What Can a 2000 Watt Generator Run? [Generator Safety Tips 2023]

If you are interested in getting a portable generator for light usages, you might be thinking of 2000-watt generators. 2000 watts generators are the most popular power supply source, which comes in an affordable range. Most 2000 watt generators are highly functional, compact, and very convenient. But if you are not sure, what can a 2000 watt generator run? Our expert team will let you know in detail.

While other giant generators are designed for covering large areas, 2000 watt generators are ideal for basic power supply. Anyone can use a 2000 watt generator where needed; their compact built is highly portable and lightweight. They can produce enough power for campers or anyone interested in tailgating. This portable power source is coming in handy when you have a plan for camping or tailgating.  Let’s drive deep to know actually how powerful a 2000 watt generator could be?

What Can A 2000 Watt Generator Run?

It isn’t simple as you think; there are many things related when you’re thinking, What can a 2000 watt generator run? A regular, 2000 watt generator can provide approximately 16-amps in a 120-volts outlet and 8-amps in 240-volts. However, this much power is enough to run many appliances. To run any devices, you must know about starting and running watts.

What Can A 2000 Watt Generator Run?

Every generator has a specific amount of running and starting watt production ability. For example, a 2000 watt generator means it can handle up to 2000 watts when you connect your generator with any appliance. Whenever you switch on any electronic equipment, it needs a boost or powerful shock to get started. A 2000 watt generator can only run these appliances that require less than 2000 starting watts.

So what is running watts? Every electric equipment needs a specific amount of watts to keep them running. Running watts could vary for generators, and it depends on the expense, brands, and generator types. If you have a good quality generator, for example, the best wen generator, you will get at least 1700 watt running. At this level of running watt, you’ll be able to run any appliances that require less than your generator’s produced energy.


2000 watt generator capable of keep running almost every household appliances including:

Device Running Watts Starting Watts
Window Air Conditioner 1200 1800
Microwave – varies 625     800
Refrigerator Freezer            800     1200
Computer 800 0
Home Security System 180 0
Television 500 0
Ceiling Fan   150 0


When camping far from home and want to keep your equipment running, a 2000 watt generator will do it very well. 2000 watt portable generator can power up camping equipment including:

Device Running Watts Starting Watts
Electric Stove 1500 0
Furnace Blower 800 1300
Box Fan 300 600
Stereo 300 0
Toaster 1200 1500


RVs contain many electronic pieces of equipment, including AC, freezers, microwaves, and many more. So if you are using a luxury RV, 2000 watt generators won’t be enough to power them up. But if you want to charge and continue running above mentioned equipment with your RVs 2000 watt generator will be enough. You can run some lights, laptops, Tv, and fridge at a time using a 2000 watt generator.

How Much Power Do I Need?

It is a complicated question, but it relies on the device type you want to run using a generator. 2000  watt generators are the real workhorse, and they can handle any situation with ease.

How Much Power Do I Need?

These portable generators are designed for medium to light devices. So it depends on up to you. You should calculate your needs before getting any generators. Here are a few examples where you can use a 2000 watt generator.

Home use: When it comes to power up a house during a power outage, a 2000-watt generator is enough for some reasons. It is possible to keep running most of the household essentials using 2000 watt generators. Refrigerators and freezers are most important because nobody wants to spoil their food during a power outage. You’ll be able to keep your refrigerator, portable air cooler/ heater ( not central), some lights, Tv running at a time. In addition, the sump pump can also run, usually, they use around 1200-watts, but you have to unplug some devices.

Don’t expect you could run everything using a 2000 watt generator; these types of generators aren’t for whole-house power backup. You can’t keep running the dishwasher, air conditioning, dryer, and heating system because they need more than a 2000 watt power supply.

Camping: If you’re planning to go camping, you need a power backup. Every camper needs to light up the campsite and power for basic cooking appliances; a 2000-watt generator is ideal for them. You might need some electric lamps or string lights, and each needs 100 watts or less. You don’t have to worry if you want to watch movies using your laptops or smartphone, they only need 200 watts of power, and they don’t need starting power.

However, kitchen appliances need much power, and every camper knows it. A portable stove draws 1500 watts, and a heater or coffee maker needs an estimated 800 watts. So you can’t keep all of them running at a time.

RVs: A 2000-watt generator is enough for regular RVs; if you own a luxurious Rv trip, you need more than these. You’ll be able to run all of your kitchen appliances at a time in your RV but not the AC. If your Rv contains small refrigerators, you could use laptops, smartphones, and lights also, since a smaller refrigerator only draws 1200-watts.

Generator Safety Tips

Portable and standby, every generator needs proper maintenance and care. By following the manufacturer’s instructions you can increase the lifespan of your generator. Below safety-tips will keep your generator and your family safe if you maintain them properly.

  • Never operate your portable generator in a compact or enclosed space because they produce deadly carbon monoxide. Try to run in an outdoor area where enough air circulation and ventilation are available.
  • Never plug your generator into the wall to prevent back feed. Always use high-quality extension cords to connect your appliances to the generator’s outlets to avoid any accident.
  • Don’t plug in your appliances before turning on your generator. Connect and turn on your appliances when the generator is running. Never use devices that are not recommended for your generator; it could lead your generator’s engine to burn or overload.
  • Ensure your generator never becomes wet; a generator could pose risks when operating in wet weather conditions. While you use a generator in stormy or moist weather conditions, make sure your generator doesn’t get wet.
  • The generator’s metal body gets hot enough that it could cause burns when you run it for a long time. That’s why makes sure children and pets stay away from the generator while running.

Final Words

Finally, a 2000 watt generator is versatile and highly functional that can produce enough power whenever you need it. From the above discussion, you now know what can a 2000 watt generator run? These types of generators are very user-friendly and efficient. They can produce clean energy and lower noise than any other bigger generators. Most people choose the 2000 watt generator because of its portability and compatibility.

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