levels And Exhaust

The exhaust system in a generator and its noise can make a huge difference, especially if you’re camping with others or need a quiet operation.

Power inverter

The power inverters are significantly quieter and more efficient at delivering power with less noise. If you have to be close to the generator while running it and need a quiet place as well, a power inverter is the one you want to go with. It can stay on idle mode or eco mode and make less noise; even the highest power would make about 50-60 dB of noise.


A generator, on the other hand, will produce a much higher noise than a power inverter. It won’t be a good choice to go with a portable generator if you need a quiet operation. If you’re planning to use it while you’re camping or use it in a dene neighborhood, think again. You might have to get a long extension cable and give it soundproofing to use it in a crowded area.

Where To Use

Another consideration before you get a generator is the place you’re going to use it as it’s going to put a lot more perspective on the application.

Power inverter

You can carry the inverter generator easier than the traditional one. They come with a small, handheld design and fit in a very small area. You can easily run it inside your home as they make far less toxic emissions and noise.


The generators are great if you’re planning to use it in an open area and need a bigger power source. However, if you have a small space in your RV or boat, the generator won’t fit inside a narrow space easily. Plus, you have to use a long extension cable if you have to stay out of the noise while camping

Pros & Cons

The overall advantages and disadvantages of the inverters and generators will drive you to the right choice.

Power inverter

The power inverters are hands down, the best option if you not in need of very high power and need higher efficiency. The main advantages of the inverter are fewer noise levels, clean current, and less emission. However, they are far expensive than generators and have less wattage output.


The main advantage of using a generator is higher wattage output, and they are less expensive. If you don’t need a quite operation or don’t use any sensitive electric devices, a generator will be just fine.

Power Inverter Vs Generator – Which One Is Right For You?

To decide which one you’re going with, you must decide the type of objective you have or the generator. If you’re going to use your generator on RV, boat, or need it for camping, the best choice is to go with an inverter. Especially, it will be the best option if you need less noise while using it.

If you have a small budget to invest in the machine and don’t need a quiet operation, go for a generator. Generators come in cheaper than the inverters, and they can deliver you almost any level of output you want from 500 to 5000 watts.

Final Thought

Using a generator can keep you on the go while you’re out, with the need for power to keep the light up. It can help you get your house the power it needs when you have a blackout or while camping out. When it comes to choosing between power inverter vs generator, a traditional generator is fine, especially if you have to save money.

If you have no problem with the budget, you can get multiple identical inverter generators and pair them up for any amount of current output. You can easily run sensitive electric devices like stereo and audio equipment with an inverter while a generator will help you run bigger electric devices easier.

Have you ever been in a blackout for days or an instance need for an emergency power backup? It turns out to be a complete disaster without power. You can never make a better investment but getting a generator that you can rely on. Choosing the right brand plays a significant role in the process of getting the best features.

Durostar is the most promising manufacturer in the market and the Durostar generator reviews below will prove that. However, Durostar has a huge generator line up, picking the right one that fits your needs can be a daunting job. Our expert team has been through the best Durostar Generators and came up with the best ones. Stick to the article to find out the best Generator that will fulfill your purpose.

About This Brand [Durostar]

Durostart is a generator brand under the mother company DuroPower, which is a sub-brand of Dexin international. Duropower has manufactured all the generators of Durostar and Duromax since 1992.

Table Of Content:

Here is a quick navigation list to the generators we’ve picked up for Durostar generators product reviews:

Comparison Chart:

To get a quick grasp of the generators that we’ve reviewed below, you can have a quick pick in this comparison chart. It will help to decide the one you want to go with if you know what you are looking for.





Durostar Generator Reviews To Buy In 2020 2

Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Durostar Generator Reviews To Buy In 2020 3

Durostar DS5500EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

Durostar Generator Reviews To Buy In 2020 4

DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator

Best 3 Durostar Generator Reviews 2020

Durostar has a wide range of generator line up, picking up the best among them can turn out to be a daunting job for you. Here are the best 3 Durostar generator reviews, filtered out by our specialists on these products:

1. Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorThe Durostar DS10000EH works as the ultimate power backup with dual fuel operation technology. You can run it with both gasoline and propane, which gives you the freedom of fuel selection. It’s the best dual fuel portable generator; it runs either for 10.4 hours with gasoline with a 50% load.

