How To Clean Up Generator Power (Ultimate Guide 2023)

Despite having many innovations and advancements in the generator power enhancement technology, you should clean up generator power. Cleaning up your generator is not only helpful to get continuous power but also beneficial to have a longer lifespan. But the question is how to clean up generator power. In this article, we have discussed some important steps through which you can clean up your generator power.

How To Clean Up Generator Power?

No matter if you use a generator for emergency backup or to get electricity in remote areas, you need power. Regardless of your generator model or brand, you can clean up its power by following the below steps:

how to clean up generator power

Condition of the generator:

In the first step, you should check the overall condition of your generator. Inspect the stuck buttons, loose wires, loose nuts or bolts, corroded elements, loose connections, frayed wiring, etc. Along with all these, you also need to check the possible inner and outer parts of your generator.

Keep the engine clean:

Since the engine is one of the vital parts of a generator, you must keep the engine clean and protected. You should clean it regularly so that no dirt can accumulate in the generator engine. If you see any trace of dirt or similar things, remove these immediately.

Rinsing your generator engine by warm water is the best way to clean your generator. After this, you should instantly dry the exterior so that it will function properly every time you run it. Keep in mind that it’s not good to use a pressure washer to clean it. You should not also try any other way to rinse your generator.

Using clean fuel:

You should always keep in mind that using clean fuel in your generator is very important. Never store the fuel in a dirty place or dirty things. It would be best if you did not refuel your generator with a dirty funnel and in dusty conditions.

Cleaning the filter:

It’s essential to check the fuel strainer and filter of your generator every month. It will keep your generator in good condition. If any sediment piles up there, you need to shut off the fuel line valve before you use your generator. It would be best if you also cleaned the sediment reservoir, filter screen, the tank and tank sides, filter element, etc. before refilling the generator.

Inspect the fuel leakage:

You should regularly check if there is any fuel leakage in your generator. You can quickly figure it out if your generator is clean and dry. It’s not only mandatory to get answers to the question of how to clean up generator power but also to save fuel and fuel cost.

Look over the air filter:

If you want to keep your generator in proper working conditions every day, you should check the air filter regularly and take steps for maintaining its good condition. No matter how dirty the air filter is or what state it has, you must clean the air filter once every 100 hours. Changing the air filter every month is also recommended.

Battery condition:

You also need to inspect the battery condition, the distilled water of the battery, and every other thing related to this. Checking the voltage of the battery is also necessary to keep your generator properly functional all time. It’s better to replace the battery every two to three years.


You should change the lubricant oil by following the manufacturer’s instructions. You also need to change the filter after a certain period or when it’s needed. Generally, you need to do this once a year until it gets damaged due to any other issues. Along with checking the lubrication of the generator, you also need to make sure the oil level of the fuel tank is perfect. You should also top it up when it’s necessary.

Regular use:

Starting up your generator on a regular basis is especially needed if you want to clean up your generator power.  You should not leave your generator unused for a longer time. You have to make sure that you start it up at quarterly intervals.

Store the generator properly:

You must keep or store your generator in such a place that is open or has good ventilation systems. You should not keep it in a wet or closed place. It will not only help you with the lower noise level of your generator but also keep your unit in good condition for a longer time.

Generator Maintenance:

One of the most important parts of keeping your generator in good condition and fully functional is going through proper maintenance of your generator. You should take the help of an experienced electrician to service it twice a year. No matter if you use your unit regularly or irregularly, you should service it, as mentioned.

How To Clean Up Generator Power


After reading all the steps, you have come to know how easy it is to clean up your generator power. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Hopefully, you have got your answer to how to clean up generator power. If you become able to follow all the steps above properly, you will get continuous and clean backup power along with the extended lifespan of your generator.

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