Generator Runs for a Few Seconds Then Stops- Why?

One critical thing in your home would be a generator throughout the event of a power failure. There are moments, however, when this necessary machine can cause issues. Usually, one of the widespread problems with many generators is that the generator runs for a few seconds then stops.

Also, apart from taking down your surveillance systems, it may interrupt your business activities. This can be very difficult as it prevents vital machines from working, causes the security systems to go down, and disrupts the organization’s operations.

The most common problem is usually connected to a blockage in the fuel pipes. To try to clear space junk pipes, you can also use a paint roller. Choose a strainer for just about any piece while washing the tank to replace the filter if unnecessary debris is seen.

Generator Runs for a Few Seconds Then Stops-Common Causes

Here you will find the common cause of generator runs for a few seconds then stops. Let’s read out what are the common causes behind this problem. While using a portable propane generator you may face the same problem as well.

generator runs for a few seconds then stops

Fuel Line Clogged:

A clogged fuel line is among the most popular generator problems you may stumble into. Usually, a fuel line is obstructed by placing dirty gasoline or having fuel there for too long.

Break the line and remove any dust with a cable or brushes to wash it. Ensure that to get into the fuel line, the meeting you use is the only little length. After that, to check on the next possible problem, you would want to clamp the fuel line shut.

Fuel Tank Dusty or Destroyed:

A polluted fuel tank contributes to a clogged fuel line, and there is a specific connection between the two problems. Thus, by using old fuel or holding it in the tank, these problems can be induced. A turkey baster can be used to extract most floating objects there. You are using a flashlight before closing the tank to see if you can’t see any gaps or cracks.

Newer systems are more likely to understand this if you notice any holes or cracks. If this becomes bad enough, you will need to repair the tank. Contact the related firm, whether it is still under guarantee.

Filter for Dirty Fuel:

The filter will be another piece you will want to look at when looking at the fuel tank. Much more dust will cause significant problems in your generator, much like any other form of filter.

Filter for Dirty Fuel

Since this is more likely to happen than replacing an entire fuel tank, you should be able to buy a backup option. Only make sure there are the same requirements for the fuel filter you have as a substitute. For a different kind of generator, a fuel filter for one type of generator may not work.

Lower Oil:

When it senses low oil, sensors in your engine may prevent it from running. Due to this, as a result of low fat, your generator will start and stop repeatedly. Top off your oil if this is the apparent cause of your generator not working.

Lower Fuel:

Although it can seem simplistic to provide generators on this list, before you need them, they are straightforward to forget about. Mostly as a consequence, it is always useful to regularly check the fuel level.

Ensure they are ready before the hurricane season if you use your generator for your home’s backup. It should be a daily habit during this season to check your generator.

How to Fix Generator Runs for a Few Seconds Then Stops?

Gladly, by first defining the cause, this is a dilemma that you can personally solve. We will, indeed, begin by assisting you to determine the causes of this issue. We will then give you practical advice on how best to solve the problem.

How to Fix Generator Runs for a Few Seconds Then Stops


Reducing the generator’s load and then starting the generator again is the best way to fix this problem. You can now add bags according to the generator’s size and capacity. Another way to confirm that the generator does not shut down due to overloading is to hear the sound of the generator. The most popular reason behind this issue is the overloading of the generator.

Water Levels:

After a few seconds, water levels in the radiator may also cause the system to turn off. Place it in a radiator filled with water. Allow it a routine after a month to check the water level in the radiator. You may also use a coolant in the water to produce better performance.

Low Vapour:

A slight problem can also sometimes cause your generator to operate for a few more moments and then pause, such as less fuel in the gas tank. Just test the control system fuel level, or if you have an old generator, do it by hand, load the tank and check that out.

Fuel tank Uses:

After running for a few seconds, your generator’s fuel injector might have some conditions that make your generator stop working. Most of the time, this dilemma can be operated with by properly cleansing the fuel line. If this problem persists for a longer time, even after getting your fuel injector serviced, you will have to replace fuel injector.


We are sure that by recognizing the problem and dealing with it rationally, you will now be able to resolve generator runs for a few seconds then stops. If the problem really remains, therefore, we suggest that you get technical counseling to fix the issue. Remember to put the generator in a position that is well ventilated.

Whether you are checking for a generator, you can see soot in the fuel. If you notice this before any possible harm can occur, stop the generator. Decide which schemes to preserve your quality of living you are prepared to compromise. If you feel like losing so many systems would be inconvenient, you should consider buying a larger generator later.

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