It comes with a Heavy-duty 225cc Durostar engine that has 18 HP in action to power your electronics. It produces 8000 working watts with 10000 peak watts, which is enough for both home use or camping. You can run your lights to the fridge and high-amp power tools to small AC with this giant engine.

It’s a powerhouse with both 120 V and 240 V output at the same time because of its MX2-boost Technology. It’s operable without hassle with its Key-start or pull-start. Besides, it’s secure with a circuit breaker, Voltage meter, idle control, and shutoff switch. If you’re a perfectionist and need versatile compatibility from home use to RV fest, it’s the pick for you.

Durostar DS10000EH Features:

  • This Generator runs with both Gasoline and Propane for fuel freedom.
  • It comes with a Heavy-duty 225cc Durostar engine that has 18 HP in action.
  • You’ll get 8000 working watts with 10000 watts at the pickup.
  • There is an 8.3 Gallon fuel tank to power up the 4-stroke engine for giant power delivery.
  • This machine has MX2 Technology for operating it with both 120 V and 240 V at the same time.

2. Durostar DS5500EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

Durostar DS5500EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

This Generator from Durustar is powered with a 225cc, 7.5 HP engine to manage heavy-duty home tasks. It starts up at 5500 watts of power and performs at 4500 running ability, which is enough for a home. You can run all the home appliances with it, including small AC, fridge, and other electric equipment.

It’s Electric Start, so you don’t necessarily have to pull cords to start it up; it’s essential for home users. For safer usage, it comes with a voltage meter with an auto-shutoff feature when the fuel is low. It gives you 120 V to 240 V operation modes simultaneously with dedicated outlets for different types of electronics.

The engine is a 4-Stroke engine for a heavy-duty operation for an extended period. Besides, for freedom of fuel, It runs with both Gasoline and Propane, although it’s the best portable propane generator. It can run for 10 hours with a single cylinder of propane and 8 hours with 4 gallons of gasoline. If you’re concerned about safety the most, you can give it a chance.

Durostar DS5500EH Features:

  • The windings of the generator are all-copper design for better longevity and reliable operation.
  • It includes a 20 A, 120 V Household outlet to power up the electronics of your RV or House.
  • There is a 4-Stroke, 7.5 HP, and 225cc heavy-duty engine to produce enough power for a home.
  • The power outlets of this machine are GFCI protected as a safety precaution.
  • It’s CARB and EPA approved for environment-friendly and quiet operation.

3. DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered 4000 Watt Portable GeneratorThe DuroStar DS4000S has a 7 HP Air-cooled engine that runs with gasoline. It will run for the whole day, 12 hours, with a single refill of fuel in the 4-Gallon tank. To power up your full house or RV caravan, you’ll get 3300 running watts with 4000 kick watts with this generator.

It has two 120V outlets for household electronics and a 120 V, 30A twist-lock outlet for electric power tools. For safety, this generator comes with a surge protector, so your appliances are safe with it. You can easily run any electric devices from small to large without safety concerns.

For better domestic use, you’re getting a voltage output meter indicating how much volts you’re getting. It’s the best portable generator for RV camping because It weighs only 94 lbs and has wheels for portability. If you’re looking for a generator for your next RV outing, it’s the best suite for your needs.

DuroStar DS4000S Features:

  • This generator works with a 7 HP Air-cooled, gasoline engine with a 4-gallon tank on top.
  • You’ll get a twist-lock outlet of 30A at 120V and two 120V outlets for household electronics.
  • It pushes out 4000 peak watts to power up any electronics, including small AC or home fridge.
  • It has a low-oil shut-off feature for protection, which shuts the engine down if the oil is low.
  • This Generator comes in whole metal construction for heavy-duty RV operation.

Is This Brand Product Easy To Use?

Durostar generators have been an excellent option for users because of the ease of use. They have quite a variety in the generator lineup, yet they have maintained customer satisfaction the generators are easy to use.

  • The Durostar generators are very easy to use with safe and comfortable controllers, although they come with heavy-duty engines to power up a whole house.
  • They are all-metal constructed to survive in the roughest worksites easily, yet they are very convenient to move around.
  • All the generators have optional inflatable wheels and sturdy handles to move around.

