How to Make Your Generator Quiet as a Cricket for Camping?

Generator, is it necessary to explain what actually it is? we don’t think so as the maximum number of people are acquainted with this incredible invention. With the passage of time, demand for electric power has been amplifying and generators have become universal over the years.

Generators are now congenital in our daily lives. Whether you go camping, or for using at home, or office, you need generators. If electricity fails, It helps charge your devices like laptops, cell phones, and operating air conditioners, right?

Though it comes up with plenty of advantages, there is a problem with their extreme sounds while running. That’s the reason, a remarkable number of people avoid using it. However, the good news is, it can be reduced by applying some methods.

To make your generator quiet, you’ll need to use, sound deflector, silencer, shelter box, or soundproof.  You can purchase the super silent generators as well that are now available both offline and offline. If you would like to know details on How to Make Your Generator Quiet As a Cricket, follow the rest of the article.

Why Is Generator So Noisy?

Before going to make generators quiet, it is inevitable to perceive why generators are so noisy, right? Well, there are different types of generators available like inverter generators, portable generators, Remote Start generators, and more. Almost all types of generators make so much noise except super silent.

Why Is Generator So Noisy

Generators produce energy through engines that make extreme levels of sound while running even in costly models. The sounds of generators are measured by decibels. Usually, the sounds it makes range between 60 to 90 decibels and even it can cross over 100 as well.

Research shows that an inexpensive generator makes more loud noise than an expensive one. Sometimes, a generator’s noise levels increase when it is in need of fixing up or wearing down. When you notice difficulty with the engine or smoking, it is better to call a professional for repairing it.

How to Make Your Generator Quiet as a Cricket

To get relief from annoying noise and make the generator quiet, people find effective ways. It is true that generators produce extremely noisy sound, that doesn’t mean you can’t fix it. For that, you have to do something and execute some of the effective methods.

How to Make Your Generator Quiet as a Cricket

Here, we have demonstrated some of the ways that will get you to fix the sound issues of generators. So, without any further fuss, let’s jump to the main topic.

1. Make a Soundproof Generator Box

If you purchase a noisy generator and you are puzzled about quieting it, this solution will be efficacious for you. It is much more convenient than the other methods. Just go to the market and get an enclosure quit box that is soundproof. It will aid in reducing the annoying sound that your generator produces.

Quiet box gets you out, reducing the overall noise levels of your generator. The mentionable thing about the enclosure quiet is able to alleviate all types of noise coming out of the generators. Even if the sound comes from the exhaust, engine, or cooling fan, it can be reduced easily.

Keep in mind that, it is one of the most effective methods that can remove all exhaust noise and bring comfort. However, if you don’t intend to purchase a soundproofing box, then you can make it at your home. But you need a few pieces of equipment to make it at home.

  • Foam Mats
  • Green Glue
  • Ventilation Duct
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)
  • Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF)

All essential equipment that you need to make a soundproof box is available at Amazon.

2. Use Soundproof Mate and Rubber Mate

This is another easy but conclusive way to quiet your generator like cricket. By including rubber to wrap up the generator’s feet, will help quiet vibration and confers flexible touch and reliable handling. Along with that, you can use soundproof mate under the generators which helps to maintain the low noise level.

These two types of mats hold other benefits too. Vibration occurs in every generator and if you place the rubber mate or soundproof mate, both of these maintain the level of vibration. Besides your generator can’t move while running.

3. Use Sound Deflector or Try Soundproofing System

We have come up with multiple solutions and utilizing a sound deflector is one of them. Have you heard about it? We hope you all are familiar with this. It’s contemplated as a new soundproofing concept. But it is undoubtedly true that very few people know the practical use of it.

Use Sound Deflector or Try Soundproofing System

A soundproofing system basically soaks up energy and prevents it from sticking out or coming in. you can execute the method for two purposes. If your generator is located far out, you can use a sound deflector that doesn’t permit it to be excluded.

A sound deflector is nothing but diverting the sound without proofing it. Thus, you can use the soundproofing system to avoid entering sound noise in your living room, if your generator is placed in an open ground.

4. Repair Muffler

Soundproofing devices are automatically included inside generators to decrease the sound. These are known as Mufflers. If you notice that your old generator or new generator that you purchased recently is noisy, then take it to an expert mechanic. He can inspect whether the fixed mufflers have quality or not.

Mufflers usually decrease the vibration and exhaust air to leave the generator. Thus the air pollution can’t occur and the generator works properly and effectively without any difficulties. The engine has two parts Valves and pistons that produce loud sound waves every time when they release hot and used up air through the exhaust system.  In that case, mufflers reduce the tremendous sound.

5. Adjust Generator Silencer

Generator silencers functionality is mostly similar to Mufflers but has little differences between them. Silencers work to decrease the noses at the time of the combustion process. So to get the generators without knowledge, you can use silencers.

This method is particularly connected to a decline in the sound imparted by combustion. So, if you are confronting a loud sound on your generator, we recommend using silencers as early as possible.

6. Purchase Eco-Mode Generators

Would you like to purchase a new generator for your home or office but getting afraid due to noise? We prefer buying an Eco-Mode generator that produces less sound than the old or portable generator. It is the latest technology generator that holds extra built-in features with high-quality mufflers. Eco-mode generators, also known as inverter generators, are different from traditional generators.

Eco-mode generators produce only 51-decibel sounds which are the quietest generators available in markets. Sound deflector technology has been included inside these types of generators that are cost-saving. So, we recommend not to get worried about the price of them.

7. Fix the Exhaust Pipe Vertically

As we inspected, the position and place of the Exhaust Pipe play a significant role in getting loud sounds from generators. According to some experts, if you locate the Exhaust Pipe Horizontally instead of Vertically, then you’ll surely get an unbearable sound that will irritate you. So position the pipe Vertically and get relief from terrible sounds.

8. With Water Bucket

It is another simple but effective way that can hold down the sound level of your generator. Using just some water and a hosepipe, you can get relief from unbearable sounds. Infill a bucket with water and prop up one side of the hosepipe on the generator exhaust and other parts in the bucket you filled.

Regular Caring Tips for Generator

Generator maintenance is necessary to get productive services. Unfortunately, the maximum number of generator owners don’t perceive how to care for a generator properly. Here, we have enlisted some of the caring tips that will help you out, we hope.

Regular Caring Tips for Generator

  • Inspect oil before using and change the oil after 20 hours of use.
  • Avoid using dirty fuel that is one of the prominent reasons for improper storage.
  • Check the air filter daily to inspect whether it is clean or not.
  • Before using, check whether there is any oil leakage. If the oil tank is leaked then replace it immediately.
  • Clean the engine of your generator to avoid any kind of damage.
  • Check the fuel strainer minimum once every month.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly generators are useful things in our daily life whether you go camping, or for your home. But, the sounds they produce are really irritating.

However, in the above, we have shown How to Make Your Generator Quiet As a Cricket. 8 different tried and tested methods have been demonstrated above. You can execute any of the methods to get relief from your Generator’s unbearable sound.

Those were our 8 tips to reduce the extreme noise of your generator. These may not make your generator quiet as cricket, but, these will reduce the generator’s sound that you can use without annoying.

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