Inverter Generator Vs Regular Generator

Picking the suitable generator for your requirement depends, whether you need it to deal with the unwanted power cuts or to use as a backup power source for your home appliances.  Do you know where people get confused picking in inverter generator vs regular generator? They do not understand why they need the generator. Funny right? But it is a fact, and for this, people end up having the wrong generator for the wrong use. We are going to know what the difference is between both generators and which one is perfect for your use.

Inverter Generator VS Regular Generator

The generators come with different engine types and power output. As all of them come with a similar usage process, confusion starts. But the popular two variations are a regular generator and an inverter generator.

Inverter vs regular generator

People are using a regular generator for decades to get constant power. Till now, the design and the power production process is the same. But the inverter generator is getting popular for a new process of power production, as the power is efficient and reliable. The key differences between these two generators are:

Key Differences Between The Inverter Generator Vs Regular Generator:

Inverter Generator Vs Regular Generator

  • Power generates type:

The main difference between the inverter and regular generator is, they both produce different power. The regular generator has AC power only while the inverter generates multi-phase AC power that can be converted to DC power, which is high frequency enough to invert a constant AC power. The technology of the inverter produces clean power for sensitive devices like laptops and smartphones. But the regular generator only has a power that is suitable for heavy-duty appliances and power tools.

  • Equivalent connections:

As the inverter provides low power output, they have the option to allow parallel connections for double power requirements. For this, you can use two power inverters at the same time to produce a double amount of power. On the other hand, the regular generator doesn’t need parallel connections as it produces enough amount of power.

  • Capabilities of power and fuel usage:

Every generator comes with a fuel tank as they need the proper amount of fuel to run. But the inverter needs less fuel for the small tank while the regular one needs a lot of fuel as the tank is big. With huge fuel, the power output of the regular generator is unmatchable. This power is best to use in a construction site, fire engines, elevator, etc. but with the inverter, you can’t run big projects. It is best for home use to power your appliances.

  • Portability:

You can’t match the portability of the inverter generator with the regular generator because the size matters. As the regular generator produces bulk power, so it has a big engine and fuel tank. This makes the generator heavy to move. While the inverter produces less power, and they don’t have a large engine and fuel tank. So, the inverter is light and portable to use.

  • Sound:

The sound of the regular generator is very noisy because of not having noise reducing mechanism while the inverter uses the technology and produces power quietly. The inverter is environment-friendly as it produces less emission than the regular generator.

Types Of Inverter Generator:

You will see the use of an inverter generator in every home when you are thinking of getting one. It is because it provides a smooth power supply in the devices without damaging them. The inverter generator comes in three types:

inverter generator

  • Square waveform inverter:

This inverter is cheap and simple. The power you will get from this inverter is an unstable AC phase that comes from the DC power. The power output is a square wave, and the AC power is not clean.

  • Quasi sine wave inverter:

This inverter is a little bit complex than a square wave inverter. The power conversion process gets halt when phase-shifting goes on. Quasi sine wave inverter makes no disturbance when you run basic electrics, but you shouldn’t use any sophisticated equipment with this inverter.  You can use a pure sine wave inverter for this type of sensitive equipment.

  • Sine wave inverter:

The pure sine wave inverter is the most complex. The pure AC signal comes from the square wave inverter after the altering process. The sine wave is efficient and requires less power. AC power is best for personal and commercial use.

What Are The Advantages Of An Inverter Generator?

Why will you take the inverter generator? What are the benefits? The answer is given below:

  • You can move the inverter easily as it is small in size and light in weight.
  • The inverter generator doesn’t need a lot of fuel because of the speed adjustment with the engine power. So, it requires less fuel to produce power.
  • You will not be able to know that your inverter is running because it works quietly.
  • The power you will get from the inverter is clean.
  • If you need a double power requirement, the inverter allows parallel connections.

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Types Of Regular Generator:

The regular generator is the source of powerful backup power. This generator uses gasoline, diesel, and propane to run. The main types of generators are three: portable, standby, and inverter.

Regular Generator

  • Portable generator:

This generator runs with diesel or gas and provides electrical power. The engine produces electricity using technology without any noise. You can use the power for your TV, refrigerator, and smart devices. For portability, you can take the generator anywhere you want.

  • Inverter generator:

With this generator, the engine produces pure AC power by using the alternator. The electric production gets into three phases. The AC power works in any frequency and voltage by using the proper equipment.

  • Standby generator

This electrical generator produces a huge amount of power automatically. It is the best option for the places where the power requirement is unlimited and constant.

What Are The Advantages Of A Regular Generator?

If you install a regular generator for the whole home, you will enjoy the benefits wholeheartedly. The benefits are:

  • During a power outage, your air conditioner, the heater will work smoothly. As the whole area will suffer for the darkness, you and your family will stay comfortably in the house.
  • You can run the HVAC system with the generator that will allow you to keep your environment air quality clean. This is good, where the weather is moist.
  • There is no chance of having a damaged device or appliances if you use a generator for your whole house.

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Comparison Between Inverter Generator Vs Regular Generator – Which Is The Best?

The best way to pick up the generator you need is by determining the power amount and where it will be used. With the regular generator, you can run the whole home, a worksite without any hamper. While with the inverter generator, outdoor activities, a long tour gets comfortable by using the inverter as you can complete your work on the laptop just sitting in your car and plugging the inverter as the backup power source. So you have to decide which is the best upon the use of the power source.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some answers that you ask us several times. We hope you will find a solution if you have the same query.

Is the inverter generator necessary?

If you want a quiet, fuel-efficient, and environment-friendly power production generator, then an inverter generator is suitable for you.

Are inverter generators reliable?

It depends on the use, the movement, and the flexibility offering of the inverter you are using.

Can an inverter generator run a refrigerator?

Yes, because it converts the DC power to 120-volt AC power that is capable of running a refrigerator.

Final Thought:

Do you want a generator to power your whole house, or will you use it for fun? The answer will help you to get between inverter generator vs regular generator. With a regular generator, you can power your whole house to stay comfortably in any situation. And if you want the inverter to enjoy a picnic or a long ride, then pick the that suits you.

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