How to Install a Generator in a 5th Wheel?

In the 5th Wheel, a generator is a must-needed equipment for ensuring the constant power supply. Therefore most of the 5th Wheel comes with a built-in generator. Sometimes this built-in generator is unable to handle all the electrical appliances. Consequently, it is needed to install an extra generator to run all the electric gears perfectly.

To install a generator on the 5th Wheel, you need to pick the right location first. Then check the bumper to determine whether it supports the weight of the generator or not. The guide is all about How to Install a Generator in a 5th Wheel and going through it to the end will make the job easier than it sounds.

What Size Generator for 5th Wheel?

The size of the generator for the 5th wheel is not fixed since there are plenty of factors that need to be determined first. Depending on the 5th wheel type and electrical appliance inside the wheel are the main reason here. Also what type of fuel you want in your generator is a considerable thing. After determining all those factors properly you need to think about the Size of the Generator.

What Size Generator for 5th Wheel?

A 5th wheel generally comes with a lot of electrical gear inside of it. Like, LCD, TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. Therefore, you need to calculate the watt of those appliances and determine exactly what amount of watt you need on your generator. Otherwise, you may experience a power shortage while running your electrical gear.

Generally, most 5th wheels come with Onan Generators, and after examining the need for the power it should ideally be 50 amp instead of 30 amp. Besides, most 5th wheel generators blow out between 2000 watts to 4000 watts. 2000 watts is enough for a smaller trailer and 4000 watts is needed for a big RV trailer.

In addition, the fuel type of the 5th wheel generator is a big concern for sizing the generator. Normally most of the 5th wheel generators have three types of fuel like Gasoline, Propane, Diesel. The inverter generators come in a bigger size than any Gasless Generator. Therefore people who consider a small size generator for their 5th Wheel frequently choose a Gasless Generator.

Where to Place a Generator in 5th Wheel

Most of the 5th wheel comes with a pre-installed generator. When your wheel does not have any inbuilt generator, you can install a portable generator and place it yourself. To dictate where to place the generator, you need to first check your generator. The place you select to install the generator mostly depends on what type of 5th wheel you have. Most of these vehicles come with a built-in Generator Compartment. You can use the front storage compartment or rear area to install it. Remember the place should always be near the bumper.

Where to Place a Generator in 5th Wheel

According to the expert’s suggestion, if you are camping with a fifth-wheel trailer, you can install it on the front compartment in the front area. When your front area has not adequate space you can also put it on the rear of the trailer. Before mounting the generator you need to consider the weight of the generator. Examine whether this compartment is enough to hold the generator or not. If needed, place a support structure at the bumper before installing the generator. Nevertheless, when you want another location to place it you can Contact an Expert Rv Mechanic.

How to Install a Generator in a 5th Wheel

Installing an onan or portable generator on your fifth wheel requires a decent investment of time and much more energy. By following some simple steps you can do it by yourself. Here’s how to do it.

How to Install a Generator in a 5th Wheel

Step 1: Place the Generator in your Choosing area

After selecting the area to place the generator, place it in the compartment properly. If you are using the fifth wheel for dry camping, you need to put the generator on a frame near the trailer. It must be behind the propane tank and close to the hitch.

Step 2: Mount Support for the Generator

Use a fabricated support structure to handle the generator weight. That might need extra steps to complete the process. You can attach a metal channel or Bumper Hitch. Place it to support by drilling or bolting it with the bumper.

Step 3: Install the Generator

Put the generator on the desired platform. Try to keep the weight on the platform’s center and secure it. If your 5th wheel generator has holes in the base, spot them with bolts to secure them. And if not have any holes then attach it with ratchet straps.

Step 4: Wire the Generator

There are a couple of options to wire your generator. It depends on your desire how automated the system would be. But the easiest way is to plug the shore power cord into the generator’s receptacle. The other way of wiring This type of RV generator is to transfer the switch. That will allow you to connect two sources. To complete the process, connect one side of the transfer switch with the generator’s AC output.

Safety Tips When Install a Generator in a 5th Wheel

The installation procedure of a generator in a 5th wheel is a heavy task to do. A small mistake here can lead to severe injuries. So, these following tips below regarding the safety will help you complete this task without issues.

Safety Tips When Install a Generator in a 5th Wheel

  • Wear protective equipment like safety glass, hard hats, steel-toe boots, and protective clothing.
  • Do not install the generator when the cover doors are removed.
  • Hot metal parts can cause severe burns. Therefore avoid touching the turbocharger and exhaust system.
  • To prevent accidents while working with the generator Disconnect Negative Battery Cable.
  • Ensure all the parts and plug are properly connected in the right place to avoid further accidental damage.


To sum up, there is still some debate on whether you should use a portable generator or use built-in RV generators. The good thing about having a portable generator in your fifth wheel is that it is always ready to run when you need it. Many people also use propane generators instead of using a built-in generator due to low power production. But the installation process is the same for all types of generators.

We hope this guideline on How to Install a Generator in a 5th Wheel will be effective for you. If you have further quarry in this regard you can comment below. We aim to reply to you ASAP.

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