Generac Battery Charger Installation Guide and Safety Tips 2023

Generators are our all-time life saviors in summer. Generac generators are one of the most used and recommended generators of all times. When you own a generator, you need a minimal amount of knowledge about everything, even about the Generac battery charger installation guide.

To put it simply, a Battery charger is a device that is used to put energy into a secondary cell by forcing current inside the secondary cell. This thing has a charging protocol. The protocol determines the power and the steps to be taken when the charge is complete depending on the battery’s size and type of charge.

Generac Battery Charger Installation Guide

Generac Battery Charger Installation Guide

Multiple things should be kept in mind before installing the battery charger. Before you move on to installing the battery charger, you may need to have a look at the list of things mentioned below:

Read the specifications for your battery and battery charger:

Every battery charger that comes with the battery powered generator has individual user’s manual. You must read that carefully to know important information beforehand, like the required voltage or the particularly shaped socket.

If your home’s electrical system does not have the one that is required, you may not be able to use that charger. Read the user manual for the battery to make sure that your charger is suitable for the battery.

Choose a well-ventilated area- It helps to dissipate the harmful gas and allow the battery and the charger to cool off easily.

Avoid being in a wet environment- A damp surface is a potential risk for electricity conduction. Do not install the charger if the environment is not just right. Do it elsewhere if possible.

Ensure that the charger and the battery are dry- If the charger and the battery are not dry, you may get an electric shock and die.

Switch your charger off before disconnecting- You must always switch off your chargers before disconnecting a battery that is connected live to the power. A simple spark can cause a fire under these circumstances.

Inspect battery and plugs for damage- Have a quick inspection of the charger and the battery. Even if both of them are newly both, there are always chances that one of them or both of them have small broken or torn out parts due to transportation or overuse! Take no chances on this.

battery and battery charger

Once You Are Set To Install, Follow The Steps Below:

  • Step 1- First thing first, you must disconnect the unit from the main power or portable battery generator. You can never be sure whether there exists a loose connection.
  • Step 2- Now disconnect the negative battery cable of the D.C. battery. Then disconnect the positive battery cable carefully.
  • Step 3- Now locate the battery charger to be replaced in the Replacement Table above. The replacement table is very specific and on the point.
  • Step 4- The charger wire must be cut to the listed length shown in the table above.
  • Step 5- Now strip each wire back 1/4 inch.
  • Step 6- Attach all lugs as listed as per the Replacement Table.
  • Step 7- Disconnect and remove the original battery charger from the power source. Afterward, it would help if you made a note of the wire connections.
  • Step 8- Connect the battery charger to the power source. Verify wire connections match the ones removed in the previous step.
  • Step 9- Revise all the steps again to make sure nothing has gone missing.
  • Step 10- Finally, Connect battery cables, and then connect the main power.

Safety Guide When Generac Battery Charger Installation

Generac Battery Charger

A little more safety and consciousness cannot harm anyone, can it? So being safe can be proven fruitful for both you and your generator. It is vital to maintain some safety measures before you move onto installing your battery charger. Now we will learn about some safety protocols related to the Generac battery and the Generac battery charger. Let us start:

  • No smoking, electric, or welding work near battery charging- It may seem slightly obvious but having any naked flame or spark near a battery charging station is an immense ignition risk, resulting in a significant explosion.
  • The charger must complete a charge cycle- Battery performance can be damaged due to many reasons. When using a standard type of charger, do not disconnect the battery before the charge cycle has ended.
  • Keep your battery clean and dry all the time- There lies an electrocution hazard if your battery is wet. There will be self-discharging due to voltage tracking, and this will eventually damage the battery performance. On the bright side, a clean battery ensures a proper connection.
  • Discharge Battery Above 80% of its Rated Capacity or more is related to battery life cycle expectancy. If you don’t do that, your battery life might reduce to only two years instead of the regular 5year.
  • Ensure an Appropriate Cooling Period for Battery– No matter which electrical device you use, you cannot avoid the heating. When you observe it, that’s a red flag! Take appropriate cooling measures if possible, and do not overuse them.
  • Equipment Damage- Do not make battery connections in reverse. Doing so will result in equipment damage. And no one wants that,right?

Final Thought

The use of chargeable batteries is increasing day by day, and so are their chargers. According to the U.S. Department of Transport statistics, there are over 2,000 cases of battery-related accidents in the United States alone! These accidents can be avoided.

Here, it is true that we talked about Generac Battery Charger Installation Guide but do not forget that these guides are useful for other chargers as well. So follow these guidelines for safe Generac Battery Charger Installations. This is all the information we can come up with. We hope you will find them useful. Adios!

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