How to Drain Gasoline from Generator

Generators are essential machines for use in people’s residential areas and offices alike. They provide the power that runs our appliances continually. Since they are of great importance to our lives, we need to maintain them to continue providing us a service.

But how are these machines maintained? Draining gasoline from these machines before storage is one of the excellent maintenance strategies for these machines. Let’s enlighten our readers about how to drain gasoline from generator today.

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We will cover the steps involved in draining gasoline from generators. Check this part to get your desired one by one click.

Do You Need to Drain Gas from Generator?

There is a need to maintain our machines in the best way to provide us a long-term service. Just as other machines, generators need extensive care and maintenance to enable us to reap its benefits. An example of a maintenance routine for our generators is cleaning the generator components regularly. This prevents the buildup of dirt that can make them malfunction.

Drain Gasoline from Generator

However, regular cleaning of the generator components isn’t the only way of maintaining these machines. Emptying their fuel tanks serves as a maintenance strategy in different forms. People drain gasoline from their generators for different reasons.

You can perform the exercise before storing the machine as well as when you need to carry out scheduled maintenance. Consequently, draining is paramount if you intend not to use your Gasless Generator for a long time ahead. Such a period might range from maybe a week and more days to come. Draining will prevent the buildup of gum in the gasoline tanks.

How to Drain Gasoline from Generator

Does the draining entail any procedure? Of course, there are a lot of things you need to stay cautious with when operating generators. Remember, these devices generate power, and they might need proper handling to prevent causing any mishap. Follow the provided steps to comprehend how to drain gasoline from generator.

How to Drain Gasoline from Generator

 Step One: Turning the Fuel Valve Off

Safety is paramount when dealing with machines. When intending to drain gasoline from a generator, you start the process by turning off the fuel valve. This prevents settling of fuel in the fuel systems.

Turning the valve off prevents ethanol gasoline from attaching other components. Consequently, you need to pull the hose off before draining the machine. You need a pair of pliers for this task. Just twist it and get it off before you kick-start the project.

Step Two: Reattaching a New Hose to the Fuel Valve

After the above accomplishments, get a new or another hose for use for the draining exercise. Here, you will require a one-fourth-inch hose. Such size hoses are available in auto parts stores all over. You will reattach the new hoses to the fuel valve in preparation for the draining exercise.

Step Three: Set the Gasoline Collecting Bowl Ready

You will preserve the gasoline you drain from the generator for future use. Get a plastic bowl where you will drain your gasoline to. Now, you will tilt the generator to enable gasoline to gather at one point or side. Allow the gasoline out through the one-fourth-inch hose to the collecting bowl.

Step Four: Ensure All Gasoline Comes Out of the Generator

The tilt isn’t enough to allow all gasoline out of the generator. Use a screwdriver to remove screws used to fasten the recoil starter as well as the air filter plate. Take the plate apart and go for the carburetor. Use pliers to open the bolt that holds the carburetor into place. Now, once open, allow gasoline in the carburetor to run out completely.

Step Five: Reinstallation of Disassembled Components

Lastly, get back all the disassembled parts to their places. Use pliers to get back the carburetor bolt into its place. Consequently, use your screwdriver to drive in screws holding the plate to its respective place.

The process above applies to almost all generator models in the market. If still, this guide seems not comprehensive, the manual guide has it in detail. Ensure you read through the guide before you attempt the draining process.

You need to follow the expert steps above to drain your machine the best way. Now, you are free to carry out scheduled maintenance without worrying about possible mishaps during the process. Moreover, those who intended to store their generators can do so. Keeping these machines without gasoline prevents gum buildup in the gasoline tank.

Safety Tips When Drain Gasoline from Generator

When draining gasoline from generators, there are safety tips you need to consider to prevent mishaps from happening.Safety Tips When Drain Gasoline

First, ensure you employ the operator’s guide to accomplish such a project. Consequently, ensure the engine isn’t running when conducting the project. Allow it completely stop to conduct the activity safely.

Furthermore, remember the generator components heat up when using these machines. Therefore ensure you allow them completely cool before touching them to prevent attaining burns on your skin.

Nevertheless, ensure you keep off things like cigarettes and any fire-generating things from gasoline. Such things might cause fires that can cause mishaps to your property as well as the dwellers.


Understood how to drain gasoline from generator? Draining gasoline from generators is paramount for storage purposes or when working on scheduled maintenance. You require draining all gasoline from the gasoline tank before you commence with any intended activity ahead. The above presentation provides steps professions employ when performing the draining exercise.

Besides the steps, generator owners should remain attentive in everything they do during this process. Remember, generators are power generating machines, and they can pose you into dangers alike. The safety precautions above are paramount in ensuring you drain the machines as required. Otherwise, any mistake might cause unfortunate mishaps during the process.

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