What Size Generator Do I Need for a Construction Site?

Generators are one of the most essential tools for construction sites. Usually, construction sites are not equipped with power outlets to operate several types of necessary appliances that are needed for accomplishing a running project. Getting a generator can solve these types of problems within a while. But how do you know which size of generators you need?

There are different sizes of generators available on the market. But selecting which one you need is a little bit difficult. Picking up the right size generator before using it can save you from unnecessary troubles. What Size Do I Need For a Construction Site? This is one of the most typical questions we are often asked. Well, what size generator you’ll need to fully reckon on how much wattage you need to accomplish your project.

What Are the Different Sizes of Generators?

There are different sizes of generators available like Medium generator, Large generator, Extra-Large generator, and Industrial generator. Different generators hold different watts. For Instance, a Medium generator holds the power of about 3 to 5 thousand watts which you can use for emergency purposes to run emergency tools.

What Are the Different Sizes of Generators?

By using large generators, you’ll be up to supply power in several rooms at your home as it confers 6000 to 9000 watts. It is contemplated as an ideal generator that can be used to operate most home appliances.

If you would like to supply power to the air conditioner or other home equipment like Refrigerator, then we prefer using extra-large generators.  These types of generators can power above 10000 watts that are sufficient for a construction job site.

Now come to the industrial-sized generator. If your home bells and whistles need a vast amount of power for running them 24/7 then choose these types of generators. Usually, an industrial generator confers more than 12000 watts that are enough for a construction company.

How Many Watts Does a Construction Site Need?

It is a bit difficult to say exactly how many watts a construction site needs. Because as we mentioned earlier, it completely relies on how many tools and appliances you have on your construction project. Basically, if you choose a generator that holds around 3000 to 5000 watts, you can run your home tools that are mandatory to run, like a bulb, water pump, battery charger, and more.

How Many Watts Does a Construction Site Need?

If you would like to get the desired power level on your construction job site, then upgrade to above 5000 watts generator. These types of generators are magnificent to run multiple tools at a time. Besides, you’ll be able to run a 15-amp miter saw. Refrigerators can be run if an emergency is needed along with fans and lights. The water pump is necessary for a construction site, isn’t it? In that case, you can plug in 240 volts.

You can use an above 7500 watts generator as well if your construction has a lack of power. This type of generator weighs 200 pounds or above, thus, you can’t move them whenever you want. A 7500 watts generator comes up with 240 volts and confers power when outages occur.

When we are discussing a 10000 watts generator, that means we are out of Portable Generator For Construction. These generators are inevitable for running a significant construction site or small house.

What Is the Right Type of Generator for a Construction Site

It is hard to select the right type of generator from several options. But by thinking about everything including, size, weight, durability, we prefer using portable generators for your business. Generators that are portable can generate power from anywhere. If an electric outlet is unavailable near your construction sites, selecting portable will be significant.

What Is the Right Type of Generator for a Construction Site

They help you to accomplish the job appropriately and can shield your business as provision for a power outage. This is crucial for the construction business where you may have to work on a deadline. Moreover, you can easily move portable generators from here to there on your job site.  Consequently, you can supply power wherever you need.

There are plenty of portable generators including electric, diesel, and natural gas generators.  Portable generator power ranges from 2500 watts to 25000 watts and can be gettable in different sizes. For construction sites that need constant power, these hold three-phase units.

What Size Generator Do I Need for a Construction Site?

As we already mentioned, what Size generators are needed for a construction site depends on how much equipment you’ll run by a generator. Generally, you’ll be up to operate the most essential and critical home implements with a generator at 5000-7500 watts.

What Size Generator Do I Need for a Construction Site?

Generators with the mentioned watts can run things like pumps, freezer, refrigerator, and lighting circuits. In short, all types of tools that are related to construction sites can be run simultaneously by generators at 7500 watts. A 3000-4000 watts generator is considered a good one for an RV.

If it is necessary to contemplate the size of your site, then first make a list of all equipment and machinery that needs the power to be run. After creating the list, find out the power consumption of your household appliances and then choose the right one for your construction job sites.


We hope you have got a relevant answer to your question: What Size Generator Do I Need For a Construction Site. Actually, generator size depends on the size of the construction project and the number of home kits. If you would like to run tools that consume power much more like a refrigerator, or freezer, you should use a generator that holds 5000-7500 watts.

In contrast, for operating simple tools like light, bulb, water pump, you can use generators that range from 3000 to 4000. However, if you don’t perceive, how to choose the right size generator, then make a list of home appliances and then find out the power consumption of those tools. In that way, you can easily comprehend what size will be ideal for you to use.

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