Does Generator Noise Scare Fish?

It might seem like a trivial question, Does Generator Noise Scare Fish? The noise from the generator can either attract or make the fish run away on hearing the sound. Fish possess sensory organs known as neuromasts, which are used to feel vibrations. However, deciding whether the noise from your generator affects your catch becomes a hot topic once in a while. And we’re here to put it to rest once and for all.

Your generator noise can scare the fish or make them curious enough to come around, depending on several factors. These factors include depth of water, vibration generated, and the species of fish. There is no clear-cut ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to the age-old question. So let’s dive into the details to see how it all weighs in.

Do generators scare fish?

The noise produced by the generator can do either two things; attract the fish or make them flee from the source of the sound. Also, they can feel vibrations through sensory organs called neuromasts, which are sensitive lateral lines that run along the sides of the fish.

Do generators scare fish

The noise produced by your generator will spook the fish if it is transmitted as vibration into the water. Therefore, you might want to reduce the vibration produced by the generator’s moving metal parts by cushioning the interface between your boat and the generator as much as you can. Many enthusiasts have successfully used old tires to reduce the vibration of their generators; anything that reduces the vibration is considered okay. Also, try to avoid falling objects that can slam into your boat and send the fish skittering away.

However, not all fish will drift away from a noise source. If you’re an avid fisher, you may have noticed fish drifting around your boat despite a noisy generator. For these folks, noise does the opposite; curiosity attracts them. Grass carp, for example, would not mind a mildly noisy generator because they are generally curious. As a matter of rule, some fishing enthusiasts try to make some noise to attract fish like the Grass Carp. Fish like Bonefish or Big heads, on the other hand, do not like to be disturbed. They skitter away at the slightest sound.

Again, If you plan to fish in deep water over 20 feet deep, you will find it easier to fill your cooler with fish while using a noisy generator. The same cannot be said about fishing in shallow water.

Does Your Boat Scare Fish?

Yes, boats scare fish away. And some boats do a very better job at scaring fish away than others. For one, the slapping of water against the chine of your boat is something that could sabotage your fishing efforts. The unnaturally slapping sound tends to scare the fish away. However, many boat manufacturers now build quiet chimes to give outdoor fishing enthusiasts more success at it.

Does Your Boat Scare Fish

Some boats come equipped with fishfinders. Fishfinders are devices that emit signals and gather them again for processing. The processed information is then used to generate an image that gives an idea of what’s in the water below and how much. However, fish can detect frequencies from a fish finder if it sounds loud enough or creates ripples in the water below.

In shallow water(less than 30feet), the click sound of the transducer can be detected by fish, and they, in turn, flee to the deeper parts of the water for safety.

Lastly, the speed of the boat should be taken into consideration. A fast-moving boat is more likely to agitate the water and scare the fishes off.

Does other noise scare fish?

Sound doesn’t travel well between air-water mediums. Therefore, your conversations above the water surface are not likely to scare the fish away. However, since sound travels fast in the water, jumping, dropping objects in the boat, and slamming the hatch will create startling sounds that drive the fishes away.

How To Choose the Right Generator for Fishing

Now that we know the do’s and don’ts of successful fishing, it’s time to choose the right generator for your next outdoor bowfishing camping.

Like every other purchase, you need to take into consideration durability, portability, price, and every other important detail when buying a new generator for your trips. Below are a few tips to help help you choose right:

Choose the Right Generator for Fishing

Power Output

What is your power consumption? That is the single most important question when you need a reliable generator for your electrical outdoors needs. Buying a generator with lesser power output than you require not only puts your appliances at risk, but also the generator. To choose the right generator for your fishing trips, do the following:

  • Draw up a list of appliances you wish to use and also the power required to run them. The specific wattage of all the appliances must be known to prevent damages.
  • Check the starting and operating wattage of each of the appliances wish to use. Most times, the starting wattage is greater than the continuous running wattage of the appliances. Take note of the starting and running wattages and use it as a guide when purchasing your generator. If you don’t know how to make sense of the numbers, a technician can be of help.
  • Decide which appliances will be running simultaneously. This can help to calculate the possible peak output demand at any point in time, and further helps you in selecting a suitable generator. If your generator falls short of the peak output, you would not be able to power all those appliances. Take some time to do the calculation or get someone to do it for you. This would be the first step in ensuring the optimum performance of your generator.


You want your fishing trip to be fun and memorable, not labourously hauling a heavy generator. So pick a generator that is easy to haul and install on-site. A gasoline generator is preferable. But if you have the cash, you should go for a DC portable generator. Also 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does noise scare away fish?

Noise can scare away fish because they are very sensitive animals. They have sensory organs that enable them to hear the sounds in their surroundings.

Can fish hear generator noise from boats?

Fish can hear the noise coming from the generator in your boat. Hence, you should get a generator that won’t make too much noise during operations so that your fishing venture will be successful.


Outdoor fishing is a fun way to get get some peace while filling your cooler with fish. It would, however, be sad to come back from your fishing trip empty-handed. We hope that we have been able to answer the question ‘does generator noise scare fish’? This guide has been helpful whether it’s to help you understand what scares the fish or how to choose the right generator for your next outdoor fishing trip.

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