How to Fix Generator Power Surge Problem?

If you notice that the lights of your generator are flickering and the speeds of the machine are varying, then your generator has a power surge issue. The generator power surge problem is a serious issue as it can damage your generator and it also indicates that the machine is malfunctioning and fixing it becomes essential.

To fix the generator power surge problem, you need to check all the fuel lines that are connected to your generator. If there are any leakages in the fuel lines, then repair or replace them. Changing the fuel filter of your generator can fix the power surge problem. If this fixing process is not enough for your problem, then read the next segment where you will find more fixing methods for the generator power surge problem.

What Is a Power Surge?

Usually, a power surge happens when the flow of the electricity is interrupted and started again. It also can occur when something sends electricity flowing back into the system like a circuit breaker. A power surge can range from 5-10 voltages when you turn on your electric devices to thousands of volts. The power flowing through the wall outlet is considered 120 volt AC power. The voltage isn’t delivered at a constant 120 voltages, but it can fluctuate between 0 to 169 voltages.

What Is a Power Surge?

Possible Causes of Generator Power Surge Problem

A power surge can occur for different types of reasons and causes. In this segment of this article, I will discuss some possible causes of the generator power surge problem.

Possible Causes of Generator Power Surge Problem

Old Age:

If your generator becomes aged and old, the parts of it will undoubtedly wear out because of normal wear and tear and leave it prone to surging. If you notice surges and the machine is nearing its expected service life, then you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Fuel Problems:

The generator power surge problem can be caused by fuel problems and a fuel level gauge. This fuel problem happens for one of three reasons like incorrect fuel, poor fuel quality, and low fuel level. Most of the generators have specific fuel requirements, and if you use any type of fuel outside of those parameters can cause operational problems, including surges.

Poor Maintenance:

All types of generators need regular basis maintenance like the other electronic devices. You should keep it operating at peak condition. If you neglect the maintenance intervals, it can increase wear and tear and also other critical problems which will lead your generator to surges.

Damaged Components:

Damaged components of your generator can be the cause of the generator surging problem. A damaged capacitor could be a good example that can prevent your generator from properly distributing and generating the power, and it can lead to wild fluctuation in the regulation of power supply and distribution.

Damaged Components

Sudden Start of Machinery:

If you start large machinery when operating on the backup power like the generator can cause a wild spike in load. It will put you beyond the range of the generator power production capability, and your generator will struggle to keep up with power needs. If you start machinery suddenly, your power supply and power lines can hamper.

Unbalanced Load:

An unbalanced load can increase and drop quickly depending on what type of device you are trying to connect to the generator. You should check that the load is equally balanced across all three phases. By this, you can ensure that you are not overloading the generator. An unbalanced load can also cause power outages and because of this power outages surging issue can increase.

Erratic Motor and Bad Battery:

Erratic motors and bad batteries with fluctuating power can be the cause of surges. If the motors are old, it can lead your generator to surge. It can cause significant increases and decreases in the draw on the power supply.

How to Fix Generator Power Surge Problem?

Fixing the generator power surge problem is a little bit tricky. To solve power surge issues you can use a power surge protector. Repairing or fixing the power surge problem of the generator depends on what type of generator model you use. There are different types of generators in the market like portable generators. I can only give you some suggestions and general guidelines to fix your generator power surge problem.

How to Fix Generator Power Surge Problem?

1. Replace Old Device

If your generator is old enough and the generator is malfunctioning and has surging issues, then it will be better to replace it with a new machine like Tri Fuel Generator instead of fixing it. Old parts of the generator become worn out and, if you repair it, will not perform properly.

2. Don’t Overload Machine

If you overload your generator by connecting huge devices, then it may have surging issues. So, try not to connect unbalanced load or extra devices with your generator. Overloading can damage your electrical panel and power sources.

3. Check All Fuel Lines

To fix the generator power surge, you should check all the fuel lines because if there are any cracks and leaks in the lines, your generator will have surging issues. If the lines have any leaks, then you have to repair them to solve the surging issue.

Check All Fuel Lines

4. Change Fuel Filter

If all the fuel lines seem good, but still your generator has the power surge problem, then you should change the fuel filter of your generator. Sometimes damaged fuel filters can cause generator power surge problems.

5. Clean Carburetor of Generator

If the changed fuel filter does not solve the surging issue, then you need to check the carburetor of your generator. Remove the carburetor from the generator and soak it with a carburetor cleaner. Try to clean the carburetor properly.


To get the best power supply through the generator, you have to fix the generator power surge problem. You need to remember that if your generator has a power surge problem, then something must be wrong with the machine. So, find out the cause of the power surge problem of the generator and try to fix it.

Hopefully, the fixing methods of the generator power surge problem which I have mentioned above will help you to fix and repair your generator. Now, you can fix your generator by following my fixing methods.

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