Portable Generator Theft and How to Prevent It? – Safety Guide

Portable generators are alternative power supply machines we use to run appliances whenever there are power outages. However, as essential they are in our homesteads, they have some challenges alike. These machines are prone to theft.

So, the question is about portable generator theft and how to prevent it? How do generator owners deal with such a challenge? Now, generator theft cases have turned rampant worldwide. Reducing such cases requires nothing other than keeping an eye on these units at all times. This article will clear the rest of the double. Read on.

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This article presents ideas about securing generators from theft and the best practices to maintain these machines safely. Check this section and get the part you want by one click.

Do Generators Get Stolen?

Generator theft is a common happening in different states, and the act is even growing rampant nowadays. Portable generators get designed easy to move to different locations for use. They also make the easiest options for thieves to go away with compared to the permanent standby models.

However, we can’t just look at how the theft cases continue rising all day. Why can’t we opt for larger models that make it difficult to carry by the thieves? Likewise, why can’t we mount our portable generators to prevent intruders from easily carrying them away? It’s real people who steal generators, and we have a mandate to safeguard these machines from these people.

How to Secure a Portable Generator from Theft?

We need to safeguard our generators from the wrong hands to continue reaping their services. While doing this, it’s essential to consider all possible means to reduce intruders’ chances of accessing these machines. Let’s discuss portable generator theft and how to prevent it.

Portable Generator Theft

1. Construct a Gated Fence

Safeguarding your generator starts by erecting a gated fence in your home and ensures it’s always under a lock. Even though thieves can still access the contents in the compound, the fence can discourage others. Consequently, a fence can delay their execution process and end up catching them. Erecting a gated fence should or must serve as the priority to safeguard your portable generator.

2. Use Surveillance Cameras with Alarms

Another significant consideration to mind is about installing surveillance cameras and alarms in your compound. These security alarms will notify you with an alarm whenever they detect motion in the compound. Obviously, a thief will escape whenever an alarm rings to avoid being caught up. Installing surveillance cameras work even better than erecting fences since thieves hate working in areas configured with these gadgets.

3. Remove the Generator Wheels

Most portable generator for construction models have wheels to enable owners to move them freely to where they need to use them. Seemingly, these wheels make it easy for thieves to pull the generator away when stealing it. Therefore, generator owners get advised to remove these wheels and get them back when they need to move the machines. Consequently, ensure you store the wheels off the generator where thieves won’t sight them.

4. GPS Trackers Performs Perfect

Thieves are crazy, and they usually plan their execution process perfectly than any other planned thing. GPS trackers don’t prevent thieves from stealing generators but just locate them when stolen. Usually, thieves stay with us, and whenever your generator misses, worry less; it’s just around your locality. Cops as well yourself will use the tracker to locate where the machine is hidden.

5. Purchase a Silent Generator Model

Most generator models produce a lot of noise that can irritate both you and neighbors who need moments of silence. Consequently, noise can attract the attention of thieves to get away with it. However, there are silent generator sets around you can purchase, and no one will ever know you have it around. Even though these models cost higher, they provide you peace of mind that no one will ever know you own a generator.

6. Consider Chaining Your Generator

Chaining a generator to a permanent or large structure is another excellent way of securing your generator from thieves. Like other methods, chaining doesn’t prevent thieves from stealing the machines but rather discouraging others. Many get discouraged by the time they spend cutting the chain that might pose them to the dangers of being caught. Employing this strategy alongside the top options will maintain these devices to continue serving you.

7. Construct a House for the Generator

Creating a permanent location for your generator also helps curb the issue of generator theft in different ways. However, you need to construct the structure using metallic solid materials like steel rods as such. Constructed houses must always be under a lock and near or next to your home. Nevertheless, ensure you build it with proper ventilation and keep checking on it regularly.

Construct a House for the Generator

Best Practices for Keeping Portable Generator Safe

Apart from the securing strategies above, there are practices to play in maintaining generators safely. For instance, generator owners should avoid spreading the idea of the presence of the machine around. Not all people who receive the information will take it lightly; others will help planning to steal it. Therefore let your generator remain a secret to you and just the family members.

Keeping Portable Generator Safe

Secondly, it’s paramount you store your generator in a safe place once you finish using it. You might, at times, leave for a while, awaiting the machine to cool for storage. However, you should do this immediately after turning it off. Identify a secure location in your home where you will store this machine after services.

Lastly, ensure you put your portable generator out of sight from intruders and passersby. Identify a hidden location where you will operate the generator from. For the super loud generators, ensure you strategize how to minimize noise from the machine.

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Readers and generator owners have gotten insight about portable generator theft and how to prevent it. Portable generator owners have the mandate to ensure their machines are always in the right places at all times. Always ensure these machines are in enclosed rooms and maintain an eye on them at certain time intervals. Remember, thieve comes any time and from anywhere, therefore ensure the entire compound is secure.

Incorporating the security guidelines above will give you peace of mind about your generator wherever you go. Also, always inform your family members to help you maintain an eye on these machines. Otherwise, any slightest mistake might cost you several coins to purchase a new generator.

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