Westinghouse 9500 Generator Reviews Which Actually Worth Buying!

Tired of wrestling with your generator to get it started every time? What if you had one that you can get running while you still enjoy that soapy bath. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we have found just the right machine for you. It’s called the Westinghouse 9500 and it comes with a remote start that will ease all your pain away.

Our in-depth Westinghouse 9500 generator reviews will guide you through all the fancy and useful features this modern gem has to offer. Be ready to be surprised as this marvel doesn’t fall short in terms of innovation. So let’s not waste any more time and guide you through all its bells and whistles.

How We Test This Product?

Generators are not cheap and cause you great harm if it doesn’t meet the safety standards. So we had to be very very precise with our selection. We initially hunted down 20 models from amazon which was at this price range. After 54 hours of intense research by our top 4 reviewers and 253 customer reviews later we finally got our pick. The Westinghouse 9500 is truly a classy beast that combines power, luxury, and comfort.

Westinghouse 9500 Generator Reviews

The Westinghouse 9500 dual fuel generator is among the most sought-after generators that offer both power and comfortable features. The machine comes all guns blazing with its 9500 running watts along with 12500 watts of output. It packs a remote start besides the usual electric and recoil start. Thus you get the perfect balance between power, comfort, and flexibility.

Westinghouse 9500 Generator Reviews

Thanks to the impressive mileage of this generator, you won’t be spending tons on fule every month. Unlike competitors in the market, this bomber cranks out a whopping 12 hours of runtime on a mere 6.6 gallon of fuel. This makes sure you enjoy a stable and efficient power output during emergencies when fuel prices remain sky-high.

Another amazing feature you will love about this workhorse is that it’s transfer switch-ready. It comes with a 120/240V twist-lock outlet that lets you connect the powerhouse to your home appliances in a breeze. This masterpiece has been engineered to ensure low maintenance and mac efficiency. With top-shelf tech such as Automatic Low Oil Shutoff, you will have no troubles running the 457cc 4-stroke OHV Westinghouse Engine.

Technical Details:

  • Brand: Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Wattage: 9500
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 27.2 x 26.1 x 26.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 220 Pounds
  • Color: Transfer Switch & RV Ready, CARB Compliant
  • Voltage: 120/240
  • Fuel Tank: 6.6 Gallons
  • Engine Type: 4 Stroke
  • Engine Displacement: 457 Cubic Centimeters
  • Ignition System Type: Electronic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Rated Watts: 9500
  • Peak Watts: 12500
  • Runtime: 12 hours
  • Starting System: Electric, Remote, Recoil

Westinghouse 9500 Features

westinghouse 9500 generatorBelow is a brief discussion of the key features that set the WGen9500 apart from the rest. It’s certainly one of the best Westinghouse Generator and deserves all your attention.

Super Handy Push-Button Electric Start:

This modern machine comes with wide start options. Among them, the push-button electric start is what you will find extremely handy. It lets you power on the beast effortlessly with utmost ease and thus lights up your home in seconds. Besides the generators pack a battery charger port to enhance the battery life. Thus unlike other traditional generators, you won’t be wrestling to power up your kitchen, living room, or garage anymore.

Convenient Remote Start Key Fob:

What’s more convenient than an electric start button? That’s a remote start and this gas-powered generator has that too. It features a super portable remote start key fob. The key enables you to crank up the generator from as far as 260 ft away. It’s so simple that your wife or even kids can turn on the power in case there is an emergency.

Fast Connectivity:

Thanks to the transfer-ready switch this powerhouse comes with, you won’t be needing an expert to plug in your appliances. It features a 30A 120/240V twist-lock outlet that lets you connect the generator with your air conditioner, refrigerator, and others devices instantly. Thus you will be having your power back on while the patty is still on the grill.