Note: A-ipower Generator Reviews

Why Choose This Brand?Best Durostar Generator Reviews

There are several reasons why you should consider this brand while purchasing a generator, such as:

  • The generators this brand produces are capable enough to serve you for day-long 8-12 hours with a single refill.
  • Their generators are designed and constructed to power any home appliances from heavy-power tools to the refrigerator and small AC.
  • The noise level of these generators is close to none as they are designed for home and long-time usability.
  • Durostar packs their generators with plenty of safety features and makes them portable with wheel and handle accessibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people have been asking about Durostar generators:

Are Durostar generators any good?

Yes, Durostar is the best value for your money, regardless of the purpose you’re getting it for.

What is the difference between DuroStar and DuroMax generators?

Both the generators are from the same manufacturer with the same features. However, Durostar is CARB compliant for all 50 states, including California.

Who manufactures Durostar generators?

DuroPower manufactures the Durostar generators; it’s The mother company of Durostar.

Final Thoughts

Durostar is the most reliable generator brand in the market with over 28 years of experience. Their generators don’t fall short at technical terms and user-level experience. I hope you’ve found the Durostar generator reviews helpful in finding the one that serves your power backup purpose.

If you ask me to suggest one that you can rely on blindly, I’d like to mention the Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator. It’s a powerhouse packed with a heavy-duty engine yet in a compact and portable footprint. It’s full of safety mechanisms. You’re getting a runtime of more than 10 hours with a single refill of either gasoline or propane. Good luck with your backup power shopping!

A generator is one of the useful tools that you could have for your household. Most of your equipment in your house needs a power source to run. A generator runs those tools and equipment without any disturbance during a power cut. If you are looking for the best generator, we are here to help you to make the perfect decision. We include the top three a-ipower generator reviews to help you purchase the right machine.

Most of your household tools like air-conditioning, television, light, refrigerator, need high power to run. You source that energy either from your mainline or from an external source like a generator. You have to make the best decision for you when you want to purchase a generator. Otherwise, a lousy generator could damage those types of machinery and I’ll help you get that here.

About This Brand [A-Ipower]

The name of this company A-iPower, stands for American Innovation. It is a very well known company in the USA for manufacturing generators, water pumps, pressure washers, and engines, etc.

Table of Content:

Look at this table of content for quick navigation, and this will help you to find out what we put in this review.

Comparison Chart:

If you are looking for comparison details about these products, have a look at this comparison chart for quick information.





A-ipower Generator Reviews In 2020 - Top 3 Picks! 5

A-iPower SUA12000ED 12,000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator Propane or Gas

A-ipower Generator Reviews In 2020 - Top 3 Picks! 6

A-iPower SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Generator with Electric Start

A-ipower Generator Reviews In 2020 - Top 3 Picks! 7

A-iPower SUA2000iV Super Quiet 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Best 3 A-Ipower Generator Reviews 2020

It is a challenging task to find out the best product when the market for that product is full of so many products. To make your work easy and convenient, we searched for the best generators. We found these best three a-ipower generators superior to any other generators. here are the a-ipower generator reviews to help you choose the best generator for the money:

1. A-iPower SUA12000ED 12,000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator Propane or Gas

A-iPower SUA12000ED 12,000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator Propane or Gas

A-iPower SUA12000ED is one of the greatest heavy-duty, dual fuel portable generators available in the market. Its Duel fuel features allow you to use gas and propane both, which is convenient for you. This generator provides a superb 12000 peak watt and 9000 running watts with gas. With propane, it has 10,800 top peak watts and 8,500 running watts.

It will give 9 hours of power backup with maximum load, and 16-hour power backup at 50% load. It has a digital control switch pad through which you can control this machine with your fingertip. A smart switch including between gas and propane fuel that allows you to switch one fuel to another.

It starts electrically, which minimizes your work to start up the machine. An indicator light will warn you before the shutdown of the power when fuel gets low. It is the perfect generator for those who need a heavy-duty power backup for office and home.

A-iPower SUA12000ED Features:

  • This generator has 12000 peak watts and 9000 stable running watts on gas.
  • It will provide 10800 max peak watts and 8500 running watts with propane.
  • You’ll get a digital control switch pad to switch between gas and propane with your fingertip.
  • The generator starts electrically, which reduces the startup effort.
  • Its outlet cover-up with water resistance that allows you to operate this generator in any weather condition.

2. A-iPower SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Generator with Electric Start

A-iPower SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Generator with Electric Start

If you’re looking for the best gasoline-powered generator for your office or home, A-iPower SUA12000E 12 is a perfect choice. It provides 12,000 starting peak watts and 9,000 running flow power for your power back up. It has an electrical start-up option with one-touch push-button that will give you an effortless start.

