How To Start Generator Without Battery – Is it Possible?

A Generator is a portable power station that can supply energy instantly. It’s not creating electricity; instead, its converts mechanical or chemical energy into electricity. During the generator operation, a battery plays an important role. A battery is used to control the fuel injectors. What will you do if your battery is dead? Will you search for an answer on How to Start a Generator Without Battery?

By following the new technologies, a generator can be started without the help of a battery. Instead of a battery, you can use a supercapacitor. It works as a jump starter. To start the generator smoothly, use an Auto-Start Jumper Cable. However, stick with this article to know the procedure of how to install a supercapacitor in your generator. 

Can You Start A Generator Without A Battery? 

A standby generator and a car have the same type of engine. Even though they required fuel to make the engine run. There is also a battery need to run the generator components. A battery plays an important role when running the generator. While the power is out at the time, the engine can run within seconds. There are essential electronic components like a car, and a battery helps to operate them. So, the generator wouldn’t start without a battery.

Despite that, a Diesel generator known as  Best 50 Amp Generators has a relatively low maintenance battery that must change periodically. There is also a starting motor on the side of the diesel engine that is resolute direct current(24V). However, you don’t need to face such a hassle with a portable power supply to start a generator. The supercapacitor replaces the starting battery of a generator. They are environmentally free and had no toxic chemicals.

How To Start Generator Without Battery

Here in this section, our discussable topic is not How to Start Generator Without Battery. Instead, we will discuss How to start a generator with a capacitor. Because if your battery is dead, you can run your generator with the help of a Portable Battery Jump Starter. By confirming the battery is not in proper working order, you can hold the confidence that the unit runs to come on while the power goes out.

Start Generator Without Battery

Batteries go slowly lose power as they sit idle. So they impute to be charged occasionally. If a battery can self-discharge, it might lose the ability to recharge by ownself. A generator engine starts discharges a few when the generator starts. The amount of discharge of a battery depends on how long a generator runs every time, how often its run, the battery’s validity, and the level of charge in the battery.

If you have a battery warranty, call your generator company. If you find any defect in your device, call them also because it’s free according to warranty terms and conditions. Any question in your mind about your standby computer, or any of the components, like the battery, can be referred to your generator company. Due to the own structural advantages of a battery, the consumption of electrolytes is too small. It also has shock resistance, a high temperature, small size, and simple self-discharge.

Is It Safe To Start A Generator Without A Battery?

There is a lot of category generator in the market. All of these haven’t the safe operational function. Some of the generators, like diesel generators, need a battery essentially. Inside the diesel generator, there is a starting motor on one side. It is used to meet the opening requirements. However, people think about the safety of a generator in case of starting it without a battery.

The answer to this quarry is yes. It is entirely safe to start a generator without a battery. The supercapacitor doesn’t do any harm to the generator function. The small generator does not need any battery to start, and they are entirely safe, to begin with, a pull rope. The expert doesn’t find any disadvantages or adverse effects of running it’s without a battery. With a portable power supply

What To Do To Keep The Generator Battery In Good Condition?

In order to guarantee a secure and much economical operation of your power generator, you need to go with proper maintenance. If you can care for essential components, check the elements frequently. Most of the generators failed to start on time due to problems with circuits and power. Problem with power battery or in converter also is a noticeable problem. To keep your generator battery in good condition there are the following tips you should follow.

enerator battery in good condition

Check the batteries water level:

The liquid level of water tends to decrease with the uses. A low level of liquid in the battery can damage it. So you should place attention to this matter to add water when necessary.

Cleaning and Tightening the battery terminals:

Operation shows the creation of gaps between terminals of the battery. It produces oxidation between them. Thus, it should keep clean and tight. You can also put vaseline or any other protection product against oxidation.

Check the Voltage:

If your generator down for too long it is harmful to the battery. To keep the battery running you should start it periodically. It keeps all the components perfect and in hand in condition.

Also you can hockup inverter to battery.


In a generator, a battery bank is an essential part. It may directly not involve the generator function, but essential components when it starts. Dead batteries are the cause of the generator not starting on time, but fixing the battery compartment’s wall periodically can improve the battery condition.

However, if you look for an answer on How to Start Generator Without Battery, we hope you have got it. Thus starting the generator with a capacitor doesn’t hamper any parts of the generator, so you can follow this method. This method is much convenient and flexible.

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