What Kind Of Generator Do I Need

Among all of the current services, electricity is the one that we take for granted. Noting much, just 10 minutes of power outage will make you think that without electricity, how helpless we are. Day by day, the need for power is getting high, but the power production in the grid is not sufficient. This power outage is obtaining a common problem every day, and global warming is triggering frequent natural disasters and makes blackouts for days. To deal with all these occurrences, you may have a question, what kind of generator do I need? Let’s find out the answer through this article together.

 What Kind Of Generator Do I Need?

What Kind Of Generator Do I NeedThere are types of generators that you can use for your home to make your life easy during a power cut. You have to choose the generator based on the place you live and what you will use with the power. Find out the type from the list below:

  1. For the house with a rare power outage:

If your area doesn’t have such a power outage problem except in the days of natural disasters, then a portable generator is the best option for your house. This inverter can give you a backup power source from 30 to 60 minutes. It is best for the gadgets and home appliances use.

  • The portable generator comes in different types on the bases of power wattage. The generator runtime depends on the number of appliances you are using to power.
  • The small transportable generator provides 3000 watts power during a few hours of a power outage. You can power the essential appliances with it.
  • The medium moveable generator provides 3000-6000 watts power that means long enough to run a microwave, a refrigerator, and a sump pump.
  • Large transportable generators can provide up to 10000 watts power to run equipment like well pumps, security systems smoothly.
  • An inverter generator is for powering the electronic devices like phone chargers, computers, smart fridges because the inverter generator provides clean power to run these sensitive electronic devices.
  1. For the house with regular power outage problem

If your house is in the hurricane zone or your area gets affected with a regular power outage, then consider getting a standby generator for your home because the standby generator is the one that can deal with the long power outage problems. You can run your whole house with a standby generator.

How To Calculate What Size Of A Generator Is Best For My Needs?

The size of the generator is based on the power output, not the physical measurement. The measurement is done in watts or kilowatts. To know which generator size is best for your needs, follow the calculation process that is given:How To Calculate What Size Of A Generator Is Best For My Needs?

To power the whole home with your generator, you have to calculate the size in three steps:

  • Make a list of the appliances you want to run with the generator.
  • Find out the wattage of the appliances that help to start and run. You will get them on the appliances level.
  • Add all the wattage numbers. The number is the size of the generator. You will need the size of a generator to run your whole house appliances.

You can use the wattage calculator or take the help of the professionals if you get confused. If you are trying yourself, then follow the example I am giving below:

  • For Essential Devices:

If you want to power your washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, then you will need –

  • Washing machine – 1200 watts
  • Refrigerator – 6750 watts
  • Air conditioner – 8750 watts

The total wattage is 16700 wattage. So you will need a 17kW generator to run these devices.

  • For The Whole Home:

If you want to power your entire home, then the process is the same. Add all the equipment and get the generator that can run the whole home appliances. For example, if the total wattage comes 31560 wattages, then you will need a 35kW generator to run all these appliances.

Note: You have an idea about the types of the generator now if you know your required power backup watts, you can choose a generator for you. For a better power supply, you can go for the best 50 amp generator. You will find information about this generator in the next article.

Thing Should Be Consider Buying A Perfect Generator

Picking the right generator is not as easy as it seems. You have to consider some points before making the decision:What Kind Of Generator Do I Need

  • Portable generator or standby generator. The portable ones are affordable and storable. You can use this anywhere you want. A standby generator is for ensuring a full building power.
  • Know the power requirements first. You have to know how much power you need and what devices you need to power with the generator.
  • A generator is not easy to maintain, as it requires regular care, fuel, and proper energy. You have to keep an extra budget as a maintenance cost every month.
  • You have to know which fuel is available in your area because the generator should never stay out of fuel as long as it is running. Make a plan for fuel storage, as it is essential.
  • Generators are noisy, and you have to consider it. think about the area you stay while picking up a noisy generator. If you have the budget, then go for the generator that doesn’t create sound.
  • Take safety precautions while taking a generator. Know about the weak points of the generator you are thinking of getting.

Note:  if you need more information about how to pick the perfect the generators, then read our next article on how to choose a generator?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below in this section, we enlisted your most asking questions and answers. Have a look to find your solution.

Is a generator DC or AC?

All the generators are AC as they are mechanical generators.

Does a generator make electricity?

The generator converts automatic energy into electrical energy.

How long do generators last?

The generators last for 2000 to 3000 hours.

How far does a generator need to be away from the house?

You have to keep the generator 15 feet away from your house.

Final Thoughts

I think through this article, you have got your answer to the question, what kind of generator do I need. A generator is always there to make your life comfortable and easy even the mother nature is not letting you. It is a lifesaving machine to provide smooth power backup. While getting one, know the power amount and how many devices you want to run with it. This calculation will get you the right generator for your needs.

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