This generator includes a heavy-duty construction tank, made with steel that can carry 7.0-gallon fuel. It’s able to serve you, on average, 9 hours with its 50% fuel load. A 12V-14ah maintenance-free battery is included with it to provide you stable power flow.

It has a DC adapter plug to charge your battery and cell phone with a USB cable. The outlets of this generator have Gfci protection that allows you to use it in any weather condition. It’s very lightweight and portable. Also, there are 9.5 never-flat wheels on this generator so that you can move it easily anywhere.

A-iPower SUA12000E Features:

  • This generator has 12,000 starting peak watts and 9,000 continuous running watts with an electric start.
  • It’s user-friendly keyless one-touch; push-button will give you an effortless start.
  • You’re getting a large heavy-duty construction fuel tank made with steel that can carry almost 7.0 gallons.
  • A 12V-14ah maintenance-free battery is included with it to maintain the power flow stable and smooth.
  • This generator uses 9.5 never-flat wheels, which can carry heavy-duty loads and easy mobility.

3. A-iPower SUA2000iV Super Quiet 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

A-iPower SUA2000iV Super Quiet 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

If you are a traveler lover and also need a power back up wherever you go, a-iPower SUA2000iV is the best portable inverter generator for you. This a-ipower portable generator has an impressive 2,000 starting peak power and 1,600 continuous running power. It uses a 79-cc A-power engine to produce clean and safe power flow and also uses a 58 dB noise level feature to reduce the noise when running.

It includes an inverter module to convert the raw DC power into AC mode so that you could have a safe and precise electric flow. This machine has the capability to link one generator to another that maximize the double power flow.

It has a multi-switch option through which you can operate it start, run, and stop function. Also, You can control the fuel, choke on/off, engine on/off by its multi-switch features. It has a dc adapter plug so that you could charge your battery and cell phone with a USB adapter.

A-iPower SUA2000iV Features:

  • This generator has 2,000 starting watts power and 1,600 continuous running watts power.
  • You’ll get a 79-cc a-power engine and used a 58 dB noise level to ensure a quiet operation while it is running.
  • It has an inverter module that converts the flow of the raw power DC to AC mode to provide safe and clear electric flow.
  • There is a parallel capability that helps to link two generator power to maximize the dual control.
  • This machine has a dc adapter plug that could charge the battery and cell phone with a USB adapter.

Is This Brand Product Easy To Use?

It took no confusion to declare that this brand product is very easy and convenient to use. Each of its products comes with dynamic features to make it user-friendly. If you read this article, you know why we are saying so. Have a look in the below to recall the features that make it so handy for you:

  • A-ipower portable generator is very easy to transport one place to another place because of its lightweight and strong, smooth wheels.
  • Most of its products can supply power with dual fuel options. So, you can use gas or propane to run these generators.
  • These generators come with the multi-switch option, so that is user-friendly, and you can operate it very efficiently.

Note: Durostar Generator Reviews

Why Choose This Brand?

It is never so easy for you to find the best power backup product. That’s why we pick and write the a-ipower generator reviews to help you make the perfect decision. We are going to mention some exclusive features of this a-ipower generator, which will indicate why you should choose this brand.Best A-ipower Generator Reviews

  • These generators could run with dual fuel power like gas, propane, gasoline, whatever is available.
  • These generators are lightweight so that you can move and transport them easily, anywhere you want.
  • These generators start electrically; that’s why it takes fewer efforts to startup the machine.
  • The most important part is safety and clean electric flow to protect the devices from short circuit damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers that you frequently ask us, have a look to find the solution if you have the same query.

Are a-ipower generators any good?

The a-iPower generator offers a reliable performance by providing an errorless power flow when you need its services the most.

Where are iPower generators made?

A-ipower is one of the renowned generators companies in the USA, the origin of this company.

Final Thoughts

A-iPower generators are indeed the best brand that makes some of the most capable generators in the market.  As you’re after a generator that can keep your electric appliances running, a-ipower generator reviews were our effort to help you choose.

If you’re still confused about which one you should buy among these 3, we will suggest you the A-iPower SUA12000ED. It can serve you with 9 hours of power backup with its maximum load and 16 hours at 50% load. The dual-fuel system with both gas or propane will help you keep it running for a long time consecutively.