Inverter Or Generator Which Is Best For Home Use

Confusion between inverter or generator which is best for home use? Then at first, know about inverter and generator separately as they are different gear with a different purpose.  Then pick the one that will help you run all the appliances and devices you want when grid power giving no support. The generator converts non-electrical energy to energy, and the inverter converts the DC power to AC power. Let’s talk about more about both power backup source.

Inverter Or Generator Which Is Best For Home Use

Inverter Or Generator Which Is Best For Home UseThe power cut problem is getting a major problem day by day, and dealing with this problem, the power production industry is designing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective backup power source machines. The machines come in two technologies – one is a generator, and the other one is the inverter. There is a significant difference between these two machines. Here are some important differences pointed out below:

Weight and size:

The inverters come in small size and light in weight. For the weight and size, the inverter is portable. You can take them with you in any place in your car.

The generator is heavy and bulky. You will not want to move them without any emergency situation. If you’re going to move it, you have to manage a big frame and wheels.

Run time and fuel tank size:

The generator’s fuel tank size determines the run time. As the generator size is vast, so the tank size is also significant to adjust the size. As a result, the run time of the generator is long and efficient.

Whereas the inverter generator automatically produces power by adjusting the engine speed by using technology. Here the fuel is used up to 40 percent.


The engine of the power inverter is quiet, has sound-reducing technology. You will not get any sound when the inverter is running. The power production process in the inverter is quiet and saves the fuel as it uses microprocessors.

The standby generator runs at continuous speed and makes the load heavy; for this, the generator is loud. The old model generators are very noisy. Some generators come with less sound-making technology but not like the inverter.

Power output:

if you need a massive amount of power, then a generator with the ability of power output 500 watts to 50000 watts is the best option for you.

The inverter cannot produce so much power. It can only produce up to 1000 to 4000 watts. So you can t think of using an inverter to run the welder.

Power quality:

The inverter engine is connected to an alternator that helps to convert the DC power to AC power. The conversion produces steady and pure AC power.

The generator produces direct power, and the power quality is not good. You cannot think of running your smartphone and laptop with the generator power. Use inverter power instead to run them.

Parallel use:

You can use two inverters together at the same time to get double output. But with the generator, you can’t get this benefit.


The inverter is expensive than the standby generator because the use of the phase system, microprocessors, and rectifiers made the inverter costly.

The generator is not cheap but less costly.

Types Of Power Inverter

To know about the types of inverter, you have to understand the three parameters. By analyzing the types of power inverter, you can choose the best power inverter for home easily.  So here are the parameters in brief:Types Of Power Inverter

The first parameter is the type of power input source. The input source comes in two categories:

  • The current source inverters. But they are not popular.
  • The voltage source inverters. This type is famous worldwide.

The second parameter is the number of output levels. This type also comes in two categories.

  • An average level inverter that only works with voltage levels they are +Vdc and -Vdc. Sometimes, you can also have a zero voltage level from this inverter.
  • The multilevel inverter uses multiple voltage levels. They come with a flying capacitor inverter, diode-clamped inverter, hybrid inverter, and cascade h-bridge inverter.
  • And the third parameter is the number of phase-type. The inverters are categorized into three-phase inverter- single-phase inverter, three-phase inverter, and multi-phase inverter.

What Are The Benefits Of Power Inverter In-Home Use?

You will hear people are talking about purchasing the best power inverter for home. If you are a new user, then you will think about what benefits of the power inverter are. Stop thinking and start reading the benefits below:

  • The power output of the inverter is high in quality. Your smart devices will get pure and reliable power from the inverter.
  • Small and light size allows the use of versatile and effective.
  • As the inverter generator adjusts the engine speed automatically and produce the required power whenever you want, you can tell the fuel efficiency is high enough. With the inverter, fuel consumption gets less up to 40%.
  • The inverter runs and produces energy quietly and sufficiently. The sound-reducing material makes the generator quiet.
  • The best thing about the inverter is you can use two inverters at the same time to enjoy double power output.

Note: I know, now, you are looking at the topic of how to choose a power inverter. Check the article about it and choose one for your home.

Types Of Generator

Enough talking about the inverter generator. We can’t just deny the fact that the generator is also an essential power backup source. A big construction site, hospitals, concert can’t be thinking of work in a power cut without a generator. There are hundreds of generators in the market; here are four types of generators that you can choose to use for your home.Types Of Generator

The Technology Used In Generator:

By using technology, the generator comes in three types:

Conventional generators:

This type of generator has been used for decades. You can run this generator with diesel, propane, and gasoline.

Inverter generator:

This generator is the modern version of the generator. The compact size and power transmission make the generator versatile and efficient.

PTO generator:

This type of generator is popular is the agriculture sector. The tractor PTO runs the engine of this generator.

Based on using fuel, there are four types of generators:


The gasoline e generator is used in different big projects. The generator needs less fuel to produce the right amount of power.


Diesel generators are best to use in construction sites because they can generate a massive amount of highly efficient power.

Natural gas:

The generators with natural gas, especially propane generator, is considered as the best propane generator for home use. You will get the full amount of power without thinking of refueling because the generator is unlimited and storable.


By using solar power, a solar generator is efficient enough to run a construction site. But as it works with the battery, make sure to keep the battery charged before using it.

Power Supply:

You will get two types of the generator if you consider the power supply. They are:

AC generator:

This generator produces power by using the transformer. There are alternators in this generator.

DC generator:

The mechanical energy gets converted to electrical power in this generator. It is easy to operate.

What Are The Benefits Of The Generator In-Home Use?

Using a generator for home use has benefits. You will get a continuous power supply; even the power cut gets extended for days. Let’s have a look at what benefits the generator do in our life:

  • A power cut can happen anytime. Sometimes the blackout stays for days because of a natural disaster. You can’t stay in the dark for some time, let alone for days. To avoid this kind of occurrence, you have to install a generator in your home. By this, you can get constant power supply even your entire neighborhood is in the dark.
  • When you are building your dream house, you will need a generator to generate power. This generator reduces the construction costs and lets you use a heavy-duty tool smoothly.
  • In farming, the use of the generator is popular. Food preservation, running farm gets easy for the generator.
  • Your home value gets high when you install the generator for home use. If any time you want to sell your house for any reason, you can sell the house at a high price just for the generator. My recommendation is to get the best propane generator for home. It is an excellent investment.

Note: Now, you’re concern about the benefits and uses of generators on your house, but you only get the benefit when you choose the right one. Read the following article, how to choose a generator to get the right generator for your home if you are interested in taking one.

My Point Of View About – Inverter Or Generator Which Is Best For Home Use

Here we have talked about inverter or generator which is best for home use. If you ask my opinion between the two, then I will go for the inverter generator because the inverter one runs better for a long time. The generators that come with the inverter are lightweight, quiet, and efficient.

If you need a massive amount of power, then the generator is the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we include some answers to the questions that you frequently ask us.

Is power inverter good for home use?

Yes, the power inverter is perfect for home use as it provides pure energy to run devices.

Can I leave my inverter on all the time?

No, it can’t run all the time as it will shut down when the voltage panel gets low.

Can a generator charge a battery?

Yes, it can recharge the battery.

Is it okay to leave a generator running all night?

NO, because you can’t refuel a running generator that will lead to a fatal accident.

Final Thought

If you can understand the inverter or generator which is best for home use, then you can go for the better option. For convenience and fuel efficiency, people choose the inverter generator for home use. If you want the bulk of the power at less price, then go for the generator.

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