How Much Does A Generator Weigh?

Generator is an innovative device that works as a backup power system during power outages. They come in various sizes, features, and power systems and help to keep electrical devices running.

However, when it’s about generators, one of the questions we get asked a lot is how much does a generator weigh? Well, you will find generators that weigh 50 to 250 pounds or more which can differ based on power capacity, components, etc.

Although it’s tough to provide an exact answer, most of the used generators come with an average weight of 105 pounds. If you want to know more about the generator’s weight and all the aspects that contribute to the generator’s weight, stick to this article.

How Much Does A Generator Weigh?

Generators are being used for different activities to get reliable backup power. Alongside getting power backup at home or office, generators are also a handy option to get power in any remote area.

For instance, if you’re about to go ice fishing, carrying a generator for ice fishing trips can be a lifesaver. During an ice fishing trip in a remote area, you’ll need power backup, which can be ensured through a generator.

How Much Does A Generator Weigh

You may use a portable or inverter generator for your trip, but what about other types of generators? Well, all types of generators come with different features, weights and are used for different purposes. So if you don’t know about different types of generators and their usability, follow the section below:

1. Portable Generator

Portable generator is one of the most used generators which is used for home,  kitchen appliances, and job-site power different tools.

2. Inverter Generator

Inverter is a safe type of generator that basically provides less sound than others. And this type of generator is a safe choice to power up things like:

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptop
  • Home medical devices
  • Construction site tools and many more.

3. Standby Generator

A standby generator is also a very useful type of generator used for various purposes,  including:

  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Premises
  • Medical Centers, Etc.

4. Industrial Generator

Industrial generators are basically used for big power supply, and they are handy for computer centers, lighting systems, robotics, etc.

industrial generator

As you can see there are many different types of generators that are used for various activities. However, when it’s about how much a generator weighs, the estimated answer would be 50 to 250 pounds.

And, if you want a more specific answer to the weight of different types of generators, follow the section below. Here we’ve included some of the most popular generators with weight. Have a look:

Generator Weight (lbs)
Pulsar 1,200W Portable Gas-Powered Generator 35 lbs
Powermate PM2000 49ST 62 lbs
Champion 3400 Dual Fuel 95.7 lbs
Honda EU3000iS 130.7 lbs
Pulsar 2,000W Portable Gas-Powered Quiet Inverter Generator 47 lbs
Westinghouse Wgen7500 200.6 lbs
DuroMax XP4850EH 122 lbs
WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator 48 lbs
Champion 75537i 94.8 lbs
DuroMax Hybrid XP12000EH 224 lbs
Generac IQ3500 109.1 lb

Throughout the above table, we’ve tried to provide an estimated weight of some of the popular generators. And for more specific results of different types of generators, you visit their official website to get all the solid information.

What Factors Affect Generator Weigh?

There is no universal size and weight of generators, and they all come with different facilities and weights as well. However, if you specifically know what aspects bring differences in generator’s weight, follow the section below.

What Factors Affect Generator Weigh

Type of Generator

One of the main things that bring weight difference in generators is different types. There are different types of generators, including:

All of them come in different sizes and power systems to meet different needs. In short, because of various sizes, you’ll find weight differences in all types of generators.

Power Capacity

Power capacity is another essential aspect that contributes to bringing differences in the generator’s weight. From portable to industrial generators, they all come with different power capacities and power systems to fulfill users’ needs.

And it’s common that, when you want a larger power backup system, the generator will come with a big size. On the other hand, you’ll easily find small-size generators with less power capacity.

Different Components

All types of generators come with different components which also play a big role in bringing the difference in weight. Some of the basic components of generators are:

  • Fuel tank
  • Engine
  • Engine
  • The frame
  • Cooling fan
  • Battery
  • A starter mechanism

And different manufacturers use different types of materials to make these components. Using light materials will make the generator lightweight and using heavy materials makes the generator heavy.

Presence or Absence of Fuel

You may already know that different generators come with different amounts of oil capacity. This means all the generators will weigh differently with and without fuel. If the generator has a larger oil tank, it is common that with full tank oil the generator will weigh more than usual.

Does Weight Matter In Generator?

If you’re wondering if the generator’s weight is important or not, the answer would be YES. Weight is one of the essential aspects when it comes to portable and inverter generators.

And, if you’re using a portable generator for home or office, it means you may have to move the generator frequently. So if the generator is heavy, it’ll be tough for you to carry and even move around.

The weight of a generator always matters and remember that you will get different weights from the generator with and without oil.

Bottom Line

What’s the conclusion? Generators are always one of the handiest modern devices that helps to ensure electricity even in power outages and remote areas. And when it’s about the generator, then alongside the features and functions, its weight is also a noticeable aspect.

As you may have to carry or move the generator based on your several needs. However, now you know how much does a generator weigh and the weight of some of the popular or most used generators. However, the easiest solution would be checking the generator’s manual or their official website to know the weight of your preferred generator.

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