Low Cost And Easy Maintenance:

This modern beast doesn’t lack in terms of maintenance features as well. The generator comes with a built-in fuel gauge and automatic low oil shutdown. This keeps the 457cc 4-Stroke OHV engine in good health and keeps it running flawlessly without major touchups. That along with the extremely efficient 6.6 gallons-12hour runtime on makes sure you get the most power for each penny you spend.

Product Quality And Durability:

Westinghouse is a brand that has been at the forefront of groundbreaking technology and efficient performance. The WGen9500 takes its legacy a step further. It offers premium specs and durability that ensures all-around safety and consistent power output 24/7. Industry-leading tech such as the remote key start and tough frame will certainly offer you utmost comfort and durability all year round.

  • Push-button electric start offers effortless operation
  • Convenient transfer switch ensures fast and consistent power to appliances
  • Super easy maintenance reduces the mechanic cost
  • Remote key start ensures luxury and flexibility
  • Powerful engines provide power to home appliances without breaking a sweat
  • Isn’t the most silent or lightest

Assemble Instruction of Westinghouse 9500 Generator

The capable generator requires very little trouble-free assembly to get started. At first, you need to fit the feet and wheel to the frame. After that, you have to place it on a level surface and remove the oil dipstick to fill up the oil. Then you have to feed oil into the oil filler neck with the funnel and oil that comes along. After this is done replace the oil dipstick and hand tighten with utmost care. You can also use a fuel stabilizer for better fuel life.

Assemble Instruction of Westinghouse 9500 Generator

Next comes filling up the fuel tank. For this, you need to turn off the generator and let it cool down for 2 minutes. Having placed it in a well-ventilated space you have to clear and remove the fuel cap slowly. You have to make sure not to cross the red max fill ring while filling up the tank with recommended fuel type. Install the fuel cap and you are done with fueling. The only step you need to follow after that is to join the quick connect plug and you are good to go.

How To Use Westinghouse 9500 Generator

Now that you have gone through the Westinghouse 9500 generator reviews, it’s time to have a look at its using procedure as well. Below are the steps you need to follow to start up this masterpiece without hiccups.

How To Use Westinghouse 9500 Generator

Placing The Generator

Location plays a vital role to ensure you and your family’s safety while running any generator. This is no exception. Thus make sure to place the machine away from your home, especially far from doors and windows. It’s strictly recommended not to place it inside your garage or the back of your truck while it’s running.

Checking Oil And Fuel Levels

Adequate oil and fuel are vital to keeping the beast running at full throttle. You should not overfeed in hope of getting a better outcome as it may cause more harm than good. Remember to go through the Westinghouse 9500 generator manual to get an in-depth idea about the recommended oil and fuel types.

Battery, Switches, And Circuits

Then you should connect the battery which is a pretty simple process. After checking that all the circuit breakers are in operating mode, you can turn on the fuel valve too. You should never attempt any of these steps with wet hands which may result in severe accidents.

Starting Up The Engine

It’s finally time to start up the engine. You can get the Westinghouse 9500 generator parts running in three ways. The first method is the usual one of holding the push-button start for a sec and waiting until the beast roars. Or you can opt for the comfier route of using the wireless remote in the same manner. Besides, there is always the traditional recoil style in case you want to show off your manhood.

Plugin And Chill

After all that, you can plug in your home appliances or garage tools to the handy ports available. Make sure to check the voltage each port offered. Thus you can ensure a long life for your microwaves, lightings, air conditioner as well as generator.

Final Thought

Technology has made our life easier and simpler and this baller from Westinghouse is another example of it. What’s the most amazing fact about this machine is that it doesn’t sacrifice any of the basics for all that functionality. It’s truly a monster that has been disguised in pretty clothes.

Hope this Westinghouse 9500 generator reviews have helped you eliminate all your queries regarding the amazing machine. It’s certainly a fusion of top-shelf engineering and superior comfort. While comfort is not the term usually associated with generators, its customer feedback suggests otherwise. Thus the 9500 is a workhorse you can trust to offer you instant power whenever a crisis strikes.

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