How to Reduce Generator Noise?

Noise makes no good whether it is produced by humans or machines. It causes poor concentration in the workplace, communication difficulties, cardiovascular disease, and hearing loss. However, along with plenty of benefits of a generator, one of the biggest disadvantages of it is making noise while running.

Actually, the noise of the generator depends on a range of factors including, size, type, fuel source, and most importantly noise-canceling features. Thankfully there are plenty of solutions available on How to Reduce Generator Noise including using acoustic barriers and generator silencers.

But the great way to reduce generator noise is depending on quality purchase. Here in this article, we will guide you on this process. Stick with us to know more about the generator Noise.

Why Is My Generator Making So Much Noise

Generators produce electrical energy through the engine. In this process, it makes noise even in an expensive model and there are six types of noise in the generator that are related to different components. They are Engine Noise, Cooling Air Noise, Alternator Noise, Induction Noise, Engine Exhaust, and Mechanical Noise. All those are responsible for making 100-decibel levels.

Why Is My Generator Making So Much Noise

The most common cause of generator or portable generator loudness is cheap design and weak inferior quality components. Manufacturers frequently use low-quality pads, mufflers, soundproofing material to reduce the cost. The mufflers in portable generators are responsible for exhaust sound.

The vibrations of the generator because of poor nuts and bolts are another big reason behind loudness. Hence, the Level of Sound Intensity increases. And makes the environment noisy. However, there are generators like the Propane Generator that produce less noise than any other generator due to the low consumption of fuel.

How to Reduce Generator Noise

In case of not having a quiet generator, it is common to face a noise problem while running a generator. Before going to the Noise Reduction Procedure of the generator it is essential to understand the actual cause of the noise. Because there is no one-way solution for all types of noise. Here below, we mention some noise reduction procedures that might solve your problem. Here they are.

How to Reduce Generator Noise

1. Built a Soundproof Generator Box

Soundproof generator box made with wood panel and it completely encloses the generator. It leaves only a few gaps that prevent overheating. To make this wood, wall Plywood and MDF is the right choice and convenient option.

The making process of this soundproof generator box is simple and that needs only to do some DIY work. When the box is built, you need to cover the box with soundproofing materials. That will hinder the sound on the outside surface.

2. Apply Water Bucket Trick

Applying the water bucket method is not a permanent solution because this method channelizes the noise of the exhaust to a bucket of water. To make this work successfully join a hose to the exhaust and put the other end into a bucket of water.

Apply Water Bucket Trick

To make this method more convenient place a hole where those reach with the bucket to prevent entering any water in the exhaust pipes. Remember this method is only able to reduce the noise that is caused for exhaust noise, not by vibrations.

3. Use a Generator Silencer or Muffler

A generator silencer needs to be installed on the end of the exhaust pipes and they can reduce around 10-15 decibels sound level when everything is okay. Look for the Best Silencer or Muffler that is specially made for generators.

Some people use car silencers to the generator that is a wrong idea. Because the wrong type of silencers may cause frequent exploding. By understanding the concept and with a little knowledge you can make it by doing some DIY work.

4. Install Paddle Under the Generator

The most common cause of generator noise is vibration during running which is produced from the touch of the ground. A hard surface is responsible for making this sound noticeable. Using a paddle under the generator is a great solution.

Install Paddle Under the Generator

Apply a soft layer of padding underneath the generator that will act as an anti-vibration mount. Here in this process a rubber carpet or a similar type of material is sufficient to attach the generator to the ground perfectly.

5. Increase the Distance Between You and the Generator

Place your generator away as far as possible from you or your home. Though it is only possible for portable or RV generators to keep it far away. Placing generators at a far distance can reduce the noise up to 6 decibels.

Besides, placing a generator outside may not be possible for security reasons. But to get a sound-free environment without any investment this is the easiest solution for every generator owner.

Why a Generator’s Noise Level Is Important

Day by day, generators became a needed backup power instrument in the Home, Office, or in RV vehicles. And people use various types of generators according to their needs. But without knowing the Noise Level of the Generator they make a purchase and feel a hazardous condition for sound pollution.

Why a Generator’s Noise Level Is Important

According to the terms, noise level generators come in three types.

  • Soundproof generators
  • Generator with a noise level below 75 decibels
  • Generator with a noise level below 120 decibels

However, with understanding the importance of noise level in the generator you also need to know the decibels levels to clear your concept. Actually, decibels are the unit of sound measurement. Higher decibels mean louder noise. Generally, a sound that is above 70 decibels considers noise pollution. And the average noise level of generators is 70-80 decibels.

As a result, generator sound level is considered as a source of sound pollution. That is why understanding the importance of the generator’s noise level is important. Because due to noise pollution you may experience serious headaches, high blood pressure, and hearing problems. According to the European Environment Agency. 16,600 premature deaths and more than 72,000 hospitalizations are caused for sound pollution in Europe alone per year.


Since the sound of the generator is generic we need to find a solution to tolerate it. Otherwise, it will be responsible for serious health conditions due to constant noise pollution. But as we said earlier, a quality purchase by understanding the different noise levels is the first and foremost solution on How To Reduce Generator Noise.

To sum up, regular maintenance of the generator can also reduce the possibility of its internal sound making. For instance, cleaning your exhaust pipe on a regular basis decreases the noise transmission in a good number.

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