How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator?

Generator is a power machine that converts motive power into electrical energy and helps to run household and power tools. As a generator is a power machine, the wrong use of it can lead to various incidents and even injuries. However, now most of the generators are built and come with several safety sensors and switches.

Among plenty of sensors, an oil sensor is one of the essential ones that help to prevent inflict damage while using a generator. This sensor atomically shuts down the generator when the fuel gets low, which will save your power machine from permanent damages.

Besides, sometimes you may face issues with the oil sensor, which will show faulty results and refusing to start up. However, you can follow this context to know How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator with ease and reliability.

Possible Reasons For Low Oil Pressure

Low oil pressure on a generator can happen for plenty of reasons. By knowing the possible reasons behind low oil pressure, you can reduce the amount of damage. However, here are some of the most common causes behind low oil pressure on generators, have a look.

Possible Reasons For Low Oil Pressure

1. Oil Level Too Low

When the oil level gets too low the oil supply to the engine gets decreased. Also, it causes low oil pressure and sudden stoppage of the engine. Therefore, whatever the type, regular or Portable Generator checking oil level periodically is a basic thing to do.

2. Faulty Oil Pump

Another possible reason to face a low oil pressure issue is carrying a faulty oil pump. The faulty oil pump will never be able to create enough pressure because it may leak oil. So simply repair or replace it if necessary.

3. Clogged Oil Filters

A clogged filter is another possible reason to face oil issues on a generator. Whenever any contaminants block the filter, the bypass valve will not work properly. A clogged filter can happen because of soot contamination, overextended oil, and water, so check the filter and unclog it.

Clogged Oil Filters

4. Faulty Pressure Gauge or Switch

A defective oil pressure gauge is another possible reason to face an oil issue with your generator. If you see the oil pressure light is on, inspect the oil level. If you find no strange noise or high-temperature issue, then it should be a sensor issue. Again check the oil sensor and if you find a strange reading, then simply replace it.

5. Using Wrong Oil

Using the wrong oil on your generator can lead to several issues on its internal parts and cause oil failure issues. You will face low oil issues if you use 0w-20 oil on a generator that requires 5w-50 oil. Therefore, you should always use the correct oil on your generator to avoid such types of issues.

6. Using Old Oil

Using old oil can also be a reason to face low oil pressure issues with a generator. According to ctgeneratorservice, you must change your generator’s oil after every 100 hours, and it will help prevent oil issues.

7. Pump Wear

Another most possible reason to face low oil pressure with the generator is the pump wear issue. It is definitely a pump wear issue when the oil level is between the low and full mark on the dipstick and the generator runs loudly. When the pump becomes worn out and old, it will not perform the way you want. Therefore, replace it to keep your generator going on.

Safety Tips When Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator

Since a generator is a power generating machine you have to be careful when fixing issues related to it. If you do not follow proper safety precautions, fixing generator issues like bypassing low oil sensors can lead to several injuries. However, you can follow the tips below to prevent uncertain incidents.

Safety Tips When Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator

  • First, you need to read the user’s manual carefully, and it will significantly help reduce injury risks.
  • Before beginning to bypass the oil pressure sensor, be sure the generator is turned off. Do not attempt to do anything when the power is on.
  • After turning off the generator, wait to cool down the power machine because the hot machine will cause injuries.
  • Note the moving parts, and do not stick your finger in the connection sections. Make sure all parts are perfectly cool down before touching them.
  • When working with petrol-based generators, reduce the risk of explosions and ignition by discarding flames, cigarettes, and spark-induced equipment. Moreover, also wear rubber boots and grounding wires to prevent the electrocution risk.

How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator

Here we have outlined a reliable guideline on how to bypass low oil sensors on generators, have a look.

How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator

Step – 1: First, all you need to do is place your generator on a level or hard surface and follow safety precautions before starting.

Step – 2: Now you have to locate the yellow wire and almost every generator comes with yellow color wire. You will find it in the crankcase, or around the oil fill cap, and you can also find it under the panel.

Step – 3: After finding the yellow wire, now you have to look for the green wire connector. However, the connector’s color can come with a different variant. You have to disconnect the yellow wire from the connector.

Step – 4: After removing the wire, you can now start the generator without facing a low oil sensor issue. When the generator starts, the oil will heat up more and the viscosity will change. It will let the sensor become untracked before it gets stuck at the bottom of the crankcase.

Step – 5: When you are sure that the sensor is stuck, you need to connect the cable to the switch for future use.

If the low oil pressure issues are not solved, then the problem may be something else. So simply check the generator checklist issue to find out the generator issue.


While most generator users think it’s difficult to bypass low oil sensor issues, now you know it’s actually not. The oil sensor is an essential thing on a generator because it gives a precautionary measure that gives you alerts of low oil. However, a faulty oil sensor will cause plenty of issues, and low oil pressure is one of them.

So when you are dealing with oil sensor issues, it will be beneficial for you if you follow our mentioned steps. That is because when you know How To Bypass Low Oil Sensor On Generator, it’ll save both money and time. However, if you are not sure about fixing it, you can consult a professional to prevent all kinds of consequences.

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