How to Quiet a Portable Generator 2023

While the generators offer us plenty of benefits, portable generators generally produce noise that can annoy you. Even though manufacturers have made efforts to solve such a problem, they haven’t still gotten an amicable solution. So, what strategies should generator owners employ to curb these problems?

Now, generator manufacturers have made a step to devise different ways to minimize loud noises from their products. Our article outlines a few of these strategies to enable generator users to enjoy their machines’ service. Stay tuned to comprehend how to quiet a portable generator. 

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Reasons That Make a Portable Generator Louder

Generators are essential machines both in our areas of residence as well as at our workplaces. However important they are, they have some downsides as well. These machines make noise while operating to an extent they annoy owners at times. First, the muffler of your generator determines the machine’s noise production levels.

Portable Generator Louder

Most manufacturers ignore modifying their machines to produce less noise since this will raise the production cost. Another thing that influences a generator’s noise production level is its engine rpm while functioning. Most generators tend to operate to the highest rpm possible. However, others will run low to curb the excessive noise these machines produce.

Now, reducing the noise generators produce entails dealing with these noise influencers. Look at the excellent means of modifying the mufflers as well as the engine rpm. You shall enjoy the services of a quiet generator if you place everything in order before turning the generator on.

How to Quiet a Portable Generator

We have super loud generators, and others produce minimal noise as such. Now, those owning the super loud portable propane generator options can testify how annoying these machines are. However, victims of such machines should worry no more. Below we present excellent techniques to enable you to comprehend how to quiet a portable generator.

How to Quiet a Portable Generator

1. Select Proper Flooring for Your Machine

Before you think about modifying your generator, it’s essential to deal with the things at hand. For instance, where you place the machine plays a vital role in the level of sound the machine will produce. People put their generators anywhere without knowing how these surfaces influence noise production.

Manufacturers advise generator owners to avoid placing their generators on hard surfaces. For instance, these are on concrete floors, wooden floors, or even on floors made of tiles. Remember, generators vibrate when turned on. Hard floors amplify produced vibration and thus provide the loudest possible levels of noise.

Now, placing the generator on a soft floor remains the best choice here. These surfaces tend to absorb produced sound rather than amplifying it. If you lack otherwise but place it on a hard surface, you can mask the surface hardness in different ways. For instance, you can consider placing a thick blanket underneath the machine to dampen and absorb produced sound.

2. Employ a Silencer or Muffler

Generator manufacturers produce various products customers purchase separately to quiet their machines. For instance, some silences properly fit into exhaust ports to reduce the noise levels significantly. Usually, silencers get designed to force pass through a sound filter that reduces it down significantly.

However, these products don’t fit in all generator brands. You can install a silencer either yourself or hire an expert if you lack the know-how to deal with it. Consequently, you can fabricate a particular silencer or muffler to fit your generator model.

3. Operate the Generator in Soundproof Enclosures

Another way to curb sound produced by these machines is by operating them in soundproof enclosures. For instance, dog houses and sound boxes make the best enclosures to place these machines. These places will emit produced sound away as well as try to contain it.

However, there are precautionary measures you need to adhere to when operating these machines inside these enclosures. Remember, generators produce exhaust fumes, and they are dangerous to both pets and dwellers alike. So, ensure you open these places to send off all build-up exhaust fumes.

4. Purchase a Baffle Box for Your Generator

Baffle boxes simply work like when operating your generator in a soundproof enclosure. These boxes are relatively affordable as well as stronger than employing the plywood noise containment method. Depending on your wallet, you can either build an own baffle box or purchase a ready-made option.

However, when creating it yourself, mind about creating sufficient ventilation holes on the box. Consequently, remember to include a hole to drive out exhaust fumes produced. Other people paint the inside with tar and other forms of modification practices to curb more sound.

5. Plywood Method

Another excellent strategy to deal with the noise produced by your generator is employing the plywood method. However, the strategy only applies to the standalone generator models. You just require four pieces of plywood to curb any produced sound.

Portable Generator Plywood Method

Ensure the selected pieces of plywood are larger than the generator sides. Lean these pieces on the sides of the generator to construct something resembling a house or box. Even though they won’t eliminate all the noise, they will reduce it significantly. The rate at which plywood pieces reduce sound levels is approximately 10 decibels or even more.


These are not the only methods and techniques of reducing sound levels produced by generators. However, there still exist excellently performing generators that produce lower noise levels. But purchasing them requires you to dig deepest into the wallet since their price tags are relatively high as well.

Above we have enlightened learners about the reasons that make generators loudest. Besides, we have presented a few ideas that can help to curb such problems. Employ the strategies, and indeed you will enjoy services from your portable machine. I hope now you get the proper idea about how to quiet a portable generator.

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