Should I Buy A Generator In 2023

Imagine enjoying a party with all your friends and family at your house. All of a sudden, an emergency power cut takes place and ruins the party! It feels inconvenient, right? Now imagine having a generator standby; you can start it and keep on enjoying the party without any real interruption. Having a generator doesn’t only serve these types of emergencies; it also comes in handy when a hurricane or cyclone causes blackouts for days.

It can also be a great power backup if you own an RV, go camping to remote areas, or have a boat to power up in the ocean. The facilities with a generator are virtually endless, especially if you have some critical power needs. If you’ve been wondering why should I buy a generator or confused about its applications, stick to the article to decide.

Should I Buy A Generator?

A generator is a tool or machine that can be life-saving equipment to own if you need power in your house, boat, RV, or workshop. You must consider getting a generator if you’re living in an area where power cuts are a common phenomenon. If a hurricane, tornado, or any other disaster makes its way into the grid, the power cut may last for days. It may even last for 7 to 10 days, as the previous power outage histories suggest. Sailing out with a boat, or camping with RV, you need the power to keep moving; a generator can get you that power.


Why Should I Buy A Generator?

Now you have a brief idea about the reasons why you should get a generator. Here are the detailed reasons if you’re still wondering why should I buy a generator:

It can be a life-saving machine

If you have diabetes or have a family member who needs regular insulin dosage, you might have already understood what I’m referring to. You have to store your insulin in a refrigerator, so it’s mandatory to keep your refrigerator up and to run. The same goes for the other items that require mandatory refrigeration to keep safe, and it’s the most common for drug stores.

If you have a sump pump

If you rely on a sump pump to keep your basement dry and clean all the time, getting out of power can be a big disaster. It would help if you got a generator to keep your sump pump running without stopping pumping the water to stay dry. It’s also true if you have a regular pump running to keep an emergency waterflow or air pump for farming and so on.

High-risk climate area

Every home in a high-risk climate area should consider having a generator to keep on going while confronting a disaster. High-risk climate areas can be dangerous for people with special needs like life support, cooling or heating tasks, etc. if you’re living in a high-risk area, get a generator and be sure to get the right fuel choice because the fuel choice can get you big trouble.

High risk climate area

If you have an electric car

Electric cars are the future, and people are converting vastly into electric cars; hybrids at least. However, the charging docks are not widely available around the country yet for these cars. If you own an electric car and go for long rides, you should consider getting a generator to get your vehicle a seamless run. It will help you avoid power failures in the middle of nowhere to charge the car’s battery.

Portable power tools

If you’re a professional and use portable power tools, it’s a necessity to get a portable generator for the job. A generator will help you use your tools and machines when you’re not in the shop or house and working in a field or construction site.

Outdoor camping and events

An energy source is the most important thing to consider while going out for camping or planning for an event. Getting a generator can solve the problem and get you the energy in a remote area. However, make sure you’re getting a good inverter propane generator for a quieter operation.

Preventing food spoilage

Keeping your food in your fridge or refrigerator can be a big problem if your generator cannot run due to a power outage. Food in the refrigerator can stay good for a few hours at most if a power cut happens. It’s the most important thing if you’re living in an area where power outage is a common phenomenon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about generators that people around the web are trying to get answers to:

When should I buy a generator?

There is no aptly fit time frame for buying a generator; if you have any of these reasons I’ve mentioned, it’s NOW when you can go for buying a generator.

Can you run a generator overnight?

Yes, you can run a generator for all night or day long if the fuel container is large enough. However, never make the mistake of refueling the generator while it’s running or still hot.

How long do generators last?

A regular portable household generator can run for about 3000 to 5000 hours with proper care. As households don’t use the generator daily, it can last you for over a decade with maintenance.

Can I run a generator in the rain?

You should never run a generator in a wet condition, especially in the rain, because water can get into the outlet. The water can damage the generator or cause electrocution to humans or pets.

Final Thought

Keeping the lights on, keeping warm in the winter, and comfort during a disaster is crucial. You need a generator to help you keep going without any problem. However, after you know why should I buy a generator, it can be confusing because there are plenty of things to consider in it.

Mostly, a major but small specification might double-up the price to a similar generator with almost the same output. Despite all the odds, if you can choose the right generator, you can outrun the disasters and light up the dark. Keep in mind that you need the right fuel choice and operation method in the generator to get the best service from it.

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