How Much KVA Generator Do I Need to Run AC?

We frequently use Generator to backup our AC in our home and office. In case of a power outage, a generator is the only dependable tool we can rely on. So, it is essential to know about an electrical appliance related to the generator and Air Conditioner. To run your AC smoothly, you need concern about the KVA rating related to your AC size.

In the generator KVA stands out to determine the amount of power output. Higher KVA rating ensures producing more power on the generator. As stated, to run AC you need to purchase a generator that has a high KVA rating. If you are confused on How Much KVA Generator Do I Need to Run AC, you can follow us. In this article our aim is to guide you on understanding the perfect KVA for your Ac.

What Does KVA Mean on a Generator?

This shows an idea about the amount of power delivered in VA rating. Besides, in many power back machines like generators, the voltage is measured or specified by Kilo volts or KV. In that case, the VA Rating Transfers Into the KVA Rating. This is called apparent power, and this value has no relation with converting the energy.

What Does KVA Mean on a Generator?

In an electrical machine or equipment, generally, operating voltage is specified by V, and the maximum current is specified by A in amps.

Basically, in a power generator the more the KVA rating, the more power will be produced by the generator. 1 KVA is equal to 1000 volt-amps. It is the thing you will get when you multiply the voltage by the amps. Here, voltage means the amount of force that helps to move electrons into the circuit. Besides, amps mean the electrical current.

You can measure KVA into KW by amplifying with the power factor. For a single-phase generator like Gasless Generator the PF is generally 1. That means the KVA and KW are the same. For three-phase generators, 0.8 is the ideal PF. Which means a 20 KVA 3-phase generator contains a power equal to 16 KW (20 x 0.8 = 16).

What KVA Ratings Are Available?

A generator appears in all sizes with different power outputs. Therefore, the KVA will be different that reflects this. So it is essential to choose the right-size generator according to your needs. You will find a varied range of power generators on the market.

What KVA Ratings Are Available?

Diesel generators, portable generators are the standard type of generators. Most people search for a generator in the 20 KVA to 100 KVA range. You will find different models for home use, rental use, and construction use.

For instance, Green Power Generator for Construction provides a lot of power, and it is an ideal event, quarrying, mining, and construction.

How Much KVA Generator Do I Need to Run AC

Those days are gone when people wait for power outages to end because there are many backup systems available. In this modern time, people don’t need to rely on one thing to generate power.

How Much KVA Generator Do I Need to Run Ac

Many different model generators are the natural power source in case of a severe power outage. Here in this section, you will find your answer on How Much KVA Generator Do I Need to Run Ac. Below, we will discuss this matter for different types of generators.

How Much KVA Is Required for 1 Ton Ac?

It is essential to keep in mind that there is also a miracle with the advancement of technology in the electrical sector. With a generator, it is possible to run an Air Conditioner in-home or office. Generally, we know an AC is an electrical piece of equipment that consumes much power to run. However, if you know the correct measurement of your AC can purchase a generator with the right KVA, it is easy to run an AC smoothly.

How Much KVA Is Required for 1 Ton Ac?

If the AC is 1 ton, the utmost voltage will be 1300 watts and 1.6 KVA when the power factor is 0.85. Besides, a 4000 Watts Ideal Generator can run a 1.5 ton AC smoothly. Although it is essential to keep in mind that there are many factors to consider when evaluating the value. It is necessary to keep in mind the AC position, whether it is on the window or in the split. For better suggestions, contact an expert.

How Many AC Can Run on a 20-KVA Generator?

On a 20-KVA generator, there are almost six air conditioners that can run. If each AC consumes 2500 watts, there will be a need for 16000 watts. And 16000 watts is equal to 20 KVA. It is only possible when the power factor is assuming 0.8. However, a 20-KVA generator is a high capacity generator, but sometimes the AC can be run by this KVA generator depends on many factors.

How Many AC Can Run on a 20-KVA Generator?

Before testing it, you must know the capacity of the overall power value. Your generator consumes that. The generator size also has a relation with the capacity to produce the power by generator. Although fuel, spike, heat, and Power Consumption Ability works as a factor in this matter. This whole method or process goes or works as a circulation. However, it would be better to contact an expert if it seems complex to you.

How to Do The Calculation:

For refrigeration, 1 ton = 3516 watt, and also 1 watts = 0.0002844142 tons. For example, if you want to convert 15 tons to watts since 1 ton = 3516 watts, 15 tons is equal 52,740 watts and vice versa. Remember, when converting watts to tons, you only divide the identical number of watts with 3516.

Most of the refrigerator manufacturers use 1 ton = watt conversion evaluation to design refrigeration and air conditioning appliances. They use both units and power to calculate the measurements. Here Kyle’s converters work like a formula.


A generator is the alternative power source for different electrical appliances. Although there are many portable generators available for a low power device in order to run a generator, you need to consider many factors. The capacity of the generator should according to the desired KVA. Here in the above, we have tried to give an overall description of different types of Generator capabilities according to Power consumption.

From the above discussion you must understand that the amount of KVA needed to run Ac is rely on the size of Ac. Since there are different generators found on the market you should calculate the needed KVA rating on the basis of your generator capacity. Now it depends on how much power consumption is required to run your desired Ac